Mages Are Too Op Chapter 709

Chapter 719 The Goddess Of Magic Is Also A Great Woman Of Letters

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Chapter 719 The Goddess of Magic is Also a Great Woman of Letters

A beautiful woman wearing a long, light green dress was in front of him.

She seemed as mature and charming as Andonara, but with a little more holiness and gentleness than Andonara.

"Lady Elyse, the Life Goddess?"

Roland asked with a somewhat puzzled tone, but on the inside, he already knew that this was the womans name.

"It seems that you can already see my appearance." The Life Goddess smiled faintly.

Next to her, two angels descended, both of whom Roland knew.

Nia was wearing a loose one-piece robe, with a pair of beautiful feathered wings behind her, as white as snow.

After she landed, she winked at Roland.

It was only logical that angels should be pure creatures.

But her wink seemed somewhat coquettish.

Roland wondered if he had spent too much time tossing around women recently, making them all look like Andonara.

"I can indeed see it." Roland had closed the livestream at this time, and he asked, "Your face looked blurry to me before."

The Life Goddess was the strongest and had the most stable Divine Spark among all the gods.

So Roland hadnt been able to look at her directly in the truest sense until now.

"That situation just now scared you, didnt


"A little." Roland nodded. "Why were your reactions so great?"

"I should say, its not normal not to react so greatly." The Life Goddess smiled. "In fact, in the past, the gods in the Realm of Gods did not care much about the affairs of Mages, not until the appearance of the Mages Mordenkainen and Melf."

"Did they do anything?" Roland asked.

Roland knew that Mordenkainen and Melf were enemies of the gods.

But he didnt know how it got to that point.

"Actually, things are not that hard to understand." The Life Goddess said helplessly, "Whether it was Mordenkainen or Melf, after they invented powerful spells, the first thing they did was throw these spells at the gods they could find to prove if they could slay them. There was no hesitation at all."

Roland was speechless.

He had felt puzzled for a long time. Legendary Mage Mordenkainen and Demigod Mage Melf although these two people were from different eras, they had one thing in commonthey both had no more enemies in the main plane. Even if the gods descended, under the suppression of the main planes laws, the gods couldnt rival them.

Mordenkainens floating city and Melfs fearsome strength were how they could stand on top of the world.

It was only the Water Goddesss true form that could make these two feel somewhat fearful.

Sadly, though, the Water Goddess was, by nature, a bit of a fool.

Only stupid gods would go to the main plane to quarrel with these two people.

Tales and legends were unreliable most of the time.

From Rolands point of view, the Life Goddess didnt need to bother with lying about these things, so that meant whether it was Mordenkainen or Melf, they were hunted by the gods because they brought it on themselves.

Figuring this out, Roland felt a little discouraged. The books he had read before recorded that Mordenkainen and Melf fought desperately against the gods, not wanting to be the slaves of the gods.

Now that he thought about it, it was the two of them who forced a war with the gods and left the gods with some post-traumatic stress disorder.

At this point Roland was a little torn inside. He didnt know if he should laugh at these two for their recklessness or admire them for daring to go to war against the most powerful force in the world!

After a moments gloominess, Roland asked, "So that spell I released before can also slay gods?"

"If you double it, yes." The Life Goddess nodded. "And youre only a Master now, not even a Legend, and no one dares to doubt your future, so its normal for them to overreact a little, isnt it?"

The two angels on the side looked at Roland with admiration.

"I was watching the whole time you were experimenting before." Angel Nia patted her two large round balloons, causing them to ripple. "Although I could fly out of the explosion range the moment it exploded, if I took a hit head-on, I would be a burnt chicken on the spot."

The archangel next to her, Claudia, smacked Nias head. "How can you compare yourself to a chicken."

"But its all pretty much the same if we get roasted." Nia waved her hand indifferently. "Rolands one of us anyway, he wont think we dont have the dignity of celestials."

But Claudia looked at Roland with a forced smile. "I have never seen reverence in his eyes, he even looked at the goddess evenly. What is our dignity? Not throwing a god-slaying spell at us on the spot is already showing quite some respect."

Roland craned his head to look at the archangel. Why did he feel that there was something sinister about what she said!

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Seeing Roland looking at her, Claudia snorted, closing her eyes and turning her head to the side.

This angel truly had a problem with him. Looking at Rolands puzzled expression, the Life Goddess said, "Dont blame her, shes just a little upset." "Why?"

The Life Goddess said, "Although the four of us bailed you out, the mood of the other gods must also be considered, so I promised them that I would place someone by your side to watch over you and keep you from acting recklessly. If you have any disrespectful thoughts about the gods, she has the duty to tell me."

Nia waved happily at Roland. "Ill be following you from now on."

She smiled very brightly.

Roland, however, was a little upset.

Personally, he had no ill feelings toward Nia and welcomed her as a guest in his home, but if she was there on a mission to spy on him, then of course it would be a turn-off.

As if she could understand what was going through Rolands mind right now, the Life Goddess stood up and stood in front of Roland. The two of them were only about a meter apart, which was as close as a god and a man could get.

And the Life Goddess didnt pose as a towering figure, but stood naturally, with no difference in height between the two.

More specifically, Life Goddess seemed to be a centimeter or two taller than Rolands character in the game.

"Dont worry, its just for show to gag the other gods," the Life Goddess said with a smile. "Im sure you wont be throwing god-slaying spells around."

Roland shook his head. "I cant even guarantee that myself."

"If you really cant resist throwing them, its fine." The Life Goddess said with a smile, "There are some points in the Astral Plane where many evil gods are gathered. I will give you the spatial coordinates later. You can cause as much destruction as you want at those places. I know with your growth rate, you should be able to release spells on fixed coordinates."


Roland looked at the Life Goddess in surprise. As expected of a woman who had lived for hundreds of yearseven if she was gentle, she still knew how to mess with people

But this was also quite reasonable.

He could now see that the open quarrels and hidden maneuvers in the Astral Plane were not much better than those in the main realm.

But this was also quite normal, as the vast majority of gods were just characteristic embodiments of aggregated human consciousness.

The strengths and weaknesses of humans were also the strengths and weaknesses of gods.

"Okay." Roland shrugged helplessly.

He knew very well that if he didnt agree, the Life Goddess would have more words of wisdom to say.

Besides, he could also see that the Life Goddess was indeed trying to find a way to help him.

"Then go ahead and head down, I look forward to the day you become a Demigod."

After the Life Goddess finished speaking, she waved her hand at Roland in farewell.

The scenery around him then changed rapidly as his soul returned to his body.

He didnt know how much time had passed.

It was because the time in the Realm of Gods and the main realm was not quite synchronized.

He was about to open the system interface to check the game time when a green light in the air smashed down and made a large crater a dozen meters away from him.

The strong wind carried a lot of dust and formed a small sonic boom.

When the dust and smoke had almost disappeared, Roland looked over and found Nia at the bottom of the pit, posing in a Terminator crouch.

He laughed. "How long are you going to pose there?"

"My feet are so numb, I cant move," Nia, dressed in a long white cloth, said helplessly with a scrunched-up look. "Come and help


Roland snapped his fingers, and two Hands of Magic floated over, each grabbing one of Nias arms and hoisting her up and onto the ground.

He looked at Nias back curiously. "Where are your wings?" "To keep the rules of the main plane from affecting me, the goddess sealed them up temporarily," Nia said glumly. "I cant use half my strength, so when I fell from the divine realm, the slowing effect wasnt done too well."

"Even so, there arent many people on the main plane who can beat you."

In Rolands system interface, after the long health bar on Nias head, there were still two skulls representing the danger level.

If her wings were not sealed, he reckoned that there could be four or five.

But Andonara could probably defeat Nia in her current state.

While Roland was thinking this, the air twisted.


Roland muttered, thinking that the Life Goddess had forgotten to mention something, but after the space finished warping two seconds later, Roland found himself standing on a blue and white spiral-patterned floating platform.

It was surrounded by countless white towers.

It was the Divine Realm of Magic.

As Roland was thinking this, a person suddenly rushed in front of him, pulling at Rolands lapel directly. Her whole body came up against Rolands.

"Give me the model, give me the model."

It was the Goddess of Magic.

Her face was less than ten centimeters away from Rolands.

A warm, soft, sweet scent drifted over him as she spoke.

Roland could see her face, smooth as could be, with no pores and no blemishes.

It was elastic like the whites of a boiled egg.

It was also anti-slip as the finest, polished jade, and gave off a faint shimmer. Roland gently patted the goddesss hand, signaling for her to let go of him. Only then did the Goddess of Magic come to her senses, and she reluctantly took two steps back and said, "Can you give me the spell you just cast?"

Roland shook his head.

"I can give you anything you want," said Mystra, the Goddess of Magic, "as long as it doesnt cross my bottom line."

It seemed that the Goddess of Magic wasnt really crazy.

She still knew to set a bottom line.

Roland shook his head and said, "Sorry, all other spells are fine, but not this spell."

"Why?" Mystra took two steps back, her hand over her heart as if she were hurt. "Arent we allies, arent we friends?"

Roland laughed: "Did Melf make his god-slaying spell, Minute Meteors, public?" "Oh, no."

Roland asked again, "Mordenkainens floating city, do you guys understand it?"

The goddess of magic shrugged helplessly, the frenzied expression fading from her face.

"I knew you would conceal it because I would have done the same in your place," Mystra, the Goddess of Magic, said with resignation. "But cant you make an exception?"

Roland waved his hands.

"Ill trade you the Sword of Wisdom, how about it?" The Goddess of Magic pointed to the longsword floating by her side.

The Sword of Mystra was intelligent, and as soon as it heard this, it flew away with a whoosh and disappeared in a flash.

Roland almost laughed aloud. Mystra felt quite gloomy as she waved her hand and a round table appeared between the two of them. Seething, she sat down and poured herself a glass of pale white fruit wine from the jug and cup created by magic. Downing it in one gulp, she then looked at Roland and said, "Well, forget it if you dont want to make a deal with me. But there is one thing you have to help me out with."

Roland nodded. "Please speak. Ill do it as long as I can help." "Since you can use this kind of spell now, Im sure there arent many people in the main plane who can rival you," Mystra said. "Before I became a god, I had a very troublesome enemy. We were both Demigods at the time, but I beat him into slumber when he fought over the Divine Spark with me, and now hes probably about to wake. If I let him recover from his injuries, hell specifically strike at my churches, eliminating them one by one, and without clerics, it would definitely put a big dent in my small amount of power of faith, and it would even affect my position as one of the main gods in the Realm of Gods."

"A Demigod Im no match for him."

"His injury is very seriousits in the soul. For Mages, the soul is directly linked to the spirit, so a weak soul is a weak spirit. His strength will be at best a Masters after a year or two awake," the Goddess of Magic explained. "Even if his mastery of the soul is high, within only five or six years, it will be difficult to make up for the missing part of himself. After all, the soul is different from the physical body, which can be cured instantly with Healing."

At this moment, an epic quest prompt appeared in Rolands system interface.

Roland looked at it and found that it did say that it was to help the Goddess of Magic destroy past enemies.

"How about it? Are you willing to do it?"


Roland nodded gently. "Im suddenly reminded of a certain great literary scholar back home who spoke of a sort of bargaining theory."

"What is it?"

"That great man of letters said that people love to play the devils advocate, but paradoxically have a compromising spirit. If you want to open a window in the house, but many people disagree and the plan will most likely fail, if you tell them directly that youre going to break the roof to ventilate the house, theyll back off to the second-best option and let you open a window."

The Goddess of Magics expression was sheepish for a moment.

Because Roland had nailed it on the head.

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