Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 705

Chapter 705: Mingyue Enters The Lords Heart 38: Giant Crocodile Unwilling To Move

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Madam Feng knew that the person’s name was Cheng Qingyu because she had heard others calling him, but only now did she connect him to the Cheng family.

If it had been a few days ago, she wouldn’t have been bothered if someone told her that Pan Mingyue knew one of the four major families.

But after everything she had experienced, she felt like, although she was surprised about this fact, it was still reasonable.

It was just that she didn’t understand how an orphan like Pan Mingyue had managed it?

She turned to look at Feng Loucheng and Feng Ci again. Feng Ci was surprised, but Feng Loucheng didn’t seem shocked at all, and only thought it was a matter of course.

“You” Madam Feng opened her mouth, wanting to ask Feng Loucheng about Pan Mingyue.

Unexpectedly, he asked her first, “Where did Mingyue take you just now? Why did Leader Cheng send you back?”

Madam Feng didn’t know where she had been taken to, but it had been a strict place, with a bloodthirsty aura on everyone she encountered. She hadn’t dared to look around much and hadn’t said much, either.

She could only describe it a little to him.

Feng Loucheng naturally knew more than them, and he immediately frowned. “Why did Mingyue go to the base in the first district?”

He stood there thinking for a moment, then suddenly looked up. “Don’t tell me the first district is trying to snatch her from the Inspection Institute? This can’t be! We can’t win over the Inspection Institute, and there’s the first district now”

Feng Loucheng directly rushed into the house.

After all, Qin Ran had previously been registered as a detective in the Inspection Institute, but she was also a member of the Research Institute, so the Inspection Institute hadn’t dared to let her do any tasks.

Feng Loucheng was now worried about Pan Mingyue.

He rushed in, leaving Madam Feng and Feng Ci standing outside.

Madam Feng stared at Feng Ci complicatedly. She had chosen to hide Pan Mingyue’s affairs from Feng Ci previously because she didn’t want them to communicate, and she hoped for him to choose Li Shuangning. But after the previous incident and the Feng family’s problem, Li Shuangning had only offered comfort in the house and had become blatantly estranged after the arrest

And she never imagined that it would be Pan Mingyue who would save them

“Mom, I’ll go to the Lin family’s house first,” Feng Ci pressed his temples and said tiredly.

Madam Feng was about to tell him about Pan Mingyue, but she couldn’t find a good opportunity. She could only stare at him as he left.

At the gate, only Madam Feng was left.

She stood there thinking for a while, then pursed her lips, in a dilemma.

“Madam, I think the Young Master still likes Miss Pan” The butler trailed off.

Madam Feng understood what he meant, but she was also very entangled. She paused for a long time before saying, “After two days, I’ll go to her for a good talk.”

In the Lu family’s house.

Everyone was eating, including the patriarch.

Lu Zhaoying, like his grandma, didn’t really like the Lu family members, even though he was now the leader.

The people on the table exchanged knowing glances, and it took a long time before an old man over half a century old asked, “Zhaoying, I heard that you were with a girl in the neighboring city? You even took her to the special training area?”

Holding his chopsticks, Lu Zhaoying knew that his fox friends had leaked the news.

He nodded. “Is there a problem?”

“No, no problem,” the patriarch said immediately. Even if they weren’t satisfied with the woman’s identity, they didn’t dare to say it in front of him. They were still aware of who was in power in the Lu family. “I was just wondering, are you serious?”

Lu Zhaoying used to be so frivolous, but he still had a limit. This was the first time he had done this.

Lu Zhaoying took a quick bite of a dish and looked up at the patriarch, smiling evilly. “That’s right. If she agrees, I can register our marriage tomorrow. I’ll bring it back for you to see, okay?”

“Slam” The patriarch’s chopsticks fell.

Lu Zhaoying was crazy.

“I’m finished.” Lu Zhaoying wiped his mouth and politely excused himself before leaving under everyone’s eyes.

After he left, the patriarch stared at Mother Lu and Father Lu, crying without tears. “Did Zhaoying fall under a spell? How could he be like this over a girl?”

“I don’t know. Maybe he’ll be fine in a while, don’t worry. He won’t be able to bring her back for a short while.” Mother Lu smiled gently, then looked at Lu Zhaoying’s leaving back and wiped her mouth.

He was just talking big.

Did he have the ability to bring her back?!

Three days later.

Qin Ran and Cheng Juan went to Continent M to hold a decentralization meeting. It was more complicated there, and they didn’t bring Cheng Ziyu along.

Pan Mingyue was entrusted by Qin Ran to take care of him.

“Sorry to trouble you, Miss Pan. Cheng Mu will be with you.” Cheng Jin handed Cheng Ziyu to her and laughed. “The main reason is that Master Juan is afraid the little child will bully others. Mr. Qin is busy, and Eldest Lady is also having a headache because of the residents in Beijing, so they’re not very free.”

Speaking of this, Cheng Jin glanced at Cheng Mu.

Cheng Mu silently lowered his head.

This was the first time Pan Mingyue was taking care of Cheng Ziyu, and she carefully held him. “Okay. Can I take him to the Inspection Institute?”


Pan Mingyue nodded. “Have you resolved Sister Cheng’s issues?”

Cheng Jin shook his head and thought for a while. “Eldest Lady might look for you.”

Everyone knew that Pan Mingyue was now a candidate for 129’s heir.

Pan Mingyue smiled. “Okay.”

She had been waiting for the first district’s notice these days and was relatively busy because of Feng Loucheng’s fight with the first district.

When she brought the child to the office, Luo Qian and Sister Liu all came over.

Especially Sister Liu, who refused to leave after seeing Cheng Ziyu. She even settled her lunch over there.

At 3 pm, Cheng Mu made a round in the Inspection Institute and returned to tell Pan Mingyue, “The Eldest Lady really came to find you.”

“When will she arrive?” Pan Mingyue knew that some permanent residents in Beijing gave her a headache.

Cheng Mu thought for a while. “About two or three minutes.”

Pan Mingyue nodded.

Luo Qian knocked on the door. “Someone downstairs wants to see you.”

“Who?” Pan Mingyue looked up.

Luo Qian said a surname.

Realizing that it was Madam Feng, Pan Mingyue fell silent.

“Should I stop her?”

“No need.” Pan Mingyue put down her pen thoughtfully. “Let her in.”

It wasn’t that Madam Feng had never been to the Inspection Institute, but she was still shocked to see the words hanging outside Pan Mingyue’s office. When she entered and saw Sister Liu, she paused and was about to ask for some privacy.

However, Pan Mingyue spoke first, her voice soft and gentle as always. She looked up from the computer and said, “Madam Feng, please go ahead.”

“I” Madam Feng looked down remorsefully, her attitude rather sincere. But because of other people present, she found it a little difficult to talk.

Before she could finish, Pan Mingyue shook her head calmly. “No need to apologize. You’ve done nothing wrong. I’m very grateful to Uncle Feng, so you don’t need to thank me. It’s my duty to save him, so it’s alright. You can go back if there’s nothing else.”

She made it very clear that she had saved Feng Loucheng, her attitude extremely discreet.

Before Madam Feng could say anything, Cheng Mu came back in with Cheng Wenru. “The Eldest Lady is here.”

Cheng Wenru was wearing a cheongsam, stepping on high heels a few centimeters high. She held only a cell phone in her hands, and her aura was very strong.

It made people afraid to look her straight in the eyes.

Pan Mingyue stood up with a slight headache. “Sister Cheng, you came just in time. I was about to ask if Big Brother Giant Crocodile is really unwilling to move”

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