Lust Knight Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Lust Feels the Danger

The great Light Empire army is organized in a large formation on the beach in front of the big hill.

The army of almost two hundred thousand soldiers occupies an entire mile of the beach even though they are very close to each other.

Not all of the soldiers are there because Amelia and Dawn made a plan that comes down to flanking Lucien's troops by every side, including by the sea, using some ships.

While groups of soldiers flanked the west at a significant distance to prevent them from getting noticed by Lucien before the battle begins, Amelia is in front of the army, waiting eagerly for her brother. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/lust-knight_16202798606286305/lust-feels-the-danger_51382400290178562">/book/lust-knight_16202798606286305/lust-feels-the-danger_51382400290178562</a> for visiting.

Dressed in light white armor, Amelia looks stunning. She always liked to wear light armor because it gives her more mobility, which added to her incredible sword skills, makes her a lethal swordsman in combat.

But now there is something else in Amelia's look. Since she started to become more aware of her feelings for Lucien, she also wants to wear nice clothes that will make her slim body more attractive to him.

And it is really working. The small metal plates that only cover Amelia's most private parts enhance her curves and make the look very attractive.

Amelia could take the breath away from any of the Light Empire army soldiers if they were brave enough to gaze at her.

But it will not happen because they fear and respect Amelia so much. There are even rumors that the amazing holy Light Envoy is the daughter of the Light God. No one wants to disrespect an immaculate saint like her, or they will end up being killed by her or Dawn.

And since Dawn also respects Amelia too much to gaze at her body, only Envy did that. And of course, she couldn't help commenting in Amelia's mind.

"You look really beautiful and sexy now. Is this all for him? Is that something common that sisters do for their brothers?'

'Shut the fuck up, Envy!' Amelia responded as usual to Envy's provocations.

Although she was annoyed by some of Lucien's strange teasing, when Amelia compares him and Envy, she quickly comes to the conclusion that Envy's teasing just sounds annoying while her brother's are strangely a little bit pleasurable.

Amelia shook her head as she thought to herself. 'Oh come on, Amelia! Who are you trying to lie to?!'

Even after two months, Amelia still remembers how pleasant the touch of Lucien on her breasts was. She can't deny that she likes a lot of things she says she doesn't want.

While thinking about Lucien, Amelia couldn't help imagining several women around him, and of course, Lust is Amelia's main concern now.

'I hope you are useful this time, Envy.' Amela spoke in an annoyed tone to Envy in her mind.

'What do you mean?' Envy asked although she can already imagine what Amelia is talking about.

Amelia quickly explained. 'Don't you see how Lust behaves? She does everything Lucien asks and supports him while you just try to manipulate me and do nothing really useful for us.'

Envy was upset by Amelia's words. 'This... this is your fault. Lucien generates a lot of demonic energy for them while you weren't really chasing your desires. But now everything is different because you are really trying to get what you want, that's your brother's dick.'

'N-no!! Of course not! W-what are you talking about?!' Amelia was furious and embarrassed by Envy's words.

Envy started to laugh, and Amelia quickly tried to explain. 'Did you forget that energy we generated together? That was our cooperation... it is not something strange and perverted. That's what I want, to be with my brother and to us cooperate to become stronger.'

'Ok, ok...' Envy couldn't help wanting to roll her eyes. 'So, focus on your noble goal, and don't worry about me. While you beat your brother, I will beat Lust.'

Amelia couldn't help but smile, imagining Envy beating Lust and humiliating her. After all, the purpose of this battle is not to show her power but to prove to Lucien how much his women, including Lust, are not as incredible as he thinks.

And that new energy that Amelia created with Lucien is the best thing that could have happened as it shows him that Amelia is the perfect woman for him to focus his attention on and not the others he calls his wives.

While Amelia is eagerly waiting for Lucien to arrive, Dawn is behind her, maintaining the same posture for almost an hour.

Wearing heavy silver armor with a large sun on Its chest, Dawn holds her shining helmet in one hand and keeps the other hand on the grip of her sword.

Dawn's discipline, even though she is the Princess of the Light Empire, is inspiring to all of the troops behind her. Although they have been waiting for almost an hour in the bright sun, their will never faltered for a second.

But of course, many soldiers with a not-so-strong will began to wonder why their enemies are taking so long to arrive, or rather, why they don't go find to them instead of waiting? This is not the Light Empire's fighting style.

Then at 09:58 am, a scout noticed movement on the horizon. Amelia should have seen it earlier because her eyes of a Mortal Realm peak person is far superior to those of Zero Realm people. Still, she was pacing back and forth with her mind full of peculiar thoughts and didn't notice Lucien's group approaching.

Amelia's heart couldn't help but beat faster as she notices the small spot north on the beach. She hadn't been able to sleep last night, just imagining herself in Lucien's arms again.

A part of her wants to give up the competition and accept Lucien's leadership as long as he holds her tight and doesn't let her out of his arms again.

But for fear of having her feelings neglected, of being judged by others, and of having less of Lucien's affection than his wives, Amelia cannot give up on her plans.

She has to prove herself more and more incredible to him, so that she is guaranteed a place next to Lucien that no one will never be able to take from her.

While looking carefully at the spot on the beach, Amelia noticed that Lucien is moving in front of his group, mounted on the big white tigress and that there is a woman in his arms.

The positive eagerness that Amelia was feeling started to turn into jealousy as she continues to focus on that scene the whole time that it takes Lucien to reach them, the girl will continue to enjoy what Amelia desires most. This feeling would certainly be painful for anyone.

And Amelia's jealousy quickly increased as she realizes that there are women flying around her brother. Some of them have wings, while others are on floating surfaces.

It is quite clear to Amelia that those women want to say something by not walking with the other people behind him but by flying side by side with Lucien.

'They are his women, right?' Amelia asked Envy.

But Envy did not answer Amelia. How could she even speak, being so shocked?

'Envy?! What's the problem?' Amelia can feel by the soul connection she has with Envy that something surprised her.

'Women? Do you mean the ones he had sex with?' Envy asked.

Amelia rolled her eyes. 'I'm talking about those flying around him. They are his women, right?'

'Yes, them too.' Envy quickly responded.

Amelia expected that, but she couldn't help being more jealous as she hears the truth. Then she started to think out loud. 'They are more than ten... That's...'

'Wait!' Amelia realized that there was something strange about Envy's response and asked her about that. 'What do you mean by them too? There are more?'

Envy quickly replied. 'Yes, all of the women behind him.'

Amelia felt a terrible sensation as Envy's response shocked her. But then she realized that Envy probably misunderstood he question.

'I'm talking about which of them are his wives. Did you become dumb, Envy?'

Envy was upset. 'I don't know who he calls a wife, but all of those women behind him are his women.'

Amelia was anxious again and looked at Lucien's group. 'Damn, Envy! I can see more than five hundred women. How can they all be his women? He's just one person.'

'A little over two thousand, actually.' Envy said.

'A little ove- W-WAIT!!! H-how does... h-he... b-but, but H-how can you be sure?!?!' Amelia went into shock and began to deny to herself that it is possible that her brother did it with more than two thousand women.

Envy can understand why Amelia is in shock as she can't believe it as well. Still, the truth is right in front of them.

'I can feel Lust's demonic energy in the bodies of more than two thousand women, precisely those just behind him.' Envy explained.

'But, but...' Amelia can't contain her growing jealousy.' Can they just generate demonic energy by appreciating his body? Or other things like that?'

'Well, that would generate very little demonic energy, imperceptible from this distance. They have a lot of demonic energy in their body. Lucien really gave them a lot of pleasure.' Envy explained, making Amelia even more jealous and angry.

'B-but, but...' Amelia can't control her feelings as she imagines more than two thousand women having a share of her brother. 'I... I'm going to kill them!!'

Envy laughed. 'Are you crazy? He's doing a much better job than Pride could do in the early stages of the Mortal Realm. Not to mention that the effects of his benefits will remain forever in their bodies while Pride focuses on buffs only while her followers are near her.'

Amelia understands how good a powerful army is, but she still can't accept sharing her brother with so many women. 'But... you can't think this is good... he... he's mine!!'

Envy can't fully understand Amelia's feelings because she still doesn't feel that special thing for someone.

'Think about it, Amelia. Even if he has two thousand women, he can just spend a few minutes with them each month while you will be the only one in his arms almost the whole time, every day.'

While Amelia imagined herself in Lucien's arms, Envy went on to explain. 'Now think again. While you get almost all of his attention, those two thousand women will be jealous of you all the time.'

'They will want to be in your place, but only you will be his favorite... This will generate a lot of demonic energy for us, making you stronger and stronger and thus becoming more and more important to him.'

There are many inconsistencies in Envy's plans, but it is also all that Amelia wants, and although she knows that Envy only thinks of her own good, the plan can work, especially the part where Amelia is Lucien's favorite and gets his full attention.

'Yes... yes, I can do this.' Amelia thought to herself.

'So what if there are more than two thousand women? Only I am his sister. It is only with me that he can make that incredible demonic energy.'

Envy is happy to see Amelia's confidence growing along with her ambition. And of course, she supports that. 'Exactly, Amelia. You must reclaim the rightful place that has always been yours. You must be his main wife and not Lust or anyone else.'

'YES!' Amelia exclaimed. 'I must be his main wi-' But then she realized what she was about to say. She noticed that saying that doesn't seem bad or wrong.

At that moment, something inside Amelia changed. That little part of her that refuses to cross the dangerous line that siblings shouldn't cross has started to disappear, or rather, it began to be consumed by the great part of her that wants Lucien in every way possible, not part of him, but all of him, only for her alone.

"His main wife Sounds good to me," Amelia says as her eyes shine with expectation.


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