Madness of the Heart Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Demon Hunting (07)

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Luo Xiaolong is missing.

"What does it have to do with my son?" Kang Yu was invited to the inquiry room of the crime squad again, and his tone was completely different from before.

Ming Shu looked at her for ten seconds. When she looked away from her, she said, "I'm very curious about your reaction."

Kang Yu raised her head fiercely, "What do you mean?"

"Luo Xiangfu and Luo Xiaolong are your most important relatives, right?"

Kang Yu pressed her lips suspiciously.

Ming Shu again said: "Luo Xiangfu is missing. You called the police. You were calm at the time. Now I tell you that Luo Xiaolong is also missing. Your first reaction is still not anxious."

Kang Yu's face turned pale, and the neck line frequently tightened.

"Luo Xiangfu's disappearance has been proved to be a murder. Your mood fluctuates little. I can understand that your husband and wife are not in harmony and the marriage relationship exists in name only. But..." Said: "You know that your son has also disappeared. It is human nature, or the usual reaction of motherhood, isn't it that you are worried that Luo Xiaolong will also encounter an accident?"

Kang Yu's eyes widened, his breathing stagnated, and his whole body remained still for a few seconds like a sculpture.



Kang Yu shook his head and looked flustered, "Don't ask me! I don't know! I haven't seen Xiaolong in a long time!"

Ming Shu looked at him coldly, "You are not worried about Luo Xiaolong. The first reaction is to dismiss the relationship between Luo Xiaolong and Luo Xiangfu's murder. Let me speculate that this is because you know in your heart that Luo Xiaolong is safe and his disappearance is voluntary. Behavior, rather than being harmed by others like Luo Xiangfu."

Kang Yu was dumbfounded and looked at the policeman who was younger than his son in disbelief. He didn't understand how the other party could dig out so much information from his subtle reaction.

Ming Shu stood up, walked a half circle around the table, then put his hands on the edge of the table, his back bowed slightly, just blocking part of the light, so that the shadow was cast on Kang Yu's face.

"Ms. Kang, on July 2nd, on the day your husband was killed, you were traveling in Los Angeles, and you did not have the conditions to commit the crime. But your son Luo Xiaolong, the alibi is not as sufficient as yours." Ming Shu said: "The crime happened. Late the night before, Luo Xiaolong showed up in the community where your home is located, just in and out of the west gate where you think you cant take a picture. After that, he talked to you four times, each time longer than 5 minutes."

Two drops of cold sweat dripped from Kang Yu's forehead, and she swallowed her saliva, her face suddenly looked old.

"If you know something, it's best not to hide it." Ming Shu smiled lightly, "Because even if you hide it, I can find out the truth-at most it will take some time. But I will find out with yourself Confession, the results of the two are completely different. If you want to help your only son, its better to save me a little effort and say whatever you know."

A few minutes later, Kang Yu covered her face with her hands and let out a depressed cry in her throat.

"It really has nothing to do with Xiaolong, don't catch Xiaolong, he is not a murderer!"

Ming Shu was not moved by the sudden burst of maternal love, "Where is Luo Xiaolong?"

According to the information provided by Kang Yu, Luo Xiaolong was arrested at a tourist passenger station in a neighboring city early in the morning. If it is later, he will take a chaotic bus to the border city, where he will leave the country illegally.

When Xu Chun, who specializes in managing the field team of the Crime Squad, brought people back, Ming Shu was still in another interrogation room.

Lu Kun refused to plead guilty, and his spirit became increasingly mad. He insisted that he was bewitched by the suspense novelist's tomb heart, that he was just a knife, and the real murderer was the tomb heart.

When investigating a case, it is necessary to control another case at the same time. Forgive me that he is young but calm, and his body and mind are in the best condition, so that he will not fall into an intractable chaos.

There was a knock on the door outside the interrogation room, and Ming Shu asked Fang Yuanhang to open the door. The communicator rang once, saying that Luo Xiaolong had brought it there, and told him to go right away. He still had something to ask Lu Kun, and wanted to delay another two minutes, but someone directly urged him.

Before the door opened, he didn't know it was Xiao Yuan who was here.

"Xiao Ju!" Fang Yuanhang said in surprise.

Ming Shu immediately turned sideways and saw Xiao Yuan looking at him.

"Xiao Ju, why are you here?" In front of outsiders, Mingxue looked complacent and handled business matters.

"I'll talk to him for a few words." Xiao Yuan raised his eyes at Lu Kun, and then turned to Ming Shu, "Go ahead."

The immediate boss had already spoken, and Ming Shu had no reason to stay. He took his notebook and nodded to Xiao Yuan in a hurry, "Then I will leave."

Xiao Yuan smiled gently, that smile didn't have any offensive power, but it was inexplicably a little deterrent.

At least Fang Yuanhang was aware of it.

He blinked twice, his eyes turned between Xiao and Ming, and he felt something he couldn't grasp.

Different from Luo Xiangfu's dressing style, even if Luo Xiaolong is about to escape abroad, he still wears famous brand all over his body, wearing expensive prayer beads and famous watches on his wrists.

But no matter how valuable his outfit is, he can't conceal his panic and timidity at this time, as well as the fatigue between his brows and eyes.

"What are you running?" Ming Shu was not polite with him, and dragged the seat out with a sad sound.

Luo Xiaolong frowned, as if he couldn't stand the voice, "I, I didn't kill my dad!"

"Coincidentally, I didn't say that you killed Luo Xiangfu." Ming Shu smiled, his eyes were sharp, "Tell me first, why did you run? Luo Xiangfu was killed. As the only child, you should have rushed back to cooperate with the investigation immediately, but You plan to go to the border."

"I won't run, are you waiting for you to catch me?" Luo Xiaolong's eyes were wide and he was clearly angry, but he looked cowardly.

"What did you do? We want to catch you?" Ming Shu said, "Luo Xiangfu was killed and thrown away. What we want to catch is the murderer. You happen to be the murderer?"

"I am not!" Luo Xiaolong almost stood up.

"Then why do you think we will arrest you?"


Ming Shu suddenly said seriously: "What happened between you and Luo Xiangfu on the night of July 1st?"

Upon hearing this time, Luo Xiaolong started to shake, "I'll go home...look...visit him."

"Just to visit?"

"It's just a visit! I'm very busy at work and haven't returned home for a long time. This time I have a business to discuss in Dongye City, so I will go home and see him."

Ming Shu asked: "What business?"

Luo Xiaolong opened his mouth and closed it again, and said, "It's just a business."

"You have no business to discuss at all." Ming Shu said: "You are going back to Dongye City specifically to ask your father for money."

Luo Xiaolong was sweating coldly, "No, no... I didn't ask him for money!"

Ming Shu asked to get the autopsy report, "That night, you and Luo Xiangfu had a dispute over money, and there was a physical conflict. In other words, you beat your father."

"He did it first!" Luo Xiaolong shouted fearfully, "I just blocked it a few times!"

Ming Shu put the autopsy report aside, "I advise you to calm down first, and then explain clearly what happened that night and the next day, and why you ran."

It took Luo Xiaolong half an hour to barely calm down.

"My company needs a sum of capital, which looks like three million yuan. I discussed with the old man last month. Not only did he refuse to do it, but he also called me a prodigal! There was still time left, so I planned to think about it by myself. Way. This year, its not easy to borrow money. I...I let my mother do the work for him. He has been following my mother, I thought it was no problem, but I didnt expect him to have a big fight with my mother. I got my mother angry and left."

"At the end of last month, I really had no choice but to come back and ask him to lend me the money. I wrote all the IOUs, and I will return it to him when the funds are turned over. As a result, he refused to say anything and took it up. Teacup hit me!" As he said, Luo Xiaolong pointed to his right neck, where scars could be seen vaguely.

"It's here, I almost fainted when the tea cup came over! Believe me, I really didn't hit him on purpose. He hit me, I have to protect myself, right? I just pushed him twice and he fell to the ground. , Couldn't stand up for a while."

Ming Shu asked: "Then you just left without getting the money?"

"What can I do if I don't leave?" Luo Xiaolong said: "He's crazy, he won't give me money at all!"

"Crazy? How to say?"

"He goes to the street all the time to take pictures of beautiful women. Isn't that crazy? My mother is mad at him!"

Ming Shu asked again: "Where did you go after you left?"

"Bar." Luo Xiaolong wiped his sweat. "812 Bar and Binjiang Club. I am a member of these two places. If you don't believe it, you can check and monitor."

"Are you in the clubhouse all day on July 2nd?"

"That's not it."

"When did you leave Dongye City?"

"Morning on the 3rd."

Ming Shu said: "In other words, when Luo Xiangfu was killed, you were in Dongye City?"

Luo Xiaolong became excited again, "Didn't you just ask me why I want to run? Okay, I will tell you now! Because I went to find the old man and he is dead now. If you can't catch the real murderer, you will definitely take me As a murderer, torture me to extract a confession!"

"Torture to extract a confession?" The recorder who has been silent can't listen anymore. "Which year did you live? Didn't you see this camera? The video of our interrogation will be sent directly to the supervision department. Who dares to torture you for a confession? "

Ming Shu was much calmer, "Where were you and what were you doing on the 2nd?"

Luo Xiaolong seemed to be stimulated by the recorder's words, and suddenly his eyes lighted, "You can't torture to extract a confession?"

Mingshu repeated, "What were you doing on the 2nd?"

After half a minute, Luo Xiaolong laughed, arrogant and stupid, "I didn't kill the old man, I only pushed him on the 1st night, and the rest is none of my business!"

Ming Shu stared at him and smiled, "Do you think I only investigate homicide cases, regardless of other cases?"

Luo Xiaolong's laughter stopped abruptly, "What did you say?"

"It's easy to understand-you had a conflict with Luo Xiangfu because of money before he was killed. On the day he was killed, you happened to be in Dongye City. You know that the police will doubt you, so you immediately fled after learning that Luo Xiangfu was dead. To the border." Ming Shu said in a calm tone, almost whispering.

Luo Xiaolong still didn't understand, "I said, I'm afraid you will torture me to extract a confession, so..."

"That's why I ran away?" Mingshu folded his fingers. "But isn't the normal response of a normal person to provide an alibi to the police? Why run?"

Luo Xiaolong was dumb.

Mingshu winced, "Because you can't provide it."

"No!" Luo Xiaolong desperately shook his head, "I am not a murderer!"

Ming Shu raised his index and middle fingers, "Logically, there are only two possibilities for you to provide an alibi. First, you are the murderer."

"You're talking nonsense!" Luo Xiaolong's eyes were quickly adjusted, "I didn't do anything!"

Ming Shu ignored him, "Second, you dare not say what you were doing on the 2nd?"

Luo Xiaolong was panting like a cow.

"That's easy to guess." Ming Shu smiled, "What you did that day also involved crime. You hesitated, and finally chose to run away."

"It's not like this..." Luo Xiaolong patted the table anxiously, "I didn't!"

"Assuming you are really not the murderer, then I boldly guess what you were doing that day." Ming Shu's voice pressed down, "Drug abuse or drug trafficking, you choose one."

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