Let Me Game In Peace Chapter 986

Chapter 987 Two Choices

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The entire Sea Return City fell into darkness. Everyone seemed to become blind as the terror in their hearts was magnified countless times.

Even Epic experts with eyesight abilities couldn’t see anything in the darkness. There was only darkness, like an eternal night.

The average people of the city were used to using their eyes. They were already very flustered losing their vision. They thought of the countless monsters around them, but were unable to see them and did not know what they were doing. Were they preparing to pounce over and devour them? Had the dimensional creatures’ bloody mouths reached their necks?

The terror humans felt mostly came from their own imagination. And this dark environment was the easiest environment to seed terror in their imaginations.

Zhou Wen didn’t like to imagine things, so when he used Truth Listener, he also activated the Supreme Hell King Life Soul, allowing his senses to become extremely sharp.

However it was useless Be it Truth Listener’s ability or Supreme Hell King’s enhanced senses, he failed to discover any traces of Night Thearch. It was as though Night Thearch had already melted into the night.

“Have you experienced true terror?” Night Thearch’s voice sounded in Zhou Wen’s ear.

However, Zhou Wen didn’t see Night Thearch. As for the darkness, it seemed to transform into a saber that brushed past Zhou Wen’s neck.


The Astral Shell Dragon Armor appeared on Zhou Wen’s body as he activated Absolute Defense. Even so, a thin mark appeared on his armored neck.

“Absolute Defense. This should be a manifestation of the Astral Shell Dragon Companion Egg, right? You are really lucky. Although the Astral Shell Dragon’s abilities aren’t much, Absolute Defense is an extremely powerful skill. Even at the Terror grade, it won’t be easy to break through Absolute Defense.”

Night Thearch’s voice drifted over from somewhere. It was as though his lips were right beside Zhou Wen’s left ear as he spoke, but when Zhou Wen turned his head, he saw nothing.

The voice sounded in Zhou Wen’s right ear again. “Absolute Defense is among the top Mythical powers. Previously, I wanted to personally kill the Astral Shell Dragon to see if a Companion Egg would drop. However, the chances were too low, so I had no choice but to give up. I never expected you to obtain the Astral Shell Dragon Companion Egg. Unfortunately, the Astral Shell Dragon is only a Mythical creature with no potential. It can’t enter the Terror state and can’t have Absolute Defense constantly activated. It can only last for half an hour at most.”

Zhou Wen turned his head to the right, but he still didn’t see anything.

“Half an hour. This is the amount of time you have to live in this world. Enjoy it. No, it’s already been a minute. You still have 29 minutes” Night Thearch’s evil voice entered Zhou Wen’s ears like a devil.

Faced with the pressure of death, especially knowing the time when he might die, the pressure and terror was enough to make one break down.

However, Zhou Wen wasn’t a sentimental person. He knew that Absolute Defense couldn’t protect him forever. Instead of being afraid, he should think about what to do next.

Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen’s first thought was to run.

Half an hour was enough for him to teleport far away, but in the darkness, Zhou Wen teleported several times. He had already left Sea Return City, but all he saw was darkness.

All the mountains and rivers were in the darkness. They could be heard but couldn’t be seen.

“Do you want to leave? I can let you leave.” Night Thearch’s voice sounded in Zhou Wen’s ear again. It was so close that it made his hair stand on end.

After Night Thearch said that, light returned to where Zhou Wen was.

However, it was still dark inside Sea Return City.

This scene was unbelievable. It was daytime on Zhou Wen’s side, but the city several meters away was pitch-black.

“Didn’t you want to escape? You can leave now, but the people here will become my test subjects and experience that one in a thousand possibility. I wonder if there’s anyone you care about among them? However, no matter how much you care about them, it’s not as important as your life, right?” Night Thearch’s voice sounded from the darkness.

In the darkness, Night Thearch appeared beside Hui Haifeng like a nightmare. Hui Haifeng felt his eyes light up. He could actually see clearly in the darkness. He threw a punch, but Night Thearch’s body was like a dark shadow. Hui Haifeng’s fist passed through, failing to harm him at all.

Night Thearch smiled and said, “What do you think Zhou Wen will choose? He and you are fellow disciples, right? Can your friendship exceed the terror of death?”

Hui Haifeng said calmly, “I wish for him to leave. With his abilities, he will definitely be able to defeat you in the future. He just needs to avenge us.”

Hui Haifeng didn’t shout for Zhou Wen to leave because he knew that those words would only excite stir feelings. He didn’t need Zhou Wen to become sentimental.

“How touching.” Night Thearch came to Li Xuan and Ya’er’s side again. They immediately had the ability to see in the darkness.

“Do you think Zhou Wen will leave this place or come back to save you?” Night Thearch asked with interest.

Without a word, Li Xuan released the Ice Silkworms. However, the Ice Silkworms passed through the shadow-like Night Thearch and failed to cause any damage to him.

“How interesting. Don’t you wish for him to come back and save you? Don’t tell me that you really don’t care about him abandoning you and escaping? You once treated him as your best friend and best companion, but he escaped alone when there’s danger. How sad is that?” Night Thearch’s voice sounded in the trio’s ears.

“If it were me, I would definitely come back to save you, even if it means sharing life and death. What would Zhou Wen choose?” Night Thearch continued.

Outside Sea Return City, Zhou Wen stared at the dark Sea Return City with a frown.

“Are you escaping or not? I’ll give you three more seconds. If you don’t want to escape, return to the darkness.” Night Thearch’s voice came from the darkness again. “One Two Three”

When Night Thearch counted to three, Zhou Wen turned around and quickly vanished.

In the dark Sea Return City, Night Thearch gloated as he said to Hui Haifeng and company, “What a pity. It looks like your companion is half unreliable. Between living and your friendship, he chose to live.”

Li Xuan looked at the depressed Ya’er in his arms and suddenly said, “So what?”

“Don’t you feel abandoned at all?” Night Thearch said with interest.

“Of course. Old Zhou is a bastard. I wish I could tear him to pieces, but unfortunately, I might not have such a chance.” Li Xuan stroked Ya’er’s head and said, “Zhou Wen is a bastard like me. If it were just the few of us here, he definitely wouldn’t have returned. However, there’s still the little princess he cares about the most here, so he will definitely return. Don’t you agree, Ya’er?”

Ya’er was stunned. The disappointment on her face gradually disappeared. Her eyes became resolute as she nodded heavily.

“Li Xuan.” Hui Haifeng frowned slightly.

However, Li Xuan waved his hand. “I know what you mean, but a bastard knows a bastard the best. Compared to letting others know that he will return, he cares more about Ya’er’s feelings. There are some things we understand, but Ya’er is still young. We can’t leave her with a psychological trauma. Even if she dies, she should die happily.”

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