Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 704

Chapter 704: Mingyue Enters The Lords Heart 37: Relationship With The Cheng Family

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“I have matters to attend to,” Pan Mingyue replied politely, her voice indifferent and distant.

While speaking, Shi Liming had already driven the car through the gate and parked aside.

Before Pan Mingyue got out of the car, someone saw her from outside and came to open the door for her. “Instructor Shi, Miss Pan.”

Pan Mingyue habitually pushed her black-rimmed glasses.

Having stayed in the Inspection Institute for a few days, she was already accustomed to such treatment.

At the back of the car, Butler Feng also got out and helped Madam Feng open the door.

Once they got out of the car, they could see the noble campus not far away.

Before the two had time to react, there was a sudden wave of agitation in front of them.

Two rows of armed men walked over, headed by three officers with obvious epaulets. They stopped and stood in two respective rows.

Just when Madam Feng and Butler Feng were confused and in a daze, a black and red car stopped not far away.

There were two people in the back seat. The first to come out was an old man, of medium height and old age. There wasn’t a hint of senility, and he had his hands behind him rigorously.

Madam Feng might not recognize the epaulets on the two officers, but she had seen this old man in the textbook before.

The armed SWAT team stood in two rows with real guns in their hands.

Madam Feng and Butler Feng didn’t even dare to gasp.

When Pan Mingyue and Shi Liming saw him coming, they also walked over respectfully.

“Elder Huang.”

“Mr. Shi, Miss Pan.” The old man saw them and smiled brightly, without any fierce anger on his face. Finally, he turned his attention to Pan Mingyue. “Today, you’ll have to study your share and improve the plan. Let’s go inside first.”

He turned around and led them into the house.

The three of them walked forward.

Despite so many people standing there, no other sound could be heard except the sound of the wind and the slosh of the training slogans on the training grounds.

Madam Feng didn’t even dare to move.

Once the three of them entered, the surrounding people scattered into two rows and protected the outside.

Just as Madam Feng’s mind was abuzz with questions, a young man in military green clothes came over.

The two rows of officers saluted the young man. “Leader Cheng!”

Cheng Qingyu took off his hat. “I’m here to lead Miss Pan’s guests.”

He glanced at Madam Feng and said very politely, “Madam Feng, please come with me. I’ll come to you once Miss Pan is free.”

“Thank you,” Madam Feng answered stiffly.

Cheng Qingyu still had no epaulets on his shoulders, but along the way, everyone would greet him no matter what.

Even if Madam Feng and Butler Feng didn’t know what he did, they could guess that he wasn’t a simple character.

When Madam Feng lowered her head, she glanced at the butler in confusion.

Cheng Qingyu took her to his office first.

“Cheng Qingyu, let me tell you, for this special training class, you must give us 50 places. Otherwise, I’ll report it to Third Young Master” In the office, the person-in-charge of the first district glanced at him, having waited a while. Before he finished his sentence, he saw Madam Feng walking behind. “This is”

“This is Miss Pan’s guest, Madam Feng.” Cheng Qingyu gave him a quick glance.

Then, he turned around and addressed her, “This is the person-in-charge of our main base.”

Madam Feng had yet to react.

The person-in-charge’s eyes lit up.

Cheng Wenru was now in charge of the Cheng family, but everyone listened to Cheng Juan’s words. And who was in charge of Cheng Juan? The person from the Qin family.

As for who it was

There was gossip that Pan Mingyue was the only woman who could get Qin Ran to compromise.

If this was Pan Mingyue’s guest, then it was Qin Ran’s guest as well.

By entertaining her, Pan Mingyue and Shi Liming would very easily establish the special training camp quota.

Now, all the insiders knew that Pan Mingyue had learned from Qin Ran before.

They didn’t dare to rob Qin Ran from the Physics Research Institute, nor from the Cheng and Qin families. Of course, they couldn’t do so either, so why not snatch Pan Mingyue??

“Madam Feng, hello. I’m the chief instructor of the combat headquarters, Kong Hui.” The person-in-charge hurriedly straightened his back and greeted her. He poured a cup of tea for her and continued, “Miss Pan will be back soon. By the way, Madam Feng, has Miss Pan told you about the quota”

“Okay, stop bothering her,” Cheng Qingyu said and shooed the person-in-charge away. “If you have the ability, talk to Miss Pan and Instructor Shi.”

Then, he smiled at Madam Feng. “Don’t listen to him, he just wants you to talk to Miss Pan for him. But the quota is only determined after the screening, so it’s best not to put Miss Pan on the spot.”

“Huh?” Madam Feng couldn’t process so much new information in such a short while. She could only nod, unable to return to her senses for a long time.

When Pan Mingyue returned from talking with Shi Liming, Cheng Qingyu and the person-in-charge looked at them full of admiration.

As for Madam Feng, she was still a little dazed.

Pan Mingyue didn’t look at Madam Feng and just said to the person-in-charge, “I’ll come back tonight to finish processing the Inspection Institute affairs.”

“I’ll send you back. Instructor Shi can stay here.” Cheng Qingyu immediately volunteered.

Cheng Qingyu drove his own car, which was from the Cheng family.

He sent Pan Mingyue back to the Inspection Institute before sending Madam Feng home.

Feng Loucheng had already returned.

When Pan Mingyue got out of the car, Madam Feng slowly returned to her senses. Her heartbeat was incredibly fast, and she stared at Cheng Qingyu in the rearview mirror, not daring to speak.

She finally returned home.

Feng Loucheng and Feng Ci were already waiting outside, both thinking that Pan Mingyue would send her back.

Unexpectedly, it was Cheng Qingyu.

Cheng Qingyu was now the head of the Cheng family, the next hall master.

Feng Loucheng quickly greeted him and then personally sent him off.

After returning, he glanced at Madam Feng. “Where have you been today? Why did the Cheng family send you back?”

Madam Feng was stunned for a moment. “The Cheng family?”

Everyone in this circle definitely knew the four major families, and also knew that no matter where they were, those four major families were certainly not easy to provoke.

The person who sent her back was from the Cheng family?

How did Pan Mingyue have anything to do with them?

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