Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 834

Chapter 834: As If Walking Into The Bandit's Den

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Chapter 834 As if walking into the bandit's den

I thought it was a small gathering of more than a dozen people, but when I arrived at the hotel, I realized that this had invited all the hooligans in the city?

The Tang family is one of the four big families, the richest of the rich. I didnt expect the Tang family to be like this...

The entire lobby on the first floor was wrapped up. A dozen round tables were displayed with a variety of delicacies. Except for the table where Tang Qing and his father Tang Zhenyun was a little more normal, the rest of the tables, both men and women, sat awkwardly drinking and punching there.

Suddenly remembered that in Heiyunzhai before, her little brothers also ate and drank like this.

There is no etiquette, how to be comfortable.

"I scared Miss Yan. They were all born as rascals. Some of them are still doing business that rascals do." Tang Qing said solemnly, standing beside Yan Jinyi.

Yan Jinyi couldn't help but glance at him. Among the Tang family, Tang Qing and Zhuang Heng are both unique beings.

"Hey, isn't this Tang Qing, this beauty is your old friend?"

"I haven't seen Tang Qing treat a woman to come to a family party. It must be a girlfriend?"

Seeing Tang Qing, a large family of people surrounded Yan Jinyi like a monkey onlookers.

"What's your name, the beauty, she looks like a big star, she looks pretty, she still looks like a student?"

"Ah, Tang Qing, this kid is now even a girl student!"

"Tang Qing's previous girlfriend was not so pretty, right?"

"That woman is unlucky enough to mention it."

Tang Qing has an ex-girlfriend?

As if to find some big news, the gossip eyes instantly fell to Tang Qing, "Ms. Tang introduced me to me?"

"What did you mention about the past." At this point, Tang Qing suddenly raised his lips and smiled, "I'm saying, where is the woman who has Miss Yan more in my heart?"

"Oh, oh, it seems that this girl is really Tang Qing's girlfriend, come and sit here, our Tang family don't need so many rules to eat whatever they want to eat!"

The bloated middle-aged woman enthusiastically took Yan Jinyi's hand to the seat.

"This is the third aunt, doing mercenary business in country y."

Yan Jinyi suddenly became astonished, this appearance has nothing to do with this profession at all!

Tang Qing began to introduce her again. After a lap, Yan Jinyi discovered that except for Tang Qings father and two brothers who wanted to start the company for nothing, almost all of them were in the gray area.

No wonder Tang Qing is so confident no matter where he is, even Huo Xishen's black-belly person dares to provoke.

Except for Tang Qing's father, the other relatives of the Tang family are pretty good.

"Miss Yan was not scared, right?"

Yan Jinyi was punching with a table of peers. Hearing this, he looked at Tang Qing with some doubts, "Why should I be frightened?"

"Our relatives are different from the hypocrites of the Huo family."

She doesnt know if Huos relatives are hypocrites, but its true that Tangs relatives made her feel like returning to Heiyunzhai.

"Hey, did you call Huzi? Come on, you lost the fine wine!" Yan Jinyi yelled while replying to Tang Qing: "It feels like walking into a bandit's den. It feels good."

This is the first time a woman reacted like this after seeing his relatives.

It is indeed what Tang Qing is interested in, and it is really unique.

took out and lit his cigar, Tang Qing stood behind Yan Jinyi watching her punch her, the girl didn't know where she learned her skills, and she hardly lost.

A friend of Amways new book "Being a Bad Mother in the Rebirth 80s" is as white as snow. The heroine is very shabby!

(End of this chapter)

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