Land of the Gods Chapter 27

Chapter 27

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As soon as Arian walked by the main hall, he saw Theo dressed in his uniform, having dinner with his father, Martin, who seemed to be cheerfully chatting with him.

However, when Arian entered the hall, Martin's expression turned into a scowl while Theo's expression became jubilant as he asked, "Dude, you are up? I thought you were too tired to go to school today. Are you good now, though?"

Arian walked near Theo without minding Martin's glare and patted Theo's shoulders as he said, "Of course. As you said, I can't afford to miss my classes."

Martin let out a scoff as he continued to eat his food while looking daggers at Arian. The only reason he hasn't vented on Arian verbally was because of Orson and Theo.

Orson already warned him not to tell anything disrespectful to Arian, while he did not want Theo to distance himself from him just because he said something rude to his best friend, whom he saw as his own brother.

Theo was his best chance to get off from this shithole of a planet, and the last thing he wanted was Theo to harbor anger or hatred towards him. So far, things have been going very well between him and Theo, and he liked to maintain that status quo.

Besides, he knew he couldn't do shit to throw out Arian anyway and got used to his presence all these years but still didn't feel comfortable about it.

Arian continued, "I will just wait for you on the porch while you finish your meal." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/land-of-the-gods_19724995305055005/a-protective-father_53364058203669465">www.wuxiaworld/book/land-of-the-gods_19724995305055005/a-protective-father_53364058203669465</a> for visiting.

Theo soon came out and put his hand around Arian cheerily in a fast motion which made Arian slightly grimace in pain because of the injury on his chest. However, he didn't say anything and smiled as he asked, "Why do you look more cheerful than usual?"

Theo said with a beaming smile, "Dad taught me yesterday how to make better use of my skill. Now I can cast a small wind blade within just ten seconds. Before, I at least took like twenty seconds. I have been trying to train my only skill whenever I can, and with the help of dad, I was able to improve it."

However, before Arian was about to congratulate him, the Reid Family's butler, Aris, a man looking in his sixties dressed in a neat tuxedo, came forward and slightly bowed as he said politely, "Young master, the car is ready. Let me escort you."

Theo smiled as he waved his hand, "Aris, today I would like to walk to school with Arian. If dad might create trouble about this, you can follow us if you don't mind."

Aris hesitated for a moment as he knew Martin had ordered him always to keep a close eye on Theo and protect him at all times, no matter what.

Owing to the current state of the world and society, Martin didn't want Theo to be alone outside where criminals and desperate people, willing to do anything, would be wandering the streets.

He knew how unsafe it was to walk alone outside, even if it was during the daytime. That's why no matter how precious a car was, he bought the best car he could with bulletproof windows so that Theo could travel to school in it.

There have already been countless kidnapping cases and even killing of young masters coming from well-off families either for ransom or to use them as a tool for various uses.

Or some Primeless might even kill them just because of the hatred they hold towards the Primes.

Since they were young, it wasn't that hard for the Primeless to kidnap or kill them, considering they had the right weapons, skills, or tools to deal with them.

Martian treated Theo like a precious and fragile jewel that he wasn't stingy to use his money and resources to make sure nothing happened to Theo whenever he wasn't within his sight.

Even though most were afraid of Martin because he had a decent post in the UOH, some still might have enough guts to harm his son.

If it weren't for his job, Martian would have at all times accompanied Theo himself. Since he was a Stage II D Rank Prime, he could handle most of those who come looking for trouble.

So, instead, he tasked his head butler to protect Theo since Aris himself was a D Rank Prime as well but had already pledged himself to serve the Reid Family loyally and has been doing so for all these years.

It's not in every family, one would find a butler as strong as Aris, but only due to Martin's or his family's luck, he had one.

Aris finally sighed and said, "I am sorry, young master. Your father has especially told me to make sure you reach the school in the safest possible way."

Theo firmly pressed his lips since he rarely got to walk outside, but at the same time, he understood where his butler was coming from.

Arian chuckled and said to Theo, "It's fine. Let's take the car. I don't feel like walking today, anyway."

Arian felt that it was a good idea anyway to ride along with Theo because of his injury. Otherwise, he usually walks by himself, and since rumors of him being a flawed Prime already passed around, no one bothered with him since they thought he was useless.

And the very few who tried to get the drop on him would be dealt with skillfully by him. He even carried a gun with him, always just in case, and didn't worry anyone in the school would find out since the faculty rarely conducts checks.

Even if they do, he would easily hide it somewhere else. Even though he had a gun doesn't mean it was easy for others to get one as well. They were very expensive and hard to get as well.

Only because of Orson, Arian had access to certain resources easily, and not a day went by where he wasn't thankful for it.

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