Loving A Heartless Lawyer Book 5 Chapter 454

Volume 5: A Second Chance Of Love Chapter 454 His Lunch

Zhao Group Building

"You're glowing brightly," Luo commented while looking at Lana. She was at Lana's office for a visit and also handed over some things that she almost forgot to do regarding the company.

Lana blushed as she replied, "We're now sleeping in the same room. And we are having good progress intimately."

Luo's eyes rounded as she encouraged, "Work harder so my baby can have a playmate."

Lana timidly smiled and whispered, "I never thought that I could be that"

She could not even know how to describe her aggressive advancement towards Liam.

Luo laughed and teased, "Shameless? That's okay my dear sister, the two of you were married before and it's not like you both have never done that stuff before. So no need to hesitate. Just follow your heart Lana and be vocal. Do not hesitate and do whatever your heart and mind tell you to, then everything will surely fall into place"

Lana nodded and teased, " I should listen to my big sister, right, since you're more experienced in things like this"

"Precisely!" Luo beamed with a grin in a naughty way.

Lana chuckled. She honestly felt better that she was expressing herself clearly rather than holding everything inside her.

Luo noticed an envelope on her desk and said, "Noah got an invitation to this charity event as well and I will be there too accompanying him."

"Oh, I forgot to ask Liam if he's invited. If not, it would be nice to bring him as well if he allows me" Lana mumbled with pouty lips.

"Why not ask him now? Call him..." Luo commented before she stood up and said, "I will leave now because I suddenly wish to go and surprise my darling husband in his office for lunch."

"Good thing you're looking more healthy now. You should try eating more healthy food now" Lana commented. She was aware of how Luo had become a picky eater ever since she was pregnant.

"Yeah. Noah is pushing me hard. Anyway it's getting better lately maybe because I'm moving to the second trimester already. Have to go now. See you at the party..." Luo informed with a grin.

Lana nodded and walked her through her door.

She would like to do the same. Give Liam a surprise visit but then they were no longer husband and wife so she could only be shameless inside Liam's house not in the office.

She went back to her seat and was disturbed by the intercom. It was her secretary.

"Yes, Loli?"

"Ma'am, Miss Ching wanted to talk to you."

"Let her in" Lana instructed.

The manager for the sales department entered and Lana gestured to her to sit down.

"Yes, Ching?" she asked but Ching's expression revealed that it was not good news.

"Ma'am the new product is still struggling inthe market," she informed and handed her all the reports.

"Alright, let's discuss this with the team. Get my schedule with Loli and set it as soon as possible." Lana commented as she discussed more. Soon Ching left and she massaged her temple.

She suddenly missed Liam so she called Jorge and asked, "Is Liam going to eat in the office?"

"Yup, he's in a tight meeting right now. Why?" Jorge asked.

"I'll surprise him with lunch so don't mention I'm coming. I will buy him lunch" Lana said excitedly and quickly ended the call to leave and drive to Liam's office.

"Oh, Sarah is supposed to buy Liam's lunch," Jorge whispered with a frown and was about to call Sarah but he suddenly received an important call from Miley and he had to rush out of the office.


Lana was on the road when Jorge called.

"Sorry, Lana. I had an emergency but I already informed the security to let you in and give you access to the building."

"Oh alright, but what happened?" she asked worriedly.

"Oh, I don't know yet . Miley called me crying so I have to rush to her now."

The call ended quickly. Lana was worried and hoped that it was nothing serious and that she would call Miley later to check on her since she was not a timid girl who cries over small things.

She then bought lunch for her and Liam and drove directly to Sy building.

Mian gave a wide smile seeing her and hugged her warmly. She and Dona were the only people who were probably aware of what happened between her and Liam while the others only knew that the wedding was canceled because she left.

No one was aware of what happened at that time because she, Liam, Noah and Luo wanted that tragedy not to get exposed in the news. Liam did not want the press to pester her about her relationship with the criminal. What was known to everyone was that Mrs. Huang died in an accident.

"Welcome back Miss Lana." Mian and Dona welcomed because they knew Lana had gonethrough a tough time just like their boss Liam.

They helped Jorge and Daryl to ascertainthat whatever happened that day would not leak out. So the story still recited as the wedding was canceled since the two broke up.

"Hello, Mian. I brought Liam's lunch and included you two and Jorge" Sarah cheerfully commented.

Lana noticed Mian and Dona's faces suddenly paled. She turned around to see who was the person who had just greeted them.

She and the woman's eyes met.

Mian cleared her throat and immediately introduced them.

"She's attorney Sarah Jung. She's a newly hired lawyer and is working closely with sir Liam and sir Daryl" Mian explained.

The woman with a bright smile extended her hand to Lana and said, "Attorney Jung at your service madam and you are?"

Lana accepted that handshake and said, "I'm Lana S"

She was about to say Sy but realized she was not a Sy so she said, "Huang Attorney Lana Huang.".

The cheerful aura of Sarah suddenly changed and she pulled her hand first from the handshake.

With a half-smile, Sarah shifted her gaze at Mian and said, "I'll go inside. Liam is expecting his lunch."

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