Madams Identities Shocks The Entire City Again Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241: The Number One Hacker In China Is Out Of 500 You Read Sister

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Chapter 1241 The number one hacker in China is out of 500, you read sister first

"Zhou Hengfeng, who was in full swing in the domestic market before, is also on this list, but he is outside the 500th place."

"Mom, do you know how many places Qiao Nian can make on the list if she can make it to the finals of this competition?"

Tang Wanru took a deep breath and looked at him, her eyes shaking a little: "How many?"

"Within 50 people."

Jiang Yao gave her a heavy hammer, and Sven Junya continued: "As long as she can pass the group stage and enter the final round, she can be in the top 50 of the list. If she wins again, she can be in the top 20. The top 20 people on this list, even Tianchen has to dig people."

"You said Tianchen would dig Qiao Nian?!"

"Yes. If Qiao Nian can get a place in this competition, Tian Chen will definitely contact her. She is only a freshman. As for whether she will give up her studies and enter Tian Chen, this is not necessarily the case. It depends on the results of her discussions with Uncle ."

Tang Wanru stiffened in the back of her neck and couldn't say a word. His eyes shook violently, and he obviously couldn't digest what Jiang Yao said to her.

The thing that she should be most proud of in the first half of her life is that Jiang Yao strives to enter Tianchen and become a member of Tianchen.

On the day Jiang Yao successfully entered Tianchen, she was not only happy, but everyone in the Jiang family was happy. The year before last, she held a running water feast at the hotel.

Jiang Yao thought for a moment, then raised his eyes and said, "Mom, even if Qiao Nian loses the group stage, she will be regarded as winning glory for the country this time, do you understand?"

"Before her, no one in China could enter the group stage! She defeated 16-nation players as a representative of the country in her freshman year and won the only qualifying place for the finals. To be honest, she was quite competitive this time."

Tang Wanru didn't want to pay attention to him at all, mainly didn't know what he could answer, so she couldn't praise Qiao Nian's fighting spirit with Jiang Yao.

She is almost mad now, okay?

She turned her face without anger. She has been well-educated, and she has cultivated calmly for many years.

Otherwise, she would never stand here listening to Jiang Yao's constant praise of Qiao Nian, and she would have been unable to listen anymore.

"I'll go up and tell Dad the good news first."

Jiang Yao didnt see her abnormality, picked up his mobile phone and walked upstairs to the bedroom, while saying, "Ill book a private room in Yufu later, and we will have a meal together as a family."

Tang Wanru had no time to stop him. Jiang Yao had already gone upstairs and closed the door, and called Jiang Zongnan to say this good news.

She was so angry that she picked up the mask on the table and smashed it on the ground. Her chest was still fluctuating for a long time. After Tang Wanru smashed something, she endured desperately, but the muscles on her cheeks twitched and betrayed the anger and depression in her heart at the moment.

Heh, she originally thought the family would stop after the separation.

It doesnt matter if the old man handed over the old house to the big room, anyway, they have taken the personal connections around him in their own hands, and they are also taking care of the family business.

How about Qiao Nian points to the old house?

No one in Beijing will regard her as the future heir of the Jiang family.

But who would have thought that Qiao Nian could come back against the wind, throwing a bad card to herself in a blink of an eye, and disrupting all her plans.

Tang Wanru's eyes were gloomy, and she stood there looking at the mess on the ground. She ordered the servants to clean the ground, turned around, and returned to the room arrogantly.

Finding the mobile phone in the drawer that she hadnt used for a long time, she sat in front of the dressing table and hesitated again and again. In the end, she did not survive the flames of jealousy in her heart. She pulled out the only phone number in the address book and called out: "...Hello?"

(End of this chapter)

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