Mage Adam Book 2 Chapter 567

Vol 2 Chapter 567: Adam True Spirit Archmage 2 In 1

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"The core of string theory is that the basic element that constitutes the void is a one-dimensional string, not a zero-dimensional point particle. It can be said that because the string is real, parallel space-time is also real, and so is the dimension."

At this moment, all the seventy-four true spirit mages of the wizard world gathered in the source space for the first time in endless years, listening to Prometheus's words with all the wizards with the authority of the guardian of the honor world.

Three thousand years ago, after Prometheus personally touched the strings, the promotion trend was unstoppable. Moreover, he no longer needed to be an entropy augmenter to absorb the limited energy in the swallowing system, but to transform himself into a set of macrostrings, creating unique His own energy, this energy was named by him as unified root energy, or source energy for short.

The initial amount of source energy is extremely scarce, even if Prometheus becomes the tenth level in numerical value, the top life equivalent to the void, he still can't make the source energy by himself, but he found another one. Method, a perfect way to truly transform the mage from individual evolution to collective evolution-he completely integrated himself into the magic net, began to transform the magic net into a string, and recreated the void in the void.

As a result, the source of the world of wizards has achieved unprecedented great sublimation. The essence of the plane has continued to be promoted from the beginning. After three thousand years, with the joint efforts and support of all the wizards, Prometheus succeeded in replacing his original ether with source energy and was completely promoted Become a powerful life on another level. Although it is still called a true spirit mage, everyone knows that Prometheus is different from ordinary true spirits. There is even a voice in the world of wizards. Now only Prometheus can They are called ultra-dimensional wizards. They believe that the definition of ultra-dimensional wizards should be that they can truly transcend the void and travel parallel time and space, instead of leaving the plane of their lives as before.

But this proposal was rejected, the reason is simple and troublesome.

During this period of time, the world of wizards worked together, Prometheus personally took action to solve all the super-empty lives, and through the supreme energy level of source energy, converted their energy into ordinary ether to feed back the source, which was just right to fill it. The vacancy caused by the backward plane level after the rise of the world of wizards, the world of wizards has no opponents in the void, and it has truly controlled the entire void with its own power.

The free faction was completely disintegrated and no longer existed, all true spirit mages joined the holy tower, and the world of mages has truly become one mind since then.

"We are already very strong. I believe that in the near future, the number of tenth-level true spirit wizards will increase. When we are all integrated into the source and the magic net and change them with your own advanced energy, we can absolutely completely Those who manipulate the void, at that time, the void and the world of wizards will not be separated from each other. Perhaps the void where we were born and reproduced can be called the void of the wizard." Prometheus sat at the round table like an ordinary person and smiled. Everyone on the scene said, "However, this is not the end. The void is filled with interlaced strings. The Void of the Master is just a membrane between the strings. It is certain that we are not the only ones, in that vast and mysterious In the string space, there must be countless brilliant civilizations. Discovering them, conquering them, gaining more knowledge, and then cracking the mystery of parallel space-time, and finally transcending parallel space-time and entering a higher latitude is our next stage. aims."

Everyone was fascinated and full of doubts, especially as the peculiarities of gravity became more and more obvious. Randolph said: "Gravity is a universal force between all forms of energy or mass. It cannot It is limited to the membrane. On the contrary, it has to penetrate the entire space. If we do live on a membrane in space-time with extra dimensions, the gravitational waves generated by the motion of objects on the membrane will propagate to other dimensions. There is also a second shadow film. Will they reflect or penetrate? So, is there a wizard world that is exactly the same as or completely opposite to us in the string space? If there is a third film in between, then, What is its existence like?"

These few questions are dizzying. After Prometheus was promoted and transformed into a string group, the theory of grand unification was established. The string perfectly unified the five fundamental forces of the void, including the etheric force. However, now It seems that the existence of gravity makes this theory still contradictory, causing the co-founders including Adam, Randolph, Julius and others to also have differences and not formally upload the knowledge to the magic net.

Its just that Adam is a little eager, but he cant upload it alone. One is because the founder is not himself, and the other is because the origin of the promotion stage is very special. If this level of knowledge is wrong, it is likely to affect the entire void. The overall path of all races.

Prometheus laughed and said: "You are too eager. The world of wizards can evolve to the present level. It is a gradual process. It is a process of accumulation from scratch. The same is true for knowledge. We can't study all the knowledge only by fantasy. , It is impossible to reach the final truth directly. The study of knowledge is staged. The contradiction in the current theory is not the goal you should strive for in the next step?"

"But the source and the magic net?"

"Don't worry, I have everything." Prometheus stood up and supported the table with both hands, and said to everyone: "On behalf of the Mage Council, I allow all true spirit wizards to build holy towers anywhere in the void, and open the magic net to build knowledge. From now on, the world where the holy tower goes is the world of wizards. I hope that you can work together to transform the etheric void into the wizard void. I also hope that you can go out of your own way, create your own supreme energy, and make the magic net become The ubiquitous string gives the wizard the power to travel parallel time and space collectively."

Ten years later, the Grand Unification Theory has reached the most complete state at this stage. Under the joint operation of all the founders, relevant papers stored in a source server are uploaded to the magic net, and the world of the wizard rises with monstrous energy and light. The energy is burnt out, and the mutual annihilation of energy tends to be invisible. This is not annihilation, but a rebirth.

Ten seconds later, all the local creatures were suspended in the void, seeing the magnificent source light cluster in the center blooming with dazzling but soft brilliance, the dense magic net moved and recombined, and the material energy was regenerated. In just one minute, the mage The world reappears, and it looks the same as before, but anyone can feel that all the substances that make up the world are countless times denser and stronger than before, which at the same time causes an infinite increase in quality. Logically speaking, such a huge mass. It will cause the void to collapse, but under the protection of the original magic net and the true spirit mage, the void is safe and sound.

Adam was promoted to True Spirit at the same moment.

Before Adam Super Dimension, his level has advanced by leaps and bounds, and even set a world record for Mage. However, after Super Dimension, the promotion speed has suddenly slowed down. The true spirit has accumulated more than 5,000 years, and all preparations are for this moment.

At the moment when Essence received the Grand Unification Theory, a bridge made up of Essence Force rushed out from the center of Essence and connected with Adam.

Adam showed the real body of the mage, the semi-photon real body transformed into full photonization under the perfusion of the original power, and the world re-enacted around the body. The five basic forces are perfectly integrated, from the micro to the macro, from the illusion to the reality. , From small to huge, his own energy level jumped up, breaking through the eighth limit and reaching the ninth in a few seconds, but the promotion showed no sign of ending.

When the energy level climbed to the ninth peak, Adam's full photon body collapsed and fell into the self-constructed world. The original source was divided into one-tenth of the mass and descended, the magic net appeared simultaneously, and the majestic and substantial energy flame burned through. After the void and the dark world, the world collides with itself, supporting a portal to the string space.

The photons converge out of thin air, piercing through the sky and entering the portal. They are attached to the strings in front of them at the same time, adding a layer of dazzling luster to the already colorful strings.

All the ritual masters stared at this scene intently. On the one hand, they were shocked at Adam's ability to enter the string space, because this probably means that Adam will directly become the tenth level true spirit, and on the other hand, they are unwilling to miss any witness to the truth. Opportunities, especially the sacred tower masters, more than five thousand years of accumulation and knowledge blowout, so that they all touched the nine barriers, the first is Prometheus, the second is Adam, and they are very confident in In the following time, all became level ten.

On the contrary, Croft's progress will be slower at this time. She wants to become the tenth level, and must wait until the moment when the void truly becomes the mage void.

Adam's current state is very strange.

Every photon is a clone of Adam, and the aggregation of every photon is the continuation and coming of Adams will. At this moment, he has billions of clones, and each clone has independent thinking and controls independent power. , But not contradictory, but harmonious and unified.

It represents that the avatar of classical electromagnetism is first truly condensed and merged into the string in a hug gesture. The soft response of the string seems to be acknowledging Adam's knowledge. A power different from the ether and higher than the ether was born.

Next are quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, quantum field theory, wave dynamics, matrix mechanics...the clones that carry these knowledge appear one after another in the string, and the response given by the string becomes more and more abundant. Energy is becoming more and more complete.

In the end, when thousands of clones that collectively represent the Grand Unification Theory were melted into the string, Xian gave the most violent response. It vibrated like a string and made a series of melodious sounds. At the same time, countless Adam clones were on the string. Running and jumping in the middle, cheered and greeted all the individuals passing by and merged together. In the end, nine huge shining Adams stood on top of the nine strings and saluted each other, after which they each carried one-ninth of the new energy. The clones are completely gathered together.

The movement of the strings disappeared at the same time, and Adam returned to the void through the void portal. The real body of the pseudo tenth-level mage seemed to be frozen in the void and generally motionless, even the soul and energy were frozen at the same time.

Prometheus blocked all the true spirits who wanted to come forward to inquire ~wuxiaworld.online~ and said loudly: "The origin has been opened for you."

Adam showed a stiff smile, the vast energy burst out and descended into the world of wizards, into the source, this body of ether and magic is no longer useful, Adam wants to embark on the same path as Prometheus, borrowing from the source and the power of all wizards , Create and stabilize new higher energy.

After the last trace of ether disappeared, everyone present only felt that the front of them was black, and Adam disappeared. At this time, the source actually beats as softly as a real heart, and the world energy level of the wizard increased again, and all connected to the magic web The energy level of the mage is increased by one level below the critical point.

After Adam disappeared, Prometheus said to others: "This is the tenth-level path of the mage. After touching the string, I have the ability to create another membrane in the string space and become the creator to build another world, but I did not Do it, Adam is the same. I believe that when the time comes, you will have the same choice. The world is very big, and only the strength of the mages, the racial group, can ensure that we always stand on the top and not become another real predator. Prey of qualified civilization."

"Everyone, go and build your sacred tower outside of the world of wizards. I look forward to the day when you all become level ten. I look forward to the day when everyone in the world of wizards is truly spiritual. I also look forward to our complete evolution and travel in parallel time and space. one day."

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