Madness of the Heart Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Demon Hunting (06)

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Man is a container of secrets. Once the lock is opened, endless secrets will be poured out.

After investigating Luo Xiangfu's interpersonal relationship, the image of Luo Xiangfu has gradually changed from a flat name to three-dimensional and vivid.

Compared with most men in their 60s in Dongye City, Luo Xiangfu's social relations are more complicated.

As early as more than 20 years ago, he left the township elementary school. After that, he no longer engages in regular jobs. Instead, he earns elegant commissions by painting and writing for bosses of all walks of life and verifying the authenticity of calligraphy and painting. This was undoubtedly very "avant-garde" at the time. And Kang Yu is a middle school teacher. Although his salary is not high, he is respected. The husband and wife raise a child together, and their lives are relaxed and enjoyable.

Although Luos house is not very good, Luo Xiangfus usual clothes and dressing cant make it to the table. In the summer, its a T-shirt of tens of dollars and a pair of slicked trousers. He wears a pair of gray leather shoes, but in reality Above, Luo's economic conditions are not bad. A few years ago, Luo Xiaolong, the only son of the Luo family, went abroad to start a business, and Luo Xiangfu directly supported two million.

Two million is by no means a small amount, and an ordinary family may not be able to make up two million. After the money was allocated, the Luo family's life was not affected. After that, Luo Xiangfu fell in love with photography and saved a lot of expensive cameras and lenses. In the beginning, Luo Xiangfu took the most pictures of landscapes. He often reported to an elderly group and visited the surrounding areas of Dongye City. Since about two years ago, he stopped shooting landscapes and focused on portraits. He has become a street enthusiast that can be seen everywhere today. The photos are all beautiful women with long legs, and occasionally a few young and cute girls.

In the Municipal Painting and Calligraphy Association, Luo Xiangfu's reputation is not very good.

The people of our country stress that "the death is great." Once a person dies, as long as the crime is not the worst, the notoriety during his lifetime will almost fade away. But this principle was put on Luo Xiangfu, but it didn't work.

"Lao Luo, his level is actually not very good, he knows how to make quick money." This is a more euphemistic way of saying.

"Luo Xiangfu used the name of our association to put gold on his face, and fooled the big bosses who didn't know how to do it, and turned around and pretended to be a high-ranking look. If you say that you just pretend to be outside, let's go back. What pretends do you still pretend in the association? Who doesn't know the virtue of your Luo Xiangfu? Who do you show to it? What kind of black-hearted money does it make?" This is not a polite statement.

Yin Qingdong, the vice chairman of the association, is considered to be a person who has some friendship with Luo Xiangfu. Among the few people Luo Xiangfu invited to be a guest at home a month ago, there was Yin Qingdong.

"Lao Luo is dead? Murdered?" Yin Qingdong paled immediately after learning that Luo Xiangfu was the victim of a homicide. At first he was surprised, and then he showed fear, and he didn't believe it. "Have you caught the murderer?"

Ming Shu looked directly into his eyes. This process lasted for more than 20 seconds. "There is no clue about the murderer yet, so we just came to the association to find out the situation."

Yin Qingdong's forehead was already oozing cold sweat, his thin eyebrows were tightened, and he whispered, "Who will kill Lao Luo?"

Mingshu has dealt with countless people associated with the victims, and examining Yin Qingdong at this time is like looking at an emotional model.

When a person is killed, his friends are bound to be shocked. After the shock, there is a strong sadness. After all, a person cannot be resurrected from death. Both normal and abnormal deaths will bring pain to relatives and friends. However, unlike normal death, homicide will inevitably cause a certain degree of panic, but this panic should not exceed sadness.

On the other hand, Yin Qingdong, who is Luo Xiangfu's friend, showed only shock and fear at this time. There was no pain at all. Even if there is pain, it is so light that it can be ignored.

So whether Yin Qingdong really counts as Luo Xiangfu's friend, still has to ask a question mark.

Ming Shu couldn't help thinking of Kang Yu. Knowing that her husband was killed, Kang Yu's reaction was also unreasonable. It seemed that Luo Xiangfu was not a living person who lived together day and night, but just a cat and dog who had seen him once or twice at the entrance of the village.

This is true for his wife and so is for his friends. It seems that Luo Xiangfu's death means "light as a feather".

"It's a pity." Yin Qingdong reluctantly calmed down, with little sincerity in the words, "Lao Luo is a very talented person, and his departure is a big loss for our association."

This is undoubtedly an official tone. Ming Shu asked bluntly: "Who has Luo Xiangfu had more serious conflicts with in the association?"

Xu did not expect the young policeman in front of him to ask so directly, Yin Qingdong was stunned for a moment, "Lao Luo...Lao Luo has not had many associations in recent years. Everyone has little contact with him, and occasionally there may be small frictions and serious conflicts. should not."

"I don't come to the association very often, so he is making quick money outside?"


Ming Shu said in a solemn voice, "Luo Xiangfu's death involves a murder case, Chairman Yin, please cooperate with our investigation."

Being immersed in the artistic atmosphere all the year round, Yin Qingdong looks at first glance a bit of a fairy style, like a warrior holding a sword and riding a horse. But this fairy wind road bone is like a thin layer of clothing, and it slips to the ground with a light pull.

Yin Qingdong, who has lost the bones of the immortal style, is not like a knight, but like a liar who plays mystery, "Then I will tell you the truth. Most members of the association don't like Lao Luo."

Ming Shu asked: "Because he advertises his own business in the name of the association?"

"This is something later." Yin Qingdong said: "Everyone didn't look down on him, it was because he was'vulgar' at first."

The word "vulgar" can be praised or disparaging in the eyes of ordinary people, but in the calligraphy and painting circles, if a person or work is evaluated as "vulgar", it is tantamount to an inferior joke.

Ming Shu nodded, "Go on."

"Lao Luo actually doesn't know how to draw at all, and he writes like that. He used to draw blackboard newspapers in school. Of course, among students and teachers, it is regarded as'good writing and drawing well', but in Here, we cant even touch the threshold. With Lao Luos level, we couldnt get into the meeting. But our association was so poor that he sent three fans when he came." Yin Qingdong said embarrassingly, "The old president accepted it. I have personally mentored him. At that time, we did not actually think that the purpose of his joining the association was not to improve himself, nor to communicate, but to get a business card, and then use this business card to'cheat' those bosses Our money."

Ming Shu was silent for a few seconds before pulling back the topic, "It's one thing not to look down on it, but it's another thing to offend. Has Luo Xiangfu offended anyone?"

Yin Qingdong frowned, "Do you suspect that someone in our association killed Lao Luo?"

"It's just a regular problem." Ming Shu said.

Yin Qingdong became more nervous, "It won't be, really won't be. A few years ago, Luo wanted to join us, often invited us to drink and eat, I also have some friendship with him since then. But many people still don't look down on him. Ignore him, as time passed, he stopped getting close, and he came to the association less and less frequently, and he focused on making money. You have to investigate the suspect, and there will be no gains here. It is better to check his family members. And the bosses with whom he has money."

There is no need for Yin Qingdongs reminder. Ming Shu had already sent someone to investigate step by step. At this time, listening to what he said, he simply asked: "His family? What do you know?"

Yin Qingdong hesitated slightly, "Lao Luo, his wife Kang Yu, and his son Luo Xiaolong are not very emotional."

"Really? But after Luo Xiangfu disappeared, it was Kang Yu running around." Ming Shu deliberately said: "She is very anxious."

"It's just running, it can't explain much. I am anxious and can't explain anything. How do you know that she is not pretending? Let me put it this way, I am also in the calligraphy and painting industry. Lao Luo's level is really not enough for me. He is opportunistic, but Not stealing or robbing, just to make money to support the family, this is always not a sin? Yin Qingdong talked about something that seemed insignificant, and then said: He is also making money for his family, which is really correct. Those big The boss is very generous with money, every tens of thousands of dollars, but Lao Luo's food and clothing are just like an old man who just entered the city. Why? Because the money was squandered by his ineffective son and lavish wife. !"

Ming Shu remembers that Kang Yu is not only well-maintained, but also wears a good dress.

If Kang Yu and Luo Xiangfu were standing together, I am afraid they would not be a couple.

"Once I drank alcohol, Lao Luo told me that when he was young, he was afraid of poverty. The old mother got sick and had no money to treat, so she left after a short period of time." Yin Qingdong continued, "He was focused on making money, but he was reluctant to give it. Spending money on our own, we laughed at him for losing money. He said that some of the money he made was spent by Kang Yu, and some were saved in case of accidents."

"Luo Xiangfu gave Luo Xiaolong two million, you know?"

"I know, why don't you know? Lao Luo said it several times, and I can see that he is very happy-he can help his son, which one is not happy to be a father? By the way, Luo Xiaolong later lost money in business and asked Lao Luo to ask him again. Pass money."

Ming Shu raised his eyebrows, this was a new message, "How much do you want to pass? Luo Xiangfu gave it?"

"I am not sure."

"When did this happen?"

"It's just recently." Yin Qingdong recalled: "Last month, Lao Luo asked me, Lao Fu, and Lao Li to visit his house. He hadn't paid yet, so he complained to us that Luo Xiaolong had no business mind and how much did he give? It's all about water. As for whether it was given later, I don't know."

Ming Shu immediately asked, "Do you remember that Luo Xiangfu had a conflict with Kang Yu that day?"

Yin Qingdong said strangely: "Kang Yu told you?"

Ming Shu answered the wrong question, "Is it making a lot of noise?"

"Actually, it's not too much trouble." Yin Qingdong said: "Kang Yu unilaterally shouted at Lao Luo, saying that Lao Luo shouldn't belittle his son in front of outsiders. Hey, what do you say about it? Lao Luo is in a bad mood. Isnt it right? My fathers money is not money, so I can squander it at will? Its also because Lao Luo is rich and weak in character, so Luo Xiaolong can squeeze from him one by one. Even if Lao Luo is not killed, if things go on like this, Luo Xiaolong will be squeezed dry."

This is different from what Kang Yu said. Ming Shu looked at Yin Qingdong, thinking of Kang Yu's explanation not long ago.

Someone must be lying between these two.

The question is who is lying and who is more beneficial to lying.

"What else?" Ming Shu's brain turned extremely fast, but his face was calm and calm, "Do you have a particularly deep impression of the bosses who dealt with Luo Xiangfu?"

"I don't dare to say this at will." Yin Qingdong waved his hand one after another, "You police are very powerful, you can investigate by yourself."

Ming Shu squinted and smiled.

Yin Qingdong quickly explained, "I only heard Lao Luo say that some bosses owe him money, but I really don't know who it is. I can't guess at random, right?"

"The last question." Ming Shu said, "Luo Xiangfu is addicted to photography. How much do you know?"

"You are asking the right person. I accompanied him to buy a camera earlier."

"Kang Yu said he didn't even pick up business since he started this hobby?" Ming Shu gave out the information ambiguously, only waiting for Yin Qingdong to open the conversation.

"Kang Yu still has a face to say?" Yin Qingdong smiled, "Lao Luo is the family life that is unsatisfactory, so he puts photography as a sustenance. Kang Yu only cares about himself and Luo Xiaolong, and has always been violent to Lao Luo. It is good for Lao Luo to go home and not return. No matter at home, I dont care about it personally."

Ming Shu has dealt with domestic cold violence cases before. Many people now think that whether domestic violence is cold violence or traditional violence, the victims are women, but that is not the case. In many middle-aged and elderly families, a considerable part of the cold violence is men.

"Most of the photos taken by Luo Xiangfu are young women." Ming Shu asked, "Did he show you the photos?"

Yin Qingdong opened his mouth and sighed, "I've seen it. Every time he shows it to me, he seems very happy. But what do you mean by him, an old man, chasing a little girl to take pictures? In the past few decades, this is the case. I persuaded him, but he didnt like to listen. He said that he had been busy with his family all his life and only wanted to make money for decades. Now that he is at this age, he finally has a hobby. Don't persuade any of us."

Mingshu leaned back in his chair, combing through the flood of information. At this moment, Zhou Yuan called, "Team Ming, surveillance has found out!"

In the poor-quality video, at 10:24 on the night of July 1, a man wearing a peaked cap walked strangely into the community where Luo Xiangfu lived and left at 11:57.

The man was Luo Xiaolong, and the camera that captured him was installed at the west gate of the community and was one of the only cameras that could work.

"Team Ming." Zhou Yuan was small and had a low voice. "I remember when you asked me to adjust the video, Kang Yu said that Luo Xiangfu would not come in and out from Ximen. It was a waste of effort to check the camera of Ximen."

Of course, Ming Shu also remembers this detail, and even when he was at Luo's house, Kang Yu said that Luo Xiaolong had not returned home for several months and was currently on his way back to Dongye City!

The day before Luo Xiangfu was killed, Luo Xiaolong appeared in the community inexplicably, and a month before that, Luo Xiangfu complained to his friends that his son had failed in business, and asked himself for money.

When Luo Xiaolong returned home late at night, did he have a financial dispute with Luo Xiangfu?

Luo Xiangfu's death is related to Luo Xiaolong?

"Where is Luo Xiaolong now?" Ming Shu asked with a cold expression.

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