Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 2509

Chapter 2511 The Captains True Colors

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"Five hundred thousand drops of Ancient God Divine Power?"

Xiao Tiexins eyes turned stern.

500,000 drops of Ancient God Divine Power was equal to 50 pieces of Primordial Stones, it was almost the net worth of an Ultimate God.

There were 50 cultivators the Xueya Escort Team was escorting with each being charged 10,000 for their service rendered. It only totaled slightly more than 500,000 drops of Ancient God Divine Power.

That black-clad man was asking for 500,000 drops, the service would be carried out in vain if they gave it to him!

"Captain, what should we do?" An Ultimate God looked at her.

"No.2, No.3, both of you follow me. As for the rest of you, think of a way to endure the thieves attack. You dont need to endure long, just hold on for ten breaths will be enough," said Xiao Tiexin quietly.

"Ten breaths?" The Peak Divine Demons in the Xueya Escort Team exchanged glances. Even though their number was a lot less than their opponents, they were very skillful and could even hold on for twenty breaths, let alone just ten.


Xiao Tiexin did not waste a second. Her figure had already dashed toward the four Ultimate Gods of Celestial Beast Alliance up ahead in a flash. A bewitching purple sickle appeared in her hand.

The other two escort teams Ultimate Gods immediately followed suit.

"Haha! You really wanna fight? Youre really seeking death!" The black-clad man laughed out loud when he saw that. "Boys, destroy them and leave none alive!"

A huge number of thieves immediately screamed and shouted before charging at those Peak Divine Demons of the Xueya Escort Team.

The battle began in the blink of an eye.

Right at this moment, the Ultimate Gods from both sides made contact.

The Celestial Beast Alliance had four Ultimate Gods, while Xueya Escort Team only had three. Xiao Tiexin, the escort teams captain had an incredible stern face while holding her purple sickle with one hand. As she waved the sickle in the air, it left traces of purple lights in the void.

Phew! Phew! Phew!

It was evident Xiao Tiexin had only waved the sickle once, but three beams of bewitching purple blade-light lashing out all of a sudden.


The black-clad man was also leading the Celestial Beast Alliance crowd and felt no fear as he watched the purple blade-light dashing over and waved the heavy sword in his hand.

The sword had strong momentum and an extremely heavy strike. In an instant, beams of wave-like sword shadows carrying heaven-shaking energies swung outwards.

The three beams of purple blade-lights were suddenly shattered.

However, Xiao Tiexin had already appeared right next to him before the black-clad man could even rejoice. At the same time, the purple sickle was cutting downward at him from above.

A beam of stern blade-light appeared, like thunder on a sunny day.

"This woman is that fast?" The black-clad man was slightly shocked, but his hand did not slow down. He swung his arm and the heavy sword was already blocking his front.

Twang! Under the strong impact of divine powers, the black-clad man could not steady himself, faltered, and sank a little.

Right at that moment, the mysterious purple blade-light appeared silent behind him. The cold blade-light cut towards his head like cutting wheat.

"What?!" The black-clad men were startled. Xiao Tiexins blade skill and speed were completely out of his expectations.

Right at the most dangerous moment, he violently moved himself to the side. The cold blade-light sliced through the air next to his ear. The sharp blade that drew across made his face feel icy-cold.

"Blindy, quick. Come help me!" shouted the black-clad man.

A blind white-haired old man with milky eyeballs behind him stepped forward. The aura of an Ultimate God exploded outwards before joining hands with the black-clad man and began fighting against Xiao Tiexin.

However, Xiao Tiexins face remained as indifferent as before even when both Ultimate Gods joined forces. The purple light which was surging out of her body formed a purple shadow out of nowhere behind her. The purple shadow was in the silhouette of a purple demon deity. As soon as the purple demon deity appeared, Xiao Tiexins aura had surged by quite a lot. Her speed had violently surged further as she waved her purple sickle.

Phew! Phew! Phew! Phew! Phew!

Beams of bewitching purple blade-light were unleashed one by one from Xiao Tiexins actions. The blade-light was heartbreakingly beautiful and delicate. Its speed was shocking fast.

While the black-clad man and the white-haired old mantwo Ultimate Godsjoined hands and gave their all, they were still completely overpowered by Xiao Tiexin and ended up losing to her time and again. In a few breaths time, they were already on the brink of being crushed.

"Damn it, how could this woman be so powerful?"

"Two of us were fighting against only her and yet, were still being overpowered. This womans abilities are perhaps infinitely close to a High-Level Ultimate God. We wont be able to get anything with her around. Boss, lets retreat," said the white-haired old man.

Even though the black-clad man did not feel like conceding, Xiao Tiexins ever-increasing pressure along with his other party members not being able to gain an advantage in the remaining battles had forced him to decide on retreating.

"Fall back, retreat!"

It took no more than a short moment before those people from Celestial Beast Alliance had completely retreated.

The experts of Xueya Escort Team and those 50 cultivators they escorted sighed in relief upon seeing that.

What followed immediately after that was a big roar in the void.

"This truly is a crimson-class escort team, even the Celestial Beast Alliance has been defeated head-on!"

"Marvelous, absolutely marvelous. Especially the captain of the Xueya Escort Team. Both sides are Ultimate Gods, but she alone could actually overpower two opponents!"

"This captain is just too amazing!"

All eyes were shining with respect and focusing on Xiao Tiexin.

In the crowd, Jian Wushuang who had been sitting straight on the back of his double-horned Thunderous Star Beast had not flicked his finger once. He raised his head, took a glance at Xiao Tiexin, and secretly nodded. "Good blade skills, shes very close to the first level of blade principles. She also has a very high level of law understanding. Moreover, the secret technique she performed is also very powerful. Her battle strength is truly great."

Of course, Jian Wushuang was only praising her casually in his mind and closed his eyes immediately after that.

It did not matter to him how the others were doing. All he asked for was that he could sit peacefully on the back of his double-horned Thunderous Star Beast and study without any disturbance.

Although the Celestial Beast Alliance thieves had started a big conflict with Xueya Escort Team, they had not defeated the escort team. Their overall battle had not affected him the slightest, hence he naturally did not bother to be involved.

The battle lasted for a very short time. The Xueya Escort Team did not suffer any loss save for a few slightly injured Peak Divine Demons who were not in any sort of danger.

Xiao Tiexin asked the other two escort teams Divine Demons to go toward her.

"The battle just now has caused injuries on a few of our brothers, and we have consumed quite a bit of divine powers. Lets find a place to rest and regroup. Well resume our journey tomorrow."

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