Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Miss His Little Wife

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Chapter 835 Missing his little wife

"If I remember correctly, this seems to be the second grandmother of the Huo family."

Tang Zhenyun suddenly walked behind Tang Qing, "When did you learn to be someone else's junior?"

Tang Qing pretended to be surprised, "I have always liked to pry other people's corners. Dad doesn't know?"

"You!" Tang Zhenyun stared angrily, pointed at Tang Qing's nose and was about to yell at him, and then thought that Tang's current real power was in Tang Qing's hands, "Huh, come with me to dinner with your Aunt Lijuan. ."

Lijuan, Zhuang Lijuan, Zhuang Hengs mother.

Tang Qing sneered, "Go to your lovers place to eat and bring me what to do, hope I even pry your corner?"

"Tang Qing!"

Tang Zhenyun couldn't help screaming, and the eyes of the people present were instantly attracted.

Tang Qing smiled calmly, "My dad misses his little wife, everyone continue."

Yan Jinyi couldnt help but look at the two more. Isnt the little wife Zhuang Lijuan!

That woman is not a good one.

The end of the meal was already in the afternoon, anyway, it was the neighbor, Yan Jinyi simply took Tang Qing's car home.

Huo Xishen drove very steadily, and there was an inexplicable sense of security in his car.

But Tang Qing is different. He seems to dislike being overtaken. Once a car overtakes him, he will increase his horsepower.

"I suspect that nine out of every ten car accidents in Shengjing are caused by you!" Yan Jinyi tightly grabbed the seat belt and stared straight ahead.

"Ms. Yan doesn't think such a speed is exciting?"

"Mr Tang, you can buy me an insurance."

It seems that she has not bought herself accidental death insurance, so she has to make arrangements later.

Tang Qing discovered that Yan Jinyis brain circuits really cannot be understood by ordinary peoples thinking.

Should girls not scream at him to slow down at this time?

Yan Jinyi is still working hard to pit Tang Qing, "I wonder if Mr. Tang is not short of money, so let me buy the most expensive one."

"Miss Yan is too worried, my car is safer than Huo Xishen's car."

Haha, I really didnt see it.

"Miss Yan, what do you think of my relatives?"

"not bad."

Tang Qing slowed down, "It just so happens that they like you too. Miss Yan really doesn't consider leaving Huo Xishen and throwing herself into Tang's arms?"

Why is this person so deadheaded?

Yan Jinyi cried a face, "I am fierce, uneducated and violent, or a married woman, why are you, Mr. Tang? There are so many wild flowers waiting for you outside, I cant do it with you!"

It might have been possible before, but now she is from Huo Ergou.

"What to do, I like married women."


Yan Jinyi suddenly looked at Tang Qing with a very strange look, and then sighed for a while, "Well, if my family Yanyan and Shen Xian can't talk, then I will introduce Yanyan to you."

"Tang likes Miss Yan like this. Unfortunately, Miss Yan has no sisters, so she can only continue to like you."

You dont have any sisters, please blame my parents!

When the two people walked out of the elevator door side by side, they unexpectedly discovered that Huo Xishen was standing in front of the house.

He was leaning against the wall next to the door, his expression gloomy and very ugly.

Seeing the two come out together, even those two-way calm and unwavering eyes are full of strong evil spirits.

However, facing Yan Jinyi, he remained calm.

"Since Madam has enough fun, come here."

Yan Jinyi saw Huo Xishen also a little surprised, "Are you so early today?"

"How did you know that Mrs. Tang has such a good relationship with President Tang?"

(End of this chapter)

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