Mage Adam Chapter 574

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The ending is free.

"I am Garfield, a noble ninth-level devilholytindervirusnanomagic wandnew magic...oh, this stupid term.

In short, I still have many titles. Remember, I am the greatest being in parallel time and space with multiple forms.

Well, partner (here to be revised later).

I dont want to mention my master, the cruel, ruthless, cruel, who personally destroyed an infinite number of planes and slaughtered an infinite number of races, but he is also wise and broad, and has even begun to lead the Holy Tower to fight the ninth of the parallel world. The original supreme electromagnetic sacred tower master, the great ten-level real spirit master, Adam, yes, Adam, has no surname, because the owner does not have a surname, so I erased my real name, and also no surname.

However, I have to mention him again, because he gave me life, he is not my father, but to me, he is greater than his father.

Even if he has never been warm to me, I still want to thank him, because at least he is very fair and generous to me. Since my birth, as long as he has, as long as I need or request, he has never refused. I, um, although I have to change jobs, I'm very satisfied. "

In the Mage Void, in the Tower of Will and Life, Garfield, who has become the leader of the Mage Void Devil Race, holds an ancient quill in his hand, and writes him in human ink on a scroll made of the skin of an unknown creature. Autobiography.

The name is "Legendary Devil-Garfield's Magnificent Life (The first edition can be added at any time)."

At this point, Garfield seemed to be out of inspiration, raised his head and bit the quill pen with his teeth, disappeared in place and came to another room. The things in front of him suddenly became nothing, turning into countless light curtains playing images around him. His body is hovering, and the picture in it contains everything he has experienced since his birth.

These pictures are Garfield's most precious memories. Now he has become the ruler of the Void, and he will stay here most of the time, watching them over and over again.

The nib of the quill pen was again stained with ink, and Garfield drew a picture of his birth on the scroll in a mischievous manner, in which the image of Adam was vilified by him and became a humble man who sacrificed himself and prayed for his coming.

"The story begins in a mixed settlement of primitive mages called Bran..."

I dont know how long time has passed. The door of the room was slammed open and broken. Garfield showed a helpless expression. As expected, he heard the cowardly voice that had not changed for hundreds of millions of years: "Garfield, what are you doing? Lina invited us. Go to the Elf Tower! Do you want to go?"

Garfield beckoned to the visitor, motioned for her to sit next to him and wait for a while, wiped off the stain on the scroll, and started a new line and wrote:

"Sophia Void Elemental Electromagnetism Saint Frost, a stupid little dragon that can't change the cowards character even if it reaches level 9 and becomes one of the masters of the Void Dragon clan alien tower. My master and I explored the mission plane for the first time. The "trophies" in the battle, my best friend."

"I think I will never forget the first words Sophia said that day, "Sophia is so pitiful! My mother didn't want Sophia, she was taken away by the bad guys just after going down the mountain, and they wanted to kill Sophia! Later, Sophia kept crying. They decided to send Sophia away. They heard they were going to a terrible place. Dalong, you came to save Sophia, right?'"

Garfield suddenly let out a sneer laugh. The laughter became louder and harder to control. In the end, the entire gathering place of will and life heard the laughter of their off-line leader.

Sophia put her ears down, and walked towards Garfield while blocking the laughter, and said suspiciously, "Garfield, what are you laughing at? It's so ugly."

Then she saw the text on the scroll: "Of course, and most importantly, the most embarrassing conversation in the owners life,

Da Long, why did you catch Sophie... Catch me, Im still very young and its not tasty.

I don't eat dragons, I need you...

Don't you eat me? Great! What are you doing with me? I see, you want to match me wrong!


But I was too young. My mother said that mating can only be done after adulthood, and it will take a long, long time for me to become an adult. Dalong, can you wait for me? I can stay by your side, as long as there is very little food and treasure! I eat very little! "

Sophia screamed, two dragon claws and wings tightly blocked her face, and her ninth-level body was flushed with naked eyes. The majestic energy aura soared into the sky and gathered into a storm. It just took Garfield's The ceiling of the palace was overturned, and at the same time, in the gathering place around the different towers, the dragon clan phantoms were everywhere, rushing around in panic.

However, although this terrifying sight appeared above the head, all the lives in the area were calm. The life killed by Dragon Shadow walked out of the resurrection channel on one side, and then reported his loss. Sophia's guards calmly displayed their abilities. Calming the energy, Garfield's men calmly repaired the palace. Obviously, they were used to all this.

Garfield's big hand patted Sophia's head and smiled: "Well, well, are you going to destroy my palace for the 97th time?"

Sophia twisted her body, the steaming high-temperature energy waves gradually subsided, but the dragon's claws and wings still blocked her face tightly, and the urn said angrily: "You...I..., Garfield, you hate it!"

Garfield laughed again: "But this is what you said."

"The master will be angry if she knows it! I want to tell the master!"

Garfield's laughter stagnated. To tell the truth, he doesn't care about the punishment now. Adam can't kill him, but with Adam's devil-like character, he will definitely punish him in public. Although it's okay, he is very embarrassed. Uncle Field's face, he hurriedly added prohibitions to this text to make them disappear on the surface, and then pulled Sophia over and said: "Look, I have deleted it, don't tell the master, he is very busy, eh! Don't do it, this scroll is very fragile, you will ruin it."

Sophia looked at Garfield suspiciously with wide-eyed eyes, and said: "If someone else knows, it must be you, and I will tell the master then!"

Garfield left a clone and continued to write his autobiography, while the real body took Sophia out and said, "Dont worry, this is our secret. No one else will know it. Lets go and go to the ideal country. Lina."


"Of course it's true. Have I lied to you? Lina must have prepared a lot of delicious foods, and they won't be there anymore.

When I heard something delicious, Sophia was no longer shy, and walked out with Garfield, and said at the same time: "You often lie to me. Not long ago, you said that you would take me to a newly discovered adventure in the void. ..."

Garfield waved his hand: "Don't care about the details. Those who care about the details are fools."

Sophia mumbled: "I'm not a fool, I think I'm very smart!"


There are currently 413 sacred towers of the mage and 97 different towers in the mage void. They are all the nodes of the Hongxian magic net, driving the power of the creator together, and supporting them in accordance with the rules and regulations of the mage council. The daily operation of the mage void.

There are countless portals, transmission tracks, and dimensional hubs all over the void. Anyone can pay a certain price to use them, and they can reach any place in the void in a moment.

Its unimaginable that the civilization of the Master is developed, but this is not the end. New inventions and creations are put into production every moment, and new knowledge is uploaded to the source. The "Master Void Race Knowledge Release Seminar and Commendation Joint Conference" is held every three thousand years. "It has become the largest event for all races of the wizard civilization. Every time it is held, it can promote the evolution of the wizard civilization.

The masters in the world have completely become the center of knowledge, culture, economy, administration and so on. The headquarters of all sacred towers and different towers are set up on it. The nine original highest sacred towers and the first fairy tower together form the new mages council. Every command issued by the Chamber is the strongest voice in parallel time and space.

The other Sacred Towers and the House of Commons composed of different towers are the executors of specific affairs and hold the power envied by all races in parallel time and space.

Both Garfield and Sophia have second-level permissions, and the treatment they enjoy is the highest. The transport channel supporting them is simply a sightseeing corridor, allowing them to see the magnificent world.

Although the screen transition is a bit quicker, it is nothing for ninth-level creatures.

"I just said that this transmission line should be modified. Every time I pass by, I feel dizzy. What's more, the most excessive thing is that the council refused to use lower-level channels for beings above level 9 and said that our own existence would interfere with the second highest gravitational saint. What a joke about the daily maintenance of the tower, I am level nine! Level nine! How can I not control my energy!"

As soon as Garfield complained, the transmission channel fluctuated slightly, and then he received a bill for this time: "The Tower of Willingness Commands Garfield, the slight loss of repair materials and manual consumption caused by you to the transmission channel are as follows, please pay on time. Otherwise, your qualification will be cancelled."

Garfield's face turned blue, Sophia turned her head and smirked a few times, and the sound was just right into Garfield's ears, and then before Garfield became angry, she flew towards Lina, who was waiting for the exit of the passage, and became the smallest incarnation. Form, happily hovering around Lina, twittering about Garfield's embarrassment.

The Elf Tower is also known as the ideal township. It is the most beautiful place in the Mage Void's natural environment. It has the most beautiful creatures, the most elegant humanities and arts, the most hospitable race and the best food. It is a tourist attraction in the Mage Void. , Under the high platform where several people are located, there are always creatures coming for sightseeing or commerce in the lower-level transmission channel. After they land, the first thing they do is to respect the three ninth-level beings in the sky. salute.

Just like the Mage World Age, in the Mage Void, there are only authority, no status, high-level mage, and creatures above level 9 never pretend to be mysterious. Everyone has seen their own nominal ruler with their own eyes, and Knowing that they are actually the same as yourself.

This is a benign to perfect social system. Since the collapse of the free faction, there has not been a voice deviating from the collective will of the wizard in the void.

Lina was very angry and wealthy. She took the bill and paid directly: "Everyone is waiting for you, come on, the banquet is about to begin."

Garfield has a thick face and said nonchalantly: "Everyone? Who else is there besides us?"

"Elliott True Spirit, Kristel True Spirit, Dark World Titan King Vega Mo, Tenth-level Faerie of Vientiane... and Master."

Garfield wondered: "Why do these people gather together? Also, why is the master also here?"

Lina smiled and said: "This party was originally initiated by the host. Elliott and Kristel, as friends of the host, will of course be present, but the main purpose of the party is us."

"We? Is the master leading us to fight parallel time and space?"

Lina shook her head: "No..."


"No, the purpose of calling you here is to dissolve the master and servant contract between us."

Two thousand years after the pseudo-tenth level, Adam stabilized the new magic power that he simply named the new magic power...

Formally became a tenth-level true spirit mage, and the establishment of the ninth electromagnetic holy tower was also extremely smooth. After the mage mastered the mystery of traveling through parallel time and space, it directly became one of the nine highest holy towers and the last highest holy tower.

Over the years, his own knowledge and strength have improved tremendously, and he has quickly caught up with the strength of the old sacred tower master, and is still advancing by leaps and bounds. The level of the mage world is only planned to level ten, but in fact, it stands to reason, including Including Adam Vientiane, their strength has surpassed the tenth level, above the parallel time and space.

After perfectly mastering the four basic powers and the root force of the string space, he truly became a creator-like existence. He was born in the world with a thought, and the world was dark with a thought. At this time, he no longer needs slaves to enhance his strength, and no matter what Whether it was Garfield or Sophia Lina, Adam had no longer regarded them as slaves, but real friends since the endless years.

The three of Garfield watched Adam hand over the original contract, and they were silent, just as Adam treated them as friends. They also did not care about the status of slaves for a long time. This contract has not been fulfilled for a long time, but it became between them and Adam. The deepest fetters, to be honest, they are not willing to lift them.

Adam's character has been polished for endless years, and he lived up to the coldness before. After seeing their expressions, he smiled and said: "Why? No? Uncle Garfield, isn't this what you hoped most before?"

Garfield turned his head and curled his lips, without saying a word.

Lina knew about this a long time ago, so she didn't say anything at this time, only Sophia's voice suddenly became panicked, and even cried: "Master, do you want us?"

Adam touched Sophia's head, which was gentler than ever, and Sophia was stunned.

"I'm very pleased that you all have become ninth-level beings. From now on you should have your own lives, not be trapped under my will. Moreover, the contract is just a fetter. Now we are all in the world of wizards. One member, Hongxian Mowang is our deepest bond."

Garfield violently dragged the contract, evaporating it, and then threw the contract between Lina and Sophia on them, with a strange voice saying: "This is what you said, don't regret it! I wanted to say it a long time ago, you This stupid..."

Adam interrupted him: "Stupid pig?"

Garfield turned his back and said fiercely: "Yes! Stupid pig!"

Adam didn't care at all, walked forward and personally destroyed the contract between Lina and Sophia, and patted Garfield on the shoulder: "Whatever you say."

Eliot and Kristall watched this scene with a smile. Eliot stepped forward to molested Garfield. Kristall was full of emotions. Once upon a time, there were only three people left in that ship's companion. Adam finally They still became their role models, the strongest in parallel time and space and the leader of the wizard world, and even they were promoted to true spirits, which no one dared to imagine before.

"It's just a pity, Ophelia..." Kristel thought silently.

Adam raised his wine glass and looked around. Just about to speak, he suddenly looked towards the sky and said loudly to the last guest: "I thought you would not come, Ophelia, true spirit mage."

Riding on the Void Dragon Horse and Black Cloud, Ophelia landed on the ground with a huge ruin and threw a ton of spirits from the portable space, and then said: "How can I miss such a party, drink these, I personally brewed the wine that can drunk the real spirit. The spirit's wine is delicious, but not strong enough."

Kristel stepped forward and hugged Ophelia fiercely, and then summoned the courage to look at Adam. Adam smiled and hugged the two of them, and then said: "Then, my friends, I hope you can Happy."


During the banquet, everyone happily did not mention it, and after that, they would go to the unprecedented grand gathering of the master civilization

The wedding of Naham Augustus and Anne Croft.

This pair of Bi people, who had been entangled since ancient times in the world of Masters, finally came to fruition.

As a result, the world of wizards stopped all external warfare. Creatures above level 9 gathered together, and the Supreme True Spirits jointly constructed a celebration plane, welcoming and receiving all the wizards who were willing to come and congratulate.

When Prometheus, who was the witness himself, announced the ceremony, everyone sent their blessings and launched the most beautiful magic high in the sky. The true spirits looked at each other and raised their arms, creating and detonating the plane instantly, as the most spectacular Fireworks.

The celestial spirits of Vientiane rose high into the sky, the golden lotus and the nectar flowed from the sky, the true spirits of Mathisson and the true spirits of Ingrid launched magic, and the wine and food fell like rain.

Naham and Annie hugged and laughed ~wuxiaworld.online~ A deep kiss. This beautiful scene is believed to be unforgettable for everyone present.

And at this time, Hongxian Mowang issued a message to all ninth-level creatures: Located at the coordinate point (...) of the string space, the exploration robot found a strange super-empty civilization, and the negotiation failed. Please pay attention to all true spirits!

Croft was startled and wanted to get away from his arms. Naham finally hugged her fiercely and then took the initiative to separate, facing Prometheus.

Prometheus laughed, not cowardly, and after looking around for a week, he said: "Then, everyone, prepare for war! Remember our declaration!"

"Where the origin descends, we will win!"

"As pointed out by the Master Bingfeng, we are invincible!"

I came, I saw, I conquered, the conquest never stopped, and the exploration never stopped.

This is our world of wizards.


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