Mages Are Too Op Chapter 708

Chapter 718 Disagreement Of Goddesses

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Chapter 718 Disagreement of Goddesses

As the audience watched the crazy red currents of fire and heard the dreadful booms, they didnt have the time to post many comments.

It was because they all knew that it was a rarely-seen livestream of a nuclear explosion that they couldnt miss.

The rumbling went on for about a minute, before the picture finally became clear.

Everything was still burning. Bubbly red fluids were running to the lowlands on the ground.

Those fluids all used to be sand, which had been burnt into magma by the high temperature. After they cooled down, they would turn into variegated glass.

It was almost impossible to see the boundary of the red fluid.

The reefs, which were hit as a target, had turned into an enormous pit, and a lot of red magma was filling back in.

The air was being twisted intensely. Due to the air flow boosted by the high temperature, a strong, soaring current was caused.

An enormous mushroom cloud rose not far away before Rolands eyes.

Roland looked at his system menu.

At this moment, he only had about 5% of his mana left.

It meant that Roland could weather through a minimal nuclear explosion about two kilometers from the center of the explosion.

He floated for about a minute and then flew up. His mana returned to about 10%.

The flight cost little magic power, because the hot air currents kept pushing up the cloud underneath Rolands feet.

After flying up for another five hundred meters, the real range of the nuclear explosion finally became obvious.

On the ground, a large pool of magma, with a radius of two kilometers by conservative estimation, was boiling.

Further beyond that area, the soil within three kilometers had been blackened.

"Shoot! What a massive explosion! Its as powerful as a real nuclear bomb, isnt it?"

"Rolands blue fireballs earlier could only be compared to the 300mm, 500mm, or 800mm cannons on warships. Their power has limits. However, he has built a real nuke this time, whose power is almost unlimited as long as he adds more deuterium to it."

"There has to be an upper limit. Its not like he can blow up the whole world, can he?"

"You think he cant? Please refer to the largest nuclear bomb that the Russians made. It affected the whole world."

"Why should we bother playing? Roland could annihilate all the other players on his own."

"Let me ask again. Is there still time to transform into a Mage?"

Unlike the other players, the researchers in the underground laboratory who were watching the stream estimated the power of the nuclear bomb with the naked eye.

"The red magma area and the blackened area are both the effective range of destruction, which is about five kilometers. In other words, its a nuclear explosion equal to 600,000 tons of TNT."

"And thats just his smallest bullet."

"F*ck Excuse me, but if he were to use the ability in reality S*it, I cant even imagine


"Should we apply to put him in custody?"

"The superiors must know too." The director shook his head. "We dont need to do anything. Just let the bosses decide."

All the researchers had glowing eyes.

The stronger Roland turned out to be, the happier they would be.

After all, they were studying Roland at this moment.

Floating in midair, Roland looked at the rising mushroom cloud in the distance as well as the dead fish on the surface of the sea in relief.

There was proclivity for violence in every mans DNA. It was their natural instinct. All that mattered was whether or not they could control themselves.

That was the difference between civilization and barbarism.

Roland estimated that he could probably destroy the capital of Fareins, which was the largest city in this world, with the two remaining bullets in his system Backpack, but it would be absolutely pointless. "Thats enough testing," said Roland casually. "Its too powerful. Ill just keep the other two bullets to myself."

In the stream channel, everybody shook their heads helplessly.

To be honest, it was almost impossible to become such an invincible player.

However, right before Roland flashed away, the space around him completely froze.

Then, many pairs of enormous eyes appeared in the sky.

Some were beautiful, some were gentle, but most were malicious.

All those eyes stared at him the moment they showed up.

The air seemed to have been solidified. Roland found it barely possible to breathe.

But it was actually just his impression, mostly because the pressure from those eyes was too enormous.

Everybody exclaimed in the stream channel.

"Whats going on? Why are mosaics appearing in the sky?" "I have a bad feeling. Thats exactly what appeared in the stream channel when Roland met the Nether God, right?"

"I counted more than twenty pairs of eyes. Are twenty gods and goddesses looking at him?"

"Thats not surprising."

"Were I a god, Id take a look at the ground too after a nuclear explosion happened."

"Hiss. The strongest Mage has manually made a nuclear bomb, and the gods are here to fix the bug."

Roland was quite angry to see all those eyes, because they were mostly staring at him in a greedy or malicious way.

Roland slowly drifted away. It was impossible for him to land on the magma below.

When he started drifting, all the eyes moved along with him.

Also, those eyes were quite wary of each other too.

After he floated away from the range of the nuclear explosion, the air became less hot.

Roland landed and held his chest, catching his breath.

The masters of those eyes had been silent, but soon, one of them ran out of patience.

"Human Mage, Im the God of Hunger. Worship me and give your spell to me, and Ill let you live forever in my paradise."

ability is very suitable for the battlefield. Worship me. There are 72 virgins waiting for you in my paradise." "Im the God of Love. Speaking of women, none are more attractive than my believers."


Everybody wanted Rolands belief.

Very soon, all the deities started fighting.

Nothing but arguments could be heard.

Roland found it quite noisy, and the players in the stream channel were even more uncomfortable.

Their ears were humming with the electric currents.

Many of them were even nauseated and felt like vomiting.

But few wanted to close the stream channel.

The scientists in the underground lab, in particular, even took out the best sound collecting devices.

But in the end, the stream channel closed itself.

A system notification popped up in everybodys window.

"An uncontrollable error occurred during streaming. For the sake of your well-being, this streaming session has been automatically shut down without Rolands permission."

The netizens cursed aloud when they saw the notification. They all made complaint calls to Penguins customer service center.

Tens of hundreds of calls flooded in and jammed all the lines.

As a result, none of the calls made it through.

In the game, Roland looked at those eyes as he waited for them to argue with one another. He even sat down and watched the show.

About ten minutes later, the gods and goddesses seemed to feel embarrassment at their behavior in front of a human being, so they stopped fighting at the same time.

Eventually, it was the God of Hunger who said, "Roland, you have to pick one of us and dedicate your faith, or you cannot get away alive."

"Im a Golden Son. Can you keep me here?" asked Roland in disdain while looking at the triangular eyes.

The gods were nothing more than powerful creatures.

After he became a Legend, or a Demigod, he could create bigger nuclear bombs and kill the gods easily.

If Melf had slain gods with his spell before, there was no reason why he couldnt with his nuclear bombs.

"Its true that the god behind you is stronger than any of us." The pair of triangular eyes were filled with anger. "But hes no match for us now that all of us are united. If we cage your soul, he wont be able to take it away."

Roland was slightly intrigued.

A lot of information was revealed from what the guy said.

However, it was nothing new, but only confirmation of Rolands long-time speculations.

In the real world where he lived, there was a god too.

Why did the god on Earth project half a million Golden Sons to this world?

He was even more confused than before.

Was it really meant to raise "supermen" for Earth, like Douglas said?

But that was another paradox.

If there was already a god on Earth, there were bound to be supermen. Why did they have to be raised in this world?

Or maybe, the players were just vanguards to conquer the alien world?

Or was it a test?

More and more questions popped up in Rolands head.

Roland was silent for a long time.

The guy with triangular eyes said cockily, "So, worship a god. Any god."

Listening to the guys cocky tone, Roland said angrily, "Sorry, I dont know why I should dedicate my faith. Come and take it if you think youre capable!"

While he was talking, he was already planning to take out the other two nuclear bullets.

He was also preparing for magic power bricks.

The gods power was greatly suppressed in the main plane, and Roland was not entirely vulnerable to them.

The triangular eyes glared at him.

An enormous mental pressure fell on top of him like a mountain.

Although only one tenth of the pressure was left when it hit Roland, he still felt that he was suffocating, as if he were carrying a fatty weighing a hundred kilograms on his shoulders.

However, Roland didnt say anything but stared at the triangular eyes with mockery on his face.

The triangular eyes were even more infuriated.

Another god with a pair of red eyes said coldly, "What a stubborn boy. All Mages are annoying. Count me in. I dont believe that a minor human being dares to oppose the


As he talked, he was about to add to the pressure on Roland. The other gods didnt say anything. They were all proud of their identity and didnt want to attack Roland with someone else.

At least, they had that dignity.

Roland was able to resist the triangular eyes, but not the red eyes on top of that.

Rolands left leg bent, and he almost fell to one knee.

But he was still standing. His face was red and his back wasnt straight anymore, but his strength and tenacity had been demonstrated from the fact that he weathered through the pressure of two gods. Seeing how stubborn Roland was, someone who had thin eyebrows asked in a pleasant voice, "Do you want to count me in?"

Exactly at this moment, two voices echoed at the same time.

"Enough! Stop now." That was a pair of gentle eyes.

"When you said that all Mages are annoying, did you think of me at all?" That was a pair of eyes filled with wisdom.

After they spoke, all the pressure on Roland vanished.

Then he stood up.

At this moment, Roland realized that the gentle eyes belonged to the Life Goddess whereas the wise eyes belonged to the Goddess of Magic.

"Why, you want to protect him? Have you learned nothing from the disasters Mordenkainen and Melf caused?"

"Exactly. Even if you are Lawful Goddesses, we have twenty people on our side. Are you really going to challenge the entire Realm of Gods?"

"Life and Magic, if youre going to support the defiant, dont blame us for dealing with you first."

The Goddesses of Life and Magic didnt talk, but their eyes became firmer and firmer.

Then, a cold voice suddenly appeared. "Mystra, count me in."

Those eyes had deep black irises and evinced no feelings.

They only showed some emotion when they looked at Roland.

"Ha. We have three now," said the Goddess of Magic proudly. "I dont think we cant protect one human being as three main goddesses."


"You may have three, but so what? There are twenty gods on our side."

"Thats right. You really think you can oppose the entire Realm of Gods with just the three of you?"

"Then what if Im in?"

At this moment, another pair of eyes emerged in the sky.

Feeble yet warm golden light beamed from these eyes.

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