Lust Knight Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Evil

Lucien's group reached approximately five hundred meters from Amelia's army.

Then he signaled for his troops to wait while he and his wives continue walking towards the center of the battlefield.

Lust felt a strange sensation and stopped flying, landed on top of Oya, and sat behind Lucien while hugging his waist.

Amelia, Dawn, and the principal generals of the Light Empire also headed towards the center of the battlefield. In battles of this scale, it is normal for leaders to exchange a few words before the combat begins.

Meanwhile, the troops on both sides faced each other. The soldiers of the Light Empire could not help laughing, seeing that their enemies are in mediocre numbers compared to their two hundred thousand troops.

Still, their confidence is humble compared to the overconfidence that Lucien's female troops have in him and the power he has given them.

As in many battles, both sides think they are fighting for the right cause and that they will win.

But while the soldiers of the Light Empire declare themselves soldiers of the light, fighting against the evil of the world in the name of the Light God, Lucien's female troops do not try to look cool and just admit that they fight for the rewards that only their Master can give them, that is, his love, and of course, his dick, at best both at the same time.

There are also Lucien's male troops, mercenaries, and adventurers. These guys cannot deny that they are a little afraid as they are not as powerful as Lucien's female troops.

But since Lucien's strategy is based on him and his girls facing the Light Empire army while the others just defend their rearguard and stand as reserve troops in case something goes wrong, they are a little relaxed.

Lucien's group arrived in front of Amelia's group. He is still holding Madelyn in his arms.

Madelyn already feels that it was worth using all her courage to stay by his side, even in this dangerous moment. Although she considers the purple world house a very safe and comfortable place, the best place to be is in Lucien's arms, and Madelyn wants to enjoy every second.

But when she saw Amelia's angry and jealous look, Madelyn couldn't help but be a little worried. Amelia is Lucien's sister, so all of his wives know they must get along with her.

So, to avoid Amelia's gaze, Madelyn looked away and noticed someone behind Dawn, a person she could never forget.

Meanwhile, the members of the two groups faced each other while the mood became tenser and tenser.

Lucien greeted Amelia in a very affectionate tone. "Sister."

"SISTER?!" Dawn couldn't help but exclaim as she is shocked and furious. She never thought she would hear that word from the devil.

The Light Empire generals were as shocked and furious as Dawn.



"She is the Holy Light Envy!!"

"Yes, the daughter of Light God!!"

"How can she be the sister of a depraved and evil creature like you?!?!"

Amelia would have killed that man who called Lucien depraved and made the others remain silent. But she didn't hear what they said. In fact, Amelia couldn't hear or think about anything right now, except for something that's driving her crazy.

Everyone noticed Amelia staring at Lucien and thought she is about to say harsh words in response to his heresy.

Lucien's wives don't know what to think while they are a little concerned about their first meeting with their sister-in-law.

In that second, the mood between them became so tense that they could feel the air getting heavy. Many people couldn't even breathe because they were nervous, waiting for Amelia's next words.

And then she spoke, in a tone clearly upset, and also jealous.

"Did you really have sex with over two thousand women?"

"WHAT?!?!?!" Dawn felt dizzy while her brain is unable to process those words. She really wants to have heard it wrong.

Amelia's unexpected question shocked everyone, of course, on different levels and reasons.

But everyone, without any exception, is surprised by that. Some people with a weaker will are unable to even close their mouths after hearing such words from Holy Light Envoy.

Now everyone's attention is on Lucien and what he will say. Many of the generals couldn't help wondering if it is really possible for a man to have sex with so many women during his life.

Lucien looked into Amelia's eyes as he spoke honestly. "Yes. This is the fastest way to make them strong, thus increasing the strength of my forces."

"But..." Amelia didn't expect Lucien to admit that quickly.

"So, what does that energy we create together mean to you?" Amelia asks.

Lucien quickly responds. "That energy will help us to become stronger even faster. And I will share it with my girls, making us more powerful. So, one day, we will be at the top of the power, and no one will be able to hurt any member of our family."

Then he tenderly smiles at Amelia. "To protect, care, love, and make my family happy is all I want. That is all of the ambition in my heart."

Hearing Lucien's passionate and caring words, Amelia couldn't help but rethink her feelings and actions. Again, changes begin to appear in her heart as she understands that to protect, love, care, and make him happy is also her desire.

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"Let's do it." Amelia smiles at Lucien.

Lucien smiles too. "Yes, let's d-"

He did not finish his words because he feels that something is wrong. Lucien is always aware of everything that happens around him, even when he is focused on several other things.

Madelyn was feeling a little afraid since she left the purple world, and Lucien understands that the situation is very tense and frightening for her.

Unlike most of his girls who already have a stronger mind because of their personal experiences and their experiences with him, Madelyn is still very fragile and traumatized.

The closer they were to the Light Empire, the more fear Madelyn felt, but the good sensations and the feeling of protection she feels in Lucien's arms made the cute cat-girl not want to hide or run away from the danger.

But when they approached Amelia, Lucien felt Madelyn becoming more afraid. He thought she was feeling like his other wives, who were a little worried about their first meeting with Amelia and what she would think of them.

Still, unlike the little concern that his other wives are feeling, Madelyn's fear has not stopped growing, leading her to panic while shaking and hiding her face in Lucien's chest.

'Madelyn, what's wrong?' Lucien asks her mentally.

'He... he's here.' Madelyn quickly responds.


'That man... the captain I meet in the great forest. The one who said he would be delighted to know that I would always remember what his group did to my friends.'

Despite feeling very comfortable and safe in Lucien's arms, Madelyn couldn't contain her fear while remembering the cruelty of that captain and his soldiers to her innocent friends.

Because he can feel Madelyn's fear, Lucien started to become extremely furious. He already hates all of the racist soldiers from the Light Empire, but that captain has his special attention for having done so much harm to his cute Madelyn.

But when Lucien is furious, he remains calm too. He knows that losing control will not allow him to make his enemies suffer. They do not deserve a quick death, but what he is about to do.

Lucien hugs Madelyn tighter as he kisses her head and talks to her mentally. 'Hey, my dear. Finding him is actually a good opportunity for us.'

Madelyn is confused by Lucien's words. 'How can this be good?'

'Well, this can help you start to get over what happened. Now we can take revenge on this man for what he did to your friends.'

She understands Lucien's words, but the situation is still very stressful for her. 'But... this man is so evil. I don't want to see him again.'

Lucien continues to gently stroke Madelyn's head while making everyone else there wait, bewildered.

'Oh my love, you mistook it. He's not evil. 'Lucien spoke in a confident tone.

Madelyn is even more confused. 'Hmm? Isn't he evil?'

Lucien notices that Madelyn is getting calmer as she takes her focus off painful memories. He hates when his beloved girls are in pain.

Then he speaks in an honest tone. 'No, he is not evil compared to me. I am really evil.'

Madelyn quickly shakes her head without moving her face away from Lucien's chest. 'No! You are not evil. You are so loving and kind.'

Lucien laughs. 'I am like that only for the people I love, like you, my dear. But for everyone else, I'm different.'

'For men like him, who hurt cute girls like you, I'm really evil. I am their nightmare. The one who makes them wish to die.'

Madelyn has seen Lucien figh. She knows how he acts to his enemies. But while living with him every day, seeing how loving and caring he is with her and so many other girls, she forgets that his nickname is Handsome Devil. In the end, only a few people are lucky enough to receive his affection, while others wish they never crossed his path.

She thinks again of the suffering that her friends went through being tortured by that captain and his group, and then she imagines how Lucien is going to wash away their suffering with the blood of that damned man.

Madelyn takes a deep breath of Lucien's pleasant scent before turning around and pointing at a man behind Dawn. "Him."

While everyone is confused, including the man who is now a general, and does not remember Madelyn. Lucien strokes her head and kisses her more.

"Are you going to be okay while I deal with him?" Lucien asks as he rubs his nose on Madelyn's fluffy and fragrant ears.

Madelyn hugs him tightly and kisses his lips. "Yes, hubby. Please, do this for my friends."

While Lucien and Madelyn have their romantic moment, Amelia is confused and jealous, very jealous.

Dawn is increasingly shocked by everything. She wants this to be a nightmare because nothing else makes sense.

The Light Empire generals are like Dawn, extremely confused, and wanting to jump on Lucien and beat him to death.

But Lust and Lucien's other wives are smiling because they know what is going to happen next, it is one of the classic scenes where Lucien makes someone piss themself to death.

They are not exactly sadists, but few people can claim not to be pleased to see a person who does very evil things to innocent people for pleasure, receiving their due punishment.

That is something Lucien loves to do. He is merciless for those who do evil things. And his wives love to see him do it, even when it's a brutal scene.

Lucien jumped off of Oya, and without needing to ask, Mia jumped off a floating rock beside them and hugged Madelyn in his place.

No one else's hug can be compared to Lucien's, but Madelyn also feels good from being hugged by her 'sister'. Lucien's family does not have only him, his wives also support each other.

Lucien smiles at Madelyn and Mia as Lust dematerializes her body and returns to inside his soul. Then he looks at Amelia.

Amelia is surprised by Lucien's sudden action. She really wants to believe that he is walking towards her to hug her.

But due to the conversation that he had with that girl, and the fact that she pointed to one of her generals makes Amelia sure that Lucien wants to do something to that man.

And because the girl is a demi-human, and the man is a general of the Light Empire, everyone can easily deduce the devil's intention.

"Lucien, you must n-" Amelia doesn't understand the situation, but she doesn't want to start fighting like that.

"Don't get into it," Lucien speaks in a neutral and steady tone, causing Amelia to be silent instinctively.

Envy can't help laughing in Amelia's mind. 'Someone is really screwed.'


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