Little Fool's Peasant Wife Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Visiting the Tao Family

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Thinking about these things now, Liu Xiaolan felt that she couldn't find any other family that would be better suited for selling chestnuts than the Tao family.

"Well, hopefully everything goes well." She muttered to herself while walking towards Tao family's house.

Before even reaching it, she was noticed by some people from the Tao family currently standing outside their house and looking over their fields.

Looking at his age, this should be the current master in charge of the Tao family, Tao Liang.

Tao Liang is the only son of the Tao family in his current generation. His old father is named Tao Rong while his mother, Old Madam Tao, is called Wan Ying.

As the only son of his parents, he contributed heavily to growing the amount of people in their Tao family, and together with his wife, Qiao Meying, he had 3 children, all sons.

Their sons, starting from the oldest one and going to the youngest one, are called: Tao Peicheng, Tao Peiqing and Tao Peixiang. For some unknown reason, Tao Liang decided on their names and made them sound pretty similar to each other.

Liu Xiaolan politely walked towards Tao Liang and said, "Good day, Mister Tao."

Tao Liang was a little surprised seeing Liu Xiaolan coming towards him, but he quickly answered, "Good day, girl Liu. Don't call me Mister Tao, it sounds weird, I'm just a farmer, not some gentleman from the city. Just call me Tao Liang"

Although he was polite, but Liu Xiaolan could still notice that he was trying to distance himself from her a little. Seeing this, she could only secretly sign at her bad luck.

After all, even though most villagers were simple and just ignored her for most of the time, at the end of the day they were still people from the ancient times. When she's staying away from them, they can ignore her existence, but when she comes closer, they would get scared away by the fact that she was called a 'nemesis' by that stupid Taoist.

If these were modern times, most normal people would just laugh at that Taoist and ignore him, but in the ancient times, folks from the village still heavily believed in different kinds of superstitions, so the words from that Taoist makes them feel that they should stay away from Liu Xiaolan.

Liu Xiaolan knew that the old Taoist was just a fake idiot, but it wouldn't be easy to explain these things to other people from Liuojia Village. If she somehow offended them, with how high the status of Taoists is right now, they would simply kick her out or even try to kill her to get rid of the bad reputation

With a sign, Liu Xiaolan put on a smile on her face and said, "Tao Liang, I've came today because I've got a thing I'd like to ask you about"

"More specifically, it's about earning money" She added, hoping to get some interest out of him.

Tao Liang looked around and quickly said, "Girl Liu, let's go inside my house and speak, it's not good talking about money outside"

Well, most farmers in these times were pretty simple, but when it comes to money, they can still easily get jealous. Tao Liang was scared that some of his neighbors would catch wind of what they were saying and that it would bring them some trouble

Liu Xiaolan followed Tao Liang and they went inside their house.

Although the Tao family is not rich, but they were still a family with a long history, so some money was still made by them during that time. Now looking at it, it would seem that they've used that money to build themselves a better house.

After coming inside, Liu Xiaolan became the center of attention from the people of Tao family. Looking around, it seems that both the Old Master Tao, Old Madam Tao and Tao Liang's wife were in.

No sign of their children, but perhaps they were staying in another room. Liu Xiaolan quickly said hello to the people from the Tao family, while Tao Liang explained what happened outside and why Liu Xiaolan followed him to their house.

Although a little surprised, but it would seem that aside from Tao Liang, other people from the Tao family didn't feel bothered by Liu Xiaolan's visit, as if they didn't know her title of nemesis.

Liu Xiaolan looked around and started explaining the reason for her visit today. "My husband and I started a little business in the city, but we don't really have so much time to take care of it constantly."

"So we've been thinking of sharing the business with another family from our village, and after I've asked around I heard that your Tao family is a family of honest and hard working people, so here I am"

Hearing her words, the faces of the people inside Tao family had smiled on their faces. Who doesn't like listening to people praising them, right?

Tao Liang's wife, Qiao Meying was interested in what Liu Xiaolan said. After all, as a mother of 3 sons, she was constantly worried about finding a wife for her sons and the lack of money. If she could share a business with Liu Xiaolan, wouldn't they earn some additional money?

Even if it's not much, it's still better to do something than to sit in their home and do nothing Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"What's the business you're talking about, girl Liu?" Qiao Meying asked.

Liu Xiaolan took a deep breath and said, "We have a stall selling chestnuts in the city. It's not a hard job, but it takes time to go to Shenyang every day, so we want to find someone to take over...:"

"Here, try some of the chestnuts we sell" Liu Xiaolan said while taking out a small sack with chestnuts.

The people in the Tao family were a little hesitant, after all how good could chestnuts be, as if they haven't eaten them before, but looking at Liu Xiaolan's face they still took some and tried them.

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