Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 833

Chapter 833: President Tang Dislikes My Ugliness

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Chapter 833 Mr. Tang, This Is Disgusting My Ugly

Tan Sangsang was stunned for half a second and then suddenly came back to his senses, "What did you say Jinyi?"

"It's about having children. Huo Xishen and I have done it."


glanced at his new colleague, Tan Sangsang was slightly embarrassed, "Isn't your relationship normal?"

"Sangsang, my innocence is gone. You said Huo Xishen would just throw me away after getting tired of the girl's play?"

Tan Sangsang didn't expect that the sturdy, such as Yan Jinyi, would still worry about this issue.

"Jinyi, you are the best, I am really busy now to call you back from get off work, bye!"

Hung up the phone quickly after speaking, only then found that the new colleague was staring at him with envy.

"Uh, why are you looking at me like this?"

"Sister Sangsang really envy you. It was Yan Jinyi who called you just now?" The new colleague shook hands, "My roommate likes her. Can you help me ask for an autograph? My roommate's birthday is coming."

"This is no problem, let me introduce you to work first."

What kind of **** luck is this to be a good friend to a big star!

Yan Jinyi felt that his body was particularly exhausted. At first, he was really depressed, but now it is inexplicable.

Well, it's actually pretty good.

I planned to go back to Huos Manor for lunch, but as soon as he was about to leave, he met Tang Qing who lived in the opposite door.

Tang Qing usually looks extra casual even in a suit, but today it is rare to dress extra rigorously and handsomely.

"Miss Yan, what a coincidence."

Yan Jinyi is in a good mood, and his attitude towards Tang Qing has improved a lot, "Mr Tang is well dressed today!"

"Actually, I'm pretty good every day, but Miss Yan didn't find it." After a pause, Tang Qing suddenly asked, "Did Miss Yan have dinner?"


"It happens that I am going to a party. Miss Yan hasn't forgotten what she promised me in Hong Kong City?"

Tang Qing helped her deal with the ground snake over there. She said that she owed Tang Qing a favor.

Are you planning to pay her back so soon?

"Our business always talks about credit, let's talk about it, how do you want me to pay it back."

Is the actor very trustworthy?

Tang Qing doubted for two seconds, "Its nothing, Miss Yan will accompany me to the party. What I said you just need to cooperate and nod."

Could it be a Hongmen Banquet?

Seeing Yan Jinyis wary look, Tang Qing smiled, "Dont worry, its a family gathering. Most of the Tang family settled abroad and no one can recognize you."

Family party?

Can't help but think of the scene where he met Tang Qing's father in Zhuang Heng's house.

That is a very shrewd person, Tang Qing's father is definitely the first woman in the family, but there is no need for that kind of black boss posture.

"Can I refuse?"

"I didn't expect that Miss Yan didn't like to keep promises."


"Go and go, who is afraid of whom, wait for me to go home and change clothes."

When Yan Jinyi came out again, Tang Qing felt that he was completely pulled out.

I thought she was going to dress up, but she didnt expect to change into a British school uniform.

Forget it, she, she also wore two ponytails.

"Miss Yan, you dress up..."

"Does Mr. Tang dislike me for being ugly?"

Seeing Yan Jinyi's posture that you dare to nod and I will assassinate you, Tang Qing fell silent, "Very beautiful, let's go."

Its just a meal, Yan Jinyi didnt expect Tang Qing to take a cars bodyguard out of the house.

"Your relatives are all scourges?"

"Miss Yan will know when she sees it."

(End of this chapter)

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