Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 2559

Chapter 2561 Second Battle With The Governor

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"Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor, whats troubling you?"

The Governors of Green Flame and Mysterious Shade prefectures both noticed his mood change.

The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor immediately stood up, "Gentlemen, somethings happening in my prefecture."

"Somethings happening in Infernal Heart Prefecture?" The two governors were surprised.

The Green Flame Prefecture Governor asked, "The Infernal Heart Prefecture is the strongest of us. Even if youre currently not at headquarters, it doesnt seem likely anyone or any thieves in the Dark Thunder Territory could do anything to it. What could happen?"

"Its Jian Yi." The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governors face turned gloomy. "The Jian Yi who annihilated Demonic Moon, Heaven Poison, and Underworld prefectures in one go. Hes just appearing in front of our headquarters and asked my assistant to pass me a message which requests me to meet him up within three days. Otherwise, my prefecture would be wiped out."

"What arrogance!"


The other two governors growled in unison.

"This Jian Yi guy sure has some guts. He had greatly offended the Fifteen Prefectures when he destroyed those three prefectures. If he didnt quickly escape, he wouldve been kept within the Dark Thunder Territory. Now, he even has the nerve to come back and seek trouble with the Infernal Heart Prefecture. He really treats the Fifteen Prefectures like dirt!" Green Flame Prefecture Governor angrily said.

"Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor, dont worry. Jian Yi probably hasnt touched your prefecture yet. Green Flame Prefecture Governor and I will go with you so that we can join forces to capture and skin him alive to vent our Eighteen Prefectures anger on top of avenging Demonic Moon, Heaven Poison, and Underworld Prefecture!" Mysterious Shade Prefecture Governor frostily said.

"Very well." The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor nodded. "After Jian Yi left Dark Thunder Territory, he went to the Northern Darkstar Continent and made quite a name for himself. I hear that even the continents large clans couldnt touch him. His abilities must have risen quite a bit. Honestly, I think that I may not be able to take him down alone, but Im much more confident now with your help."

"Lets get going now."

The three strongest Peak Ultimate God governors of the Dark Thunder Territory went on their way toward Infernal Heart Prefecture.

Green Flame Prefecture was located not far from Infernal Heart Prefecture and based on their speed, they needed not three days but only two to arrive at the doorsteps of Infernal Heart Prefectures quarter.

As they arrived at the mountains surrounding void where the quarter was, the Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor immediately saw the golden-robed young man who stood quietly in the void in front of the quarter.

The young man stood there like a meditating old monk, but none of the many Infernal Heart thieves dared attack him despite quite a few Ultimate Gods among them.

The Infernal Heart thieves were incredibly happy upon their governors arrival.

"The Governor is back!"

"Not only the Governor but also the Green Flame and Mysterious Shade prefectures governors. Dark Thunder Territorys three most powerful men are all here!"

"Haha, thats Eighteen Prefectures for you. Although we fight among ourselves in normal days, we would work together as soon as a strong enemy appears."

"This Jian Yi may be skillful, but he may have no other choices but run when facing the three governors."

The thieves suddenly felt very confident.

That was indeed natural since the three Peak Ultimate Gods had arrived and their governor was a powerful figure who had developed his Principle World. Jian Yi should not stand a chance when facing such a lineup such as that unless he was an Earth Ultimate God.

"Jian Yi!"

The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governors eyes were cold when he appeared in front of Jian Wushuang with the two other governors standing beside him.

"Mr. Governor, we meet again."

Jian Wushuang opened his eyes and looked at the Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor. After that, he quickly scanned the other two governors. "Didnt expect to see the Green Flame and Mysterious Shade prefecture governors. Im truly honored that all three Dark Thunder Territorys Peak Ultimate Gods have arrived together just because of me."

"Jian Yi, youve already left Dark Thunder Territory before and made quite a reputation for yourself. Why did you come back to our turf?" Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor coldly asked.

"Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor, perhaps you forgot that Ive told you before leaving that Id love to fight you once again in the future if theres an opportunity and here I am." Jian Wushuang smiled.

"Just to fight with me?" The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor stared at Jian Wushuang.

"Yup, just as simple as that," said Jian Wushuang.

What he said was completely true.

The Governor said, "Alright then. Ill fulfill your wish, but it cant be here. How about the void over that side?"

That area was after all the old nest of Infernal Heart Prefecture. Even if there was a restrictive shield, the shield may not be able to withstand the battle impact of two Peak Ultimate Gods if they fought there.

"Sure." Jian Wushuang nodded as his figure dashed toward the empty void afar in a flash.

The Infernal Heart, Green Flame, Mysterious Shade prefecture governors, and the many Infernal Heart thieves followed.

Jian Wushuang expressionless stood there upon arriving at the empty void.

The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor looked at the other two beside him. "Gentlemen, Ill fight with him for the first round. Both of the two wait here and find an opportunity to make a move."

"Ok." Both governors nodded carefully.

The three governors did not simply intend to chase Jian Wushuang away.

They wanted to force Jian Wushuang to stay if possible. However, they had to first sound him out.

"Mr. Governor, please make your move." Jian Wushuang smiled plainly.

"As you wish." The Governor did not waste any time as his body leisurely gilded before appearing in front of Jian Wushuang with his incredible speed. His cold and evil-looking black sword stabbed Jian Wushuangs skull from a tricky angle.

Jian Wushuang took a glance at the dark sword-light and simply flicked his finger without unsheathing his sword.


His finger hit the black swords flat surface and resolved the tricky angle attack with an enormous bolt of divine power explosion which changed the swords direction.

"What?" The Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor was shocked as he swayed toward a void on the side.

"Mr. Governor, dont play around with me. Unleash your Sword World and give your all," said Jian Wushuang coldly.

The whole reason he went back to find the Infernal Heart Prefecture Governor was because of the latters Sword World.

He merely wanted to get a grasp of his Sword World and was disinterested in any attack issued at him without the Sword World.

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