Madams Identities Shocks The Entire City Again Chapter 1503

Chapter 1503: The relationship with the Pharmacy Association is not so familiar~

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Chapter 1503 The relationship with the Pharmacy Association is not familiar~

The rest of the Su family surrounded him. Xu Jishen also waited outside for nearly two hours, with a heart hanging in the air, waiting for the final result.

"Doctor, my grandpa..."

The CD-3 targeting drug Qiao Nian brought back was Su Huaiyuan's only hope. If this hope is shattered, they can only plan for the worst.

Even Jiang Yao came around with everyone, put his heart on his throat, and waited nervously for the doctor's answer.

The director of the Oncology Department of City Hospital took off the mask, folded the mask and put it in the pocket of the white coat, and smiled relaxedly in front of everyone: "Old Su is all right!"

"CD-3 is indeed a targeted drug developed by the Laboratory of the Pharmaceutical Association. It has a remarkable effect. After the injection, Su Lao's condition will improve. As long as the medication continues, I believe Su Lao's condition will become more and more stable..."

His words will undoubtedly give the Su family a booster.

Su Hui's eyes suddenly moistened, she covered her mouth with her hand, almost choked out: "It's fine if it's all right, it's fine if it's all right."

Su Huaiyuan is the pillar of the Su family.

Su Huaiyuan is fine, it is undoubtedly great news for the rest of the Su family!

The third uncle grinned, smiling happily than anyone else.

looked at Qiao Nian, and said very kindly: "I knew that the doctor Jishen said could do it! Sure enough, people shouldn't look like they are young, and they will not affect their abilities."

The other relatives of the Su family echoed.

Xu Jishen chuckled, pretending that she didnt remember when she saw Qiao Nian, she was constantly skeptical. For a while, he said that he was young, and for a while he was afraid that he would not be able to treat his grandpa.

Now that Qiao Nian got the medicine, Grandpas various indicators have stabilized. They are better than anyone else, and they are quick to shoot afterwards.

He ignored the relatives in the family, turned his head, his face was covered with a layer of worry, worriedly and said to the girl: "Miss Joe, that medicine..."

He was worried that the medicine Qiao Nian brought back was not enough.

After all, the doctor said, I will continue to take medication in the future.

Qiao Nian seemed to know what he was going to say, and the black eyelashes were slightly raised, in a rather loose tone: "I brought back five stitches. It only lasts for five days."

The people of the Su family were still happy that Su Huaiyuan's index had stabilized one second before, but the next second they heard Qiao Nian say that they only brought five days of medicine back.

"What should I do?" Su Hui raised her heart again, her face paled again in shock.

Xu Jishen also opened his mouth, not knowing what to say for a while.

Is he happy for nothing?

Qiao Nian ran around for a whole day, and she was very tired at the moment. She half-closed her eyes, the dryness in her eyes that couldn't stop.

She put one hand in her pocket, and said without rush: "I asked people from the Pharmacy Association. They said that the medicine will lose its effect if it leaves the cold room for too long. Even if I bring it all back, it will be useless. I talked over there. After saying hello, they will deliver medicine every three days, and someone will contact you at that time."

Xu Jishen and Su Hui are naturally overjoyed and thank Qiao Nian in various ways.

Jiang Yao stood aside, and when Qiao Nian was talking about the Pharmacy Association, he seemed to have a familiar tone with that person. When I thought about Jiang Xianrou who had gone to the Pharmacy Association, a complex and annoying mood suddenly surged.

Just then, the phone rang on his body.

In the corridor of the hospital, he was almost ignored.

Not to mention noticing that his phone rang.

Jiang Yao walked away with a sullen face, walked to the corner of the stairs, took out his phone, and looked down

(End of this chapter)

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