Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 670

Chapter 670: Willing To Spend More Money

Chapter 670 I am willing to spend more money

"You can become a silver member by spending one hundred thousand here, and two hundred thousand is a gold member. You must know what the identity of our second grandma is, this membership system is not harsh at all, is it?"

The man waved his hand, and said boldly: "Then consume 200,000 yuan first."

As soon as they left, Shen Yan couldn't help but say: "Jin Yi seems to be good at doing business, then I will also apply for a membership card."

Yan Jinyi immediately showed a sweet smile, "Look at what you said, what is the relationship between Yanyan and me? You are a relative and have nepotism. You will not spend money here in the future."

As the manager of Heiyunzhai, Zhao Xinchen is even more arrogant than Huo Zixing.

"Huo Sanshao, there will be a lot of distinguished guests coming over later, you should still take your friends to sit by."

Huo Zixing had been at odds with Zhao Xinchen for a long time, and Huo Qingyuan and Zhao Xinyue also had an antagonism, the relationship between the two was not good.

Now, seeing Zhao Xinchen ordering himself, he suddenly stopped calling, "This is the resort my second sister-in-law opened. What I want to do to care about you is just an outsider at best."

very sour!

Zhao Xinchen is not only not angry, but also smiles hippiely, "Where is the third young master, I am the manager appointed by my sister myself. There are so many people today, I have to maintain order."

Huo Zixing was very angry, and the second sister-in-law was too partial. Zhao Xinchen was just an outsider, so why would he be treated better than his family.

Just as depressed, Zhuang Heng walked in with a garish look.

No one dared to ignore this actor. His style was extremely arrogant, and no one's face was given. It is said that it was because of his background.

But no one knows what the background is.

Zhuang Heng was holding a small wreath of exquisite workmanship in his hand. As soon as he walked into the hall, his eyes began to search. When he caught Yan Jinyi's voice, his smile became brighter.

"Little Chili, I wish you a happy business!"

Looking at the wreath that Zhuang Heng handed over, Yan Jinyi's smile instantly diminished, and his whole body became gloomy, "You curse me to death?"

"How come, Little Chili must live with me to ninety-nine, and can't die."

"Then what do you give me a wreath?"

Zhuang Heng's peachy eyes are full of innocents, "It looks good!"

He recently used Korean dramas, and it was very interesting to see the wreaths presented inside. This time, he was specially made to follow them, and he also specifically asked not to post photos in the middle.

Forget it, Zhuang Heng has no IQ and can't discuss these profound issues with him.

With a blank face, the waiter asked the waiter to take the wreath away, "Just find a place to sit."

"Little Pepper, I want to have a table with you, and I want to be your top member here!"

For fear that Yan Jinyi would not believe it, Zhuang Heng even took out his bank card and shook it. It was black and very beautiful.

"Today, a limited edition of five diamond VIPs will be issued," Yan Jinyi grinned. "Congratulations, King Zhuang, for being the first diamond member of my'Heiyunzhai'."

Zhuang Heng was very heroic, "Take it!"

"It's enough to spend more than two million yuan, then I will save the Zhuang actor in the membership card?"

Yan Jinyi continued to smile.

"Anything will do, Little Pepper is what he says."

A group of guests around could not help discussing that the actor Zhuang really had money and easily spent two million for an actress.

The problem is that the person is not the second youngest, so what should I do if I get cheated?

In Zhuang Heng's heart, as long as he can please Yan Jinyi, he is willing to spend more money!

Just after Zhuang Heng's membership card was issued, there was another person at the door.

This time it was Tang Qing. Compared with Zhuang Heng's pink suit, Tang Qing looked a little low-key.

(End of this chapter)

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