Madness of the Heart Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Demon Hunting (08)

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Faced with a positive drug test report, Luo Xiaolong had to admit that on the day Luo Xiangfu was killed, he left the Binjiang Club and went to the Outer City Hot Spring Hotel in Beicheng District, where he mingled with the beauties and inhaled methamphetamine.

"I dare not say! Living outside the city is not something people like me can afford. If I implicate them in, I...my mother and I will be dead!"

The crime team is generally not responsible for drug-related cases. Mingshu immediately notified Lu Yanzhou and passed the clues to the special police corps.

"It turned out to be living outside the city." Lu Yanzhou said: "We have been observing this place for a while, why, now it is actually being targeted by your crime team?"

"Listen to what you mean, this residence outside the city is a bit famous?" Ming Shu asked.

"It's not just a bit famous. The people who are throwing out from the outside of the city are actually Ma Tsai who work for people." Lu Yanzhou's tone is not very good. "We have not done it for a long time because we haven't dug out and hid behind. People. Now they have caught all the managers and bosses, and it's just getting rid of the cockroaches on the surface."

"That you"


Ming Shu sighed, "Forget it. Check it out first and tell me if you have anything to do. Even if the crime team can't pick someone out, you can still see if you can intervene with punishment and special action."

"Okay, you are busy with you." Lu Yanzhou smiled heartily, "If the case is solved, please ask me to make a string."

"Why didn't you invite me?"

"What is the relationship between us? You are mine, your money is mine, and your strings are mine."

Ming Shu:...

Lu Yanzhou is a straight man, and a handsome straight man. Ming Shu often feels unable to understand the thinking of a handsome straight man.

Xiao Yuan never told him such things as "you are mine, your is mine".

He substituted Xiao Yuan for a moment, and suddenly got goose bumps.

There was news from the technical investigation team, saying that it had been transferred to the public surveillance of the surrounding areas outside the city. He quickly returned to his senses and rushed to the technical investigation team.

The video confirmed that Luo Xiaolong entered the residence outside the city at 4:32 pm on July 2 and did not leave until 7:57 am on the 3rd. He did not have the conditions to kill Luo Xiangfu.

The murderer was another person.

On the other side, the businessmen who had interests in Luo Xiangfu had been investigated. One person defaulted on Luo Xiangfu's debt, and the other had an unclear relationship with Kang Yu, but there was no time to commit the crime and there was no sign of murder.

"Lao Luo drew a picture for me last year, and he said it was 600,000." Wang Xiong was doing wholesale business in the tea market, with a horoscope eyebrow, and a bitter and bitter look. "I have prepared the money a long time ago. But an expert from the Painting and Calligraphy Association told me that Lao Luo's paintings are not worth the price! I am only a small business, 600,000 is not a small amount. I am definitely willing to pay for the paintings well, but Lao Luo is really at it. Fudge me! I have asked many people in their association, only to realize that Lao Luo is only famous, specializing in the name of the Municipal Painting and Calligraphy Association, earning layman's money. I confronted him, and he also acquiesced."

"So you haven't paid?" Ming Shu asked.

"I paid 50,000!" Wang Xiong stretched out five fingers, "I have investigated, his painting is only worth this amount, I won't give it more!"

Having said this, Wang Xiong suddenly sighed and shook his head one after another, "But if he knew that something would happen to him, let alone the remaining 550,000, which is 700,000, 800,000, and I will give it too! I wont let you doubt it. "

Ming Shu sneered, "After paying the 50,000, do you still have contact?"

"It wasn't there anymore. He was at a loss. In the future, he would like to eat a meal of selling calligraphy and painting. He usually likes to carry it. It is impossible to break my face with me. I don't need to talk about his level everywhere." Wang Xiong said: "But he suddenly contacted me last month and asked me to give him 500,000. If it doesn't work, 300,000 will do."

Ming Shu pondered the time, which coincided with the time period when Luo Xiaolong asked for money.

It seems that Luo Xiangfu is not completely unwilling to give Luo Xiaolong money, because he is really a little bit tight on hand.

"I became angry as soon as I heard it, and the matter was resolved. Why would he come to me for money?" Wang Xiong was very excited when he said about the money. "He looked for me twice on the phone, and then he went to my store to make trouble. I asked the security guard to coax him away, and warned him that if he comes back for an unreasonable cause, he will be sent to see him. Police brother, you believe me, his death really has nothing to do with me!"

Before sending people away, Ming Shu asked one last question, "Who told you that Luo Xiangfu's paintings are not worth 600,000?"

Wang Xiong was confused, "Is this important?"

"Of course." Ming Shu smiled, "I pay attention to human and physical evidence when you speak here. If you can't tell, I have reason to suspect that you are lying."

Wang Xiong hurriedly said: "I am not! It was their vice president, Yin Qingdong, who was first introduced to me by Luo Xiangfu."

"It's actually Yin Qingdong." After leaving the inquiry room, the field team leader Xu Chun said: "If his alibi was not fully proved at the time of the incident, I would have doubted him. On the surface, Luo Xiangfu is a friend, and he is secretive. trick."

"Luo Xiangfu earns money by relying on the association's business card. It makes him jealous. People are separated from the belly." Ming Shu strode forward, "Where is Cui Hou?"

Cui Hou was also a businessman who bought paintings with Luo Xiangfu. He opened a restaurant and had a close relationship with Luo Xiangfu. Not only did he buy it himself, but he also introduced Luo Xiangfu to many single businesses.

Perhaps Luo Xiangfu didn't know until he died, that this loyal man had long been entangled with his wife.

"Cui Hou admitted to intervening in Luo Xiangfu and Kang Yu's marriage, but refused to admit that it was related to Luo Xiangfu's death." Xu Chun said: "He has been busy with business in other places some time ago, and his communications and traffic records have been checked. Suspected of committing the crime is initially ruled out. ."

Ming Shu suddenly said, "What kind of person is Luo Xiangfu?"

Xu Chun: "Huh?"

"The wife betrayed him, and the son only had his money in his eyes. One of the few friends stabbed him in the back, and the people who helped him get his business caught sight of his wife." Ming Shu said: "There is no one by his side who is sincere. To him. He is dead now, and no one feels sorry for him."

Xu Chun suddenly felt sad, "Will I be like this when I am old?"

Ming Shu sternly said, "But these people are not murderers. Who else wants Luo Xiangfu to die more than them?"

This is undoubtedly a problem for which no conclusion can be reached for a while.

Ming Shu returned to the office, wanted to smoke, opened the drawer, but found that the cigarettes and lighters in it were gone.

He raised his head and glanced around.

There have been cases of cigarettes disappearing inexplicably before, and there was an extra pack of marshmallows where the cigarettes were originally placed.

He never eats this stuff, it is squishy and disgusting.

Asking with the marshmallow, he realized that his apprentice Fang Yuanhang had set it up.

At that time, Fang Yuanhang was just a trainee policeman, full of youthful righteousness, and persuaded him, the master, that smoking is harmful to your health, and ours is a public area, so you should not smoke.

He was about to come back from smoking, did not quit, but smoked less.

After more than a year, the smoke in the drawer disappeared, and Fang Yuanhang started smoking himself. This time the "thief" could not have been Fang Yuanhang.

He thought for a while and pushed the drawer back.

Nowadays, only Xiao Yuan is the only person in charge of the Criminal Investigation Bureau who smokes.

Sometimes he thought it was very strange. It was obviously the same growth environment. He always aimed at Xiao Yuan. When he was a teenager, he even imitated Xiao Yuan everywhere, but he and Xiao Yuan became completely different people after all.

Xiao Yuan is extremely self-disciplined and never smokes or drinks alcohol. He is almost stereotyped inside, but what is shown on the outside is mysterious, calm and calm.

He learned 30%, but he couldn't keep everything under control like Xiao Yuan.

If you want to smoke when you are tired, or drink when you are unhappy, you will be excited and depressed, but no matter how sad, just stay with Xiao Yuan for a while.

He was buried in Xiao Yuan's arms and said frustratedly: "Brother, what must I do to be like you?"

As strong and calm as you, never shaken.

Xiao Yuan stroked his half-wet hair and kissed the top of his hair. His voice was mellow and deep, with a caring smile, "It's fine for you now."

He looked up, puzzled, "No, it's good to be like you."

Xiao Yuan kissed his eyes again, and said softly, "You are not a copy of me."

He didn't say a word, and the vague loss echoed in his chest.

"You are my lover." Xiao Yuan said.

Recalling the temperature, he lowered his head slightly, and the corners of his lips involuntarily pulled up.

Fang Yuanhang shouted at the door, "Master, are you looking for cigarettes? I have them on my desk."

He shook his head, "Where is Yi Fei? Let him come and find me."

On the fifth floor terrace, there is an ashtray on the wooden table. I don't know who has smoked here, and the cigarette butts in the ashtray overflowed.

Ming Shu asked: "How did you find this line of street shooting?"

As early as when he learned that Luo Xiangfu had a hobby of photographing beautiful women, Ming Shu arranged two lines, one to investigate Luo Xiangfu's traditional interpersonal relationship, and the other to investigate Luo Xiangfu's photographic trajectory.

The first one is naturally more important, but it has hit a dead end. The second one seems to be a bit biased, but it is likely to hide the key information to get through the case.

"Luo Xiangfu started playing street photography two years ago. One of the main shooting locations is the popular science playground, where there are more people wearing fancy clothes, and the other are the atriums of various commercial centers in the city. There are many fashionistas there, and many are willing. Take pictures of people." Yi Fei asked, "By the way, have you seen those people who stay in the commercial center to take pictures of beautiful women all day?"

"Yeah." Of course, Ming Shu has seen it. After a few years of pushing forward, most of the people carrying DSLRs are young people. In the past two years, I don't know what happened. Most of the gray-haired old people who shot beautiful women wildly.

Lu Yanzhou and their special police team have a very beautiful policewoman named Xiao Yun.

Xiao Yun's facial features are three-dimensional, and her figure is even more difficult to say. It is rare to take a vacation, go shopping in the mall in casual clothes, and be surrounded by three or five elderly people to take pictures. Although she wears casual clothes, Xiao Yun's position in the special police corps is quite special, and she never leaves any images.

The old people boasted vigorously, insisting on taking pictures, and even grabbing them with their hands. Xiao Yun was angry, and didn't dare to make a move easily. After breaking free, he immediately took a taxi and left, and never went to the mall again.

Ming Shu has no objection to the person who took the picture, but he can't look down on the old people's similar behavior in his heart.

"There have been several disputes caused by street shooting this year." Yi Fei said, "Especially the elderly. Some young women are unwilling to be photographed, and younger photographers give up, but the elderly sometimes chase after them. , You have to shoot."

Ming Shu asked: "Such a thing happened to Luo Xiangfu?"

Yi Fei shook his head, "There is no report record, but it is hard to say whether there is any."

"Luo Xiangfu's camera and computer are now in the technical investigation team, right?" Ming Shu got up, "I'll take a look."

The two walked towards the corridor together. Unexpectedly, before they took a few steps, they heard Zhou Yuan's voice, "Where is the Ming team? Where is the Ming team?"

Ming Shu left the terrace a few steps and raised his hand, "What have you found?"

Zhou Yuan was very excited, "Ming team, Luo Xiangfu, in mid-August last year, had a dispute with a mother and daughter in the street because of taking pictures! Someone took photos and videos of the incident and posted them on the Internet, claiming that they wanted'human flesh' out of this'old man'. brute'."

Ming Shu pressed his eyebrows slightly and strode forward, "Is the post still there?"

"They were all deleted, but I recovered them." Zhou Yuan showed a trace of pride, which is rare on his face.

In the recovered post, Luo Xiangfu was pulling with a young woman wearing a yellow dress. The woman looked anxious, holding her daughter tightly with one hand, and frequently pushing Luo Xiangfu with the other.

After processing, she could hear her voice, "I won't shoot, let go! You are not allowed to shoot my daughter, you old perverts!"

But Luo Xiangfu said: "I only take one, okay? Your daughter is so cute, your set of parent-child outfits is very interesting."

The pulling lasted for more than two minutes, and the woman finally left with the help of passers-by, while Luo Xiangfu stood there, as if still unwilling to give up.

The posts quickly aroused public outrage, and words such as "being disrespectful for the old", "bad guys are getting old", "social cancer", "this kind of old man deserves to die" and the like frequently appeared in the discussion area, and shortly after someone proposed "human flesh" , The post is deleted.

Ming Shu said: "Check the reason for the deletion of the post on the website, as well as the information of the person involved and the poster!"

Zhou Yuan's efficiency was extremely high, and he handed in his answer sheet after half an hour, "The website only deleted the post after receiving the money from Luo Xiaolong!"

The author has something to say:

To explain, if it is the first time to smoke or inject methamphetamine, it can usually be detected by routine examinations within three days. However, if you smoke for a long time, the urine test can be detected in a week or more. the way.

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