Let Me Game In Peace Chapter 987

Chapter 988 Battling Night Thearch

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“You actually think that he will return?” Night Thearch was intrigued.

Human nature couldn’t withstand tests. Night Thearch believed that it was impossible for Zhou Wen to return when facing death.

Night Theach wanted to see Li Xuan, Hui Haifeng, and company’s disappointed expressions, so he wasn’t in a rush to get the dimensional creatures to attack. He wanted Li Xuan and company to slowly experience the process of going from hope to disappointment before going from disappointment to despair.

However, not long after, Night Thearch suddenly realized that a figure was rapidly approaching Sea Return City from afar. The figure was none other than Zhou Wen, who had returned.

Zhou Wen hadn’t really fled previously. He only wanted to test if Night Thearch would really let him go or if there was some other scheme.

When Zhou Wen confirmed that he had really escaped and that Night Thearch hadn’t chased after him, he returned.

Li Xuan, Hui Haifeng, and Ya’er were trapped inside. Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to give up when he still had the ability to do something.

Ya’er was delighted when she saw Zhou Wen fly back.

Hui Haifeng and Li Xuan wore heavy expressions. Zhou Wen’s return meant that they were going to risk their lives. No matter what they did, no matter how trivial it was, as long as they could play some unimportant role in the battle, they would work hard.

“Why are you back?” Night Thearch asked Zhou Wen with interest.

“I left something here. I came back to take it away,” Zhou Wen said.

“What did you leave here?” Night Thearch asked.

“People in Sea Return City,” Zhou Wen said.

“Are you referring to your family and friends?” Night Thearch asked.

“No, everyone in Sea Return City,” Zhou Wen said seriously.

“Are you testing my patience?” Night Thearch’s voice turned cold. With his voice turning cold, darkness once again devoured the area outside Sea Return City.

Zhou Wen felt his body sink into the darkness again and Night Thearch seemed to be everywhere, existing in every corner of the darkness, but Zhou Wen didn’t panic at all.

Since he had dared to return, he had naturally come back with a plan. Regardless of whether it was effective or not, he wanted to give it a try.

“Absolute Defense can only last for half an hour at most, but that’s only in theory. Under a powerful attack, due to excessive expenditure, Absolute Defense can only last for an even shorter period of time. If I attack with all my might, you might die in less than ten minutes. To be honest, I don’t wish for that to happen,” said Night Thearch.

“You can give it a try and see if you can kill me in ten minutes.” Zhou Wen seemed to be confident, showing no fear of Night Thearch’s threat.

“I originally didn’t want to kill you, but since you have a death wish, it’s difficult for me to retain someone who’s bound to die.” As Night Thearch spoke, the phantom-like figure seemed to vanish. Zhou Wen’s Truth Listener could no longer hear any information related to Night Thearch.

Now, I have to think of a way to break through the darkness and find Night Thearch’s true body before Astral Dragon Armor Dragon’s Absolute Defense expires. Otherwise, I won’t even be able to touch Night Thearch’s true body. There’s no way to kill or severely injure him.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Night Thearch couldn’t be seen, but the blades that resembled the night sky strangely appeared everywhere. They were like invisible blades of darkness that sliced at Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen’s body retreated repeatedly from the slash, but he couldn’t see where Night Thearch was. He was like a ghost in the darkness, omnipresent, yet without a corporeal body. He couldn’t be found no matter how Zhou Wen searched.

Even if it’s a Terror-grade creature, it’s impossible for it to be without a body. Be it the ice maiden or the Yin Talisman King, they both have their true bodies. Night Thearch definitely has a true body. I just haven’t found it. Where is he?Zhou Wen used Truth Listener and listened to the surroundings again, but he still failed to discover anything. Even when Night Thearch attacked him, Zhou Wen couldn’t sense his existence.

How does he do it?Zhou Wen couldn’t figure it out, so he could only make attempts.

The invisible saber in the darkness slashed at Zhou Wen’s back again. Without looking back, Zhou Wen summoned a sword and slashed behind him.

The sword that carried flames was the Bronze Sparrow Sword that he had recently obtained.

The flames produced by the Bronze Sparrow Sword illuminated Zhou Wen’s surroundings, but it was limited in range. It was still pitch-black further away.

The light from the flames didn’t completely banish the darkness, nor did it help Zhou Wen find Night Thearch. A strange black palm shadow rushed out of Zhou Wen’s shadow and slashed at his thigh.

Thankfully, the Astral Shell Dragon’s armor blocked the strike. Otherwise, Zhou Wen’s leg would have been severed.

Zhou Wen’s body streaked through the darkness. Although he was protected by Absolute Defense and he couldn’t really be injured, the pain in his leg made him clearly aware that the effects of Absolute Defense were weakening.

It was undoubtedly dangerous to fight an invisible, untouchable enemy who could hurt him. Furthermore, the enemy could kill one of his own at any time.

Although this strike wasn’t effective, it didn’t mean that it was really useless. At the very least, Zhou Wen had discovered that the light emitted by the flames was somewhat effective against the darkness.

However, the range that Mythical flames could illuminate was only three feet away from the Bronze Sparrow Sword. It was a very limited range of illumination.

Also, Night Thearch seemed only capable of traveling in the darkness. That strike just now was an attack launched from the shadows produced by the light.

Zhou Wen attempted to use the Bronze Sparrow Sword to attack from a different direction, but he naturally failed to injure Night Thearch. However, he was certain that Night Thearch had to be in the darkness to deliver his omnipresent attacks. He couldn’t appear in the light.

Now, Zhou Wen was roughly certain that even if Night Thearch could attack in the light, he would definitely be unable to hide his body.

If he wanted to defeat Night Thearch, he had to place him in the light.

However, the Bronze Sparrow Sword’s flames weren’t enough to illuminate all parts of Zhou Wen’s body. Even if it was bright enough, there would be shadows. With shadows, there would be darkness. Night Thearch could still attack Zhou Wen through the shadows.

External light is useless my body can glow. This doesn’t seem difficult for me.Zhou Wen thought of his Life Soul, Primordial Human Sovereign.

As long as he fused with the Primordial Human Sovereign, he could transform into a humanoid sun. He didn’t know how far the Primordial Human Sovereign’s light could illuminate.

However, even if it was only a foot away, it would be enough. In a situation where there were no blind spots in the darkness, Zhou Wen should be able to see Night Thearch’s true body once he entered a one-foot radius to attack.

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