Let Me Game In Peace Chapter 983

Chapter 984 The Mutation Begins

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The people beside him rushed forward and immediately diced the strange sea snake into several pieces.

“Old Li, don’t be afraid. My Companion Beast can restrain the sea snake’s poison. I’ll treat your injuries now,” the person said as he summoned a Companion Beast to treat the bitten person.

He had treated poison wounds inflicted by sea snakes many times, so it wasn’t a problem.

Indeed, the wound was quickly healed without any signs of poisoning.

“Let’s go quickly. Let’s take a look ahead. If we can’t find anything, we should quickly return. Don’t waste time here. The dimensional creatures in the sea have little to do with us,” the few of them said as they continued diving deeper into the sea.

However, they didn’t realize that Old Li, who was behind them, gradually turned problematic. His eyes gradually turned golden, and tiny golden spots appeared on his face.

After a while, Old Li suddenly pounced on the person in front of him as though he had gone mad. He opened his mouth and bit down on the neck of the person in front of him.

“Ah!” The person was caught off guard and was bitten. He screamed and turned to look at Old Li, only to see that his pupils had turned completely golden.

There were many guards at the Sea Return sentry post. They were still concerned about the mysterious disappearance of the dimensional creatures in the sea, but they were unwilling to leave Sea Return just like that.

In fact, most people could guess that something major had happened in the sea, but they were still hoping to get lucky.

“They’re back!” The guards on the sentry post discovered the people who had gone into the sea to investigate.

“One, two, three Seven No one is missing. I knew it. It’s all fine. Didn’t they return safely? If there’s really a huge mutation in the sea, how can they return safely?” the guard said in delight. He had been on tenterhooks the past two days, afraid that the mutation Hui Haifeng mentioned was real.

“Old Li, how’s the situation in the sea? Did you find any mutated creatures?” A few guards who were familiar with them greeted the people who had entered the sea.

However, Old Li and company didn’t speak. They walked over with their heads lowered.

“I’m asking you a question. Why aren’t you speaking?” a guard leader said unhappily.

When Old Li and company approached, they finally looked up. The guards shivered when they saw this and immediately shouted that something was amiss.

Old Li and company’s eyes were golden. Scales had grown on their faces, making them look terrifying and strange.

Just as they shouted, Old Li and the others bared their fangs and pounced forward. Instantly, the sentry post was in chaos as someone sent out a warning signal.

When the few families saw the warning signal, they were alarmed. They immediately organized their men to observe, but they didn’t discover any dimensional creatures on the coast. Their own people were attacking their own people at the sentry post.

The few families hurriedly led their men over to figure out what had happened. When they arrived, the last conscious guard was bitten on the neck by Old Li.

Everyone was stunned. They were also frightened by Old Li and the others. What was even more terrifying was that the guards who had fallen to the ground quickly got up again.

The eyes of the guards also began to turn golden. Golden spots appeared on their faces, but they hadn’t grown into scales.

An infection!This word popped up in everyone’s minds.

“Attack. Kill them all. We can’t let them live. It’s contagious,” Old Master Hui immediately ordered.

Only then did the frightened people react. No one dared to rush forward to fight them. Thankfully, there were enough people. They summoned their Companion Beasts and let them fight.

They were surprised to discover that Old Li and company’s bodies had become as hard as steel. Furthermore, they were terrifyingly fast. They felt nothing from ordinary injuries. Only by stabbing their hearts could they be killed. They no longer looked like humans, but more like dimensional creatures.

Thankfully, their bodies became stronger, but their intelligence seemed to weaken. Finally, with everyone’s cooperation, they finally killed all the infected people.

“We can’t leave these corpses behind. Burn them all.” Just as Old Master Hui finished speaking, everyone looked at the sea. No one burned the corpses.

A storm suddenly stirred in the sea. And amidst the waves, something seemed to be surging.

Soon, they saw what it was. Countless dimensional creaturesshrimp, crabs, octopuses, sea snakes, and many strange creatures that they couldn’t namerushed over alongside the waves. It was unknown how many there were.

What was even more terrifying was that the dimensional creatures they were previously familiar with were now unrecognizable. The sea snakes and the sharks had grown claws. They rushed to the coast and bared their fangs as they charged at everyone.

“Retreat! Return to the city immediately! Everyone in the city retreat into the dimensional zone!” Old Master Hui’s expression changed drastically as he shouted.

Everyone’s faces were pale. The dimensional creatures that came surging over had exceeded their imagination. Apart from escaping, they no longer had any second thoughts.

Something even more terrifying happened. A large number of winged fish flew towards Sea Return City from the sky. The high wall was useless.

Sea Return City was in chaos. Some people’s bodies became strange after being injured by the dimensional creatures. Those with stronger bodies could still last for a period of time, while those with weaker bodies quickly turned golden. Golden spots began to appear on their skin.

“It’s over!” When Old Master Hui returned to the city, he saw that someone had already been infected.

Now, everyone was filled with regret. If they had known, they would have listened to Hui Haifeng and moved out of Sea Return City.

No matter how valuable the mineral deposits here were, people who died here wouldn’t have the life to enjoy them.

“Take refuge in the dimensional zones. Retreat immediately. Everyone retreat into the dimensional zones” Old Master Hui shouted as he killed.

Now, it was only a flying fish invasion. There were many, but they were nothing compared to the dimensional creatures that rushed out from the coast.

Without Old Master Hui needing to shout, everyone was running for their lives. Instantly, Sea Return City seemed to turn into hell. There were screams and killing everywhere.

However, no one died. All the injured people would stand up after a while, but when they stood up, they would become members of the dimensional creature horde and not humans.

The few families fought as they retreated, gathering towards a dimensional zone. It was the dimensional zone they had been in for the longest time. They wanted to use the taboos in the dimensional zone to block these creatures.


Following a huge tsunami, a terrifying monster appeared. It looked like a huge octopus, but its tentacles were like wyrms. Each one was a hundred meters long.

All sorts of terrifying creatures charged forward with the terrifying monster blotting out the sky. The high walls were destroyed without putting up much of a defense.

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