Mages Are Too Op Chapter 762

Chapter 772 I Need To Use Your Body

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Chapter 772 I Need to Use Your Body

At the end of their conversation, the Goddess of Magic even sent a pair of coordinates telepathically to him.

After reading the coordinates, Roland realized where the Paradise of Magic was in the Astral Plane. He could even sense it.

However, the journey to the Astral Plane was quite long

The Astral Plane was unbelievably huge, and the distance between paradises was massive too.

Roland didnt know how big they were exactly, but based on the coordinates he was given, it was difficult for the floating city to get there.

He could only use teleportation.

In the main plane, Roland never teleported the floating city because it was too large and heavy.

The larger an object to be teleported was, the bigger waves it would cause in space.

Also, if the distance was too long, the teleportation would have a huge impact.

For example, if the floating city was teleported from the capital of Fareins to ten kilometers above Delpon, the aftershock of the space quakes would raze the small city to the ground.

Also, because the floating city was too large, it was hard to control its destination during the teleportation.

If it was accidentally teleported five kilometers above Delpon, probably no living thing would survive.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the floating city could only fly in the main plane.

However, teleportation wasnt a problem in the Astral Plane, which was as spacious as a universe. An error of ten kilometers was tolerable here.

Also, the resistance of the paradises was much higher than that of the cities in the main plane.

It took Roland half an hour to compile a massive teleportation array with the magic power crystal.

He then teleported near the space coordinates that the Goddess of Magic gave him.

It was a gigantic purple crystal of energy, so large that it was almost the size of three Earths.

Its surface was smooth and contained no impurities.

Void worms were everywhere in the Astral Plane.

Void worms of different sizes and colors surrounded the purple and red spheres as colorful rings around them, like the rings of certain planets.

The floating city emerged in the middle of a ring after the teleportation.

The violent yet invisible space quakes squished and knocked away everything nearby.

The worms large and small were thrown away as pieces of flesh and shells.

The floating city caused a tiny hole on the ring where it appeared.

But very soon, the assortment of worms nearby swallowed their dead compatriots and swam to the floating city.

They dared not get any closer when they were fifty meters away from the floating city, and they spontaneously surrounded it in a belt.

In the floating city, Andonara looked at the densely-packed worms outside with the most shocked expression on her face.

After a long time, she finally turned around and looked at Roland. "Is the Astral Plane so terrible?"

She could tell that those worms were almost all as strong as human Masters. Some of the larger worms had even become Legendary.

Without the protection of the floating city, even she couldnt stay for long in this place, not to mention the lack of air, the cold, and other negative factors in the Astral Plane.

However, while the worms were very strong, they were unintelligent and acted purely based on natural instincts, so they were much easier to deal with than the devils were.

The devils were reckless, but they were smart and could use weapons and make the most of their advantages.

They even felt fear and knew when to retreat.

"The Astral Plane isnt really terrible. Those worms are only interested in magic power, but magic power thats too intense is poison to them." Roland pointed at the circle of worms around the floating city. "Look, theyre not getting closer, are they?" Andonara nodded and was greatly relaxed.

Every woman tended to be scared of insects.

Andonara wouldnt have cared if there were two hundred worms, but she felt quite uncomfortable when worms were all she could see.

While they talked, the gigantic purple sphere up ahead suddenly emitted two streaks of light on the both sides of Rolands floating city. Then, Roland sensed an attraction force on the floating city.

Was it being pulled?


Roland gave up controlling the floating city and simply let the streaks of light drag the floating city to the purple sphere All the worms in the way of the floating city subconsciously avoided it and wandered around it, absorbing the loose magic elements at the edge of the city.

About half an hour later, the floating city approached the surface of the purple sphere, where there were no worms at all.

As the floating city approached, the purple energy square that emitted the streaks of light disappeared, revealing a huge channel.

The floating city moved into the channel.

The entrance of the channel was blocked again.

The floating city seemed to have entered a different world after entering the interior of the sphere.

The channel was already gone.

Around the floating city was a blue sky. Down below were green fields, rivers, hills, and all kinds of animals.

Andonara looked at the spacious world and scratched her head. "Didnt we enter a gigantic sphere? Why are we in another world?"

"Its space folding." Roland sensed the magic power as well as the spatial structures nearby. "The gigantic purple sphere we saw outside was just the physical appearance of this paradise. After entering it, weve reached a complete world where mind determines matter."

"Very smart." A voice suddenly came from behind them.

Andonara was so shocked that she jumped back, unsheathed her sword, and got into a battle pose.

Roland, on the other hand, turned around unhurriedly and said with a smile, "Goddess, please dont be so surprising."

"This is my paradise. I can appear anywhere I want," she replied with a smile and observed Roland with great interest.

At this moment, Andonara moved between them with her sword and gazed at the Goddess of Magic coldly. "Youre too close."

"Exactly. Roland and I are very close." Mystra looked at Andonara and smiled. "I know youre Rolands woman. I dont mind."

Seeing how confident Mystra was, Andonara was more or less frustrated.

They were even with each other in terms of looks and figure.

However, the divinity on Mystra and the resulting charm were things that Andonara didnt have.

"Okay, goddess, dont make fun of Andonara." Roland laid his right hand on his womans hip and dragged her back to him. "Did you summon me here for anything other than providing protection for me?"

Seeing Rolands hand on Andonaras hip, Mystra seemed rather angry.

Andonaras uneasiness was quickly driven away. She put away her longsword and even raised her chin provocatively.

Mystra simply ignored her and stared at Roland. "I summoned you partly to protect you while your floating city evolves, and partly to inform you of where some special neutral Divine Spark fragments are!" Roland was surprised. "There are unclaimed pieces of Divine Sparks? Is it possible?" "Why is it impossible?" replied Mystra casually. "Theyre all hidden in the Astral Plane."

"Why did nobody claim them?"

Roland was quite confused.

"Its not easy to claim them." Mystra smiled. "Theyre in the hands of the Evil Gods, who can easily absorb the Divine Sparks of other Evil Gods but not those of Neutral ones. All of them are claimed but not entirely activated."

Roland got it. "If I kill them, Ill be able to rob them of the neutral Divine Sparks or their pieces?"

"As long as you kill them once, they will almost certainly drop the Divine Sparks." Mystra shrugged. "The only problem is that the Evil Gods are all quite strong."

As she talked, Mystra walked closer and pointed her finger at Rolands forehead, sending a piece of information into his brain.

"Ive included their range of activity, specialties, and weaknesses in my message." Her finger, which was laid between Rolands eyebrows at first, moved down slowly to the tip of Rolands nose as she talked. "Im supposed to go with you, but Ill be a lot weaker outside my paradise. Also, accidents will likely occur."

Roland nodded.

He had heard that there were gods who had never left their paradise from when they were "born" to when they "died."

"It will take some time for the floating city to evolve. Why dont we chat over a cup of tea?" Mystra waved her hands, and both of them were raised from the ground. "Lets go to my place."

They flew after Mystra.

In the Paradise of Magic, there was a high tower after every fixed distance, and on the top of the tower was a huge platform. In the magic world, towers represented knowledge and wisdom, because a long time ago, only the sages were qualified to live in tall towers.

Very soon, the four of them flew to the highest golden platform.

After dropping Roland and Andonara, Mystra slowly landed too.

"Right, someone wants to meet you." "Me?" Roland was slightly confused. Mystra waved her hand, and a transparent shadow appeared in front of Roland. He was quite familiar with this guy.

After a brief shock, Roland cried, "Mr. Chairman, why did you"

The person standing in front of him was exactly Aldo, the chairman of the Delpon Magic Tower who had looked after him a lot seven years earlier.

Aldo offered the chairmans position and even his manor to Roland. Then, he left Hollevin and went missing. Roland didnt expect to see him in the Paradise of Magic.

"Why dont you catch up?" Mystra smiled at Roland and Aldo. Then, she looked at Andonara. "Lets give them some privacy. Shall we have a talk too?"

Andonara looked at Roland and nodded.

Then, the two women walked away.

Roland and Aldo, on the other hand, sat down at the table that Mystra had prepared.

Roland wasnt in his best mood, as Aldos appearance as a soul suggested that he was already dead.

He had been to the paradise a lot in his soul state, but the difference between the souls of the living and those of the dead was very obvious.

Aldo was a resident in the Paradise of Magic at this moment.

"How did you die?" Roland couldnt help but ask.

Aldo said with a smile, "At the hands of my enemies. After I left Hollevin, I went to Urganda. Its a desert of magic knowledge and a place where Mages have privileges."

"You were tricked?"

"Not exactly." Aldo shook his head. "I was well-appreciated at first and built a Magic Tower for myself. Over the years, I heard a lot about you. Youve even flown a floating city to this place. You are an even greater genius than I expected."

After a smile, Roland asked solemnly, "If you had such privileges, how did you end up in the Paradise of Magic?" "Urganda is perhaps a more fertile place. I could barely impregnate women before I came there, but in Urganda, my wives gave birth to a lot of children." Aldo smiled rather proudly. "When you have a lot of children, you tend to plan for them and want to give them the best resources. My ambitions grew. You know that if I had more resources, other people would have less. So, conflicts were brewing and gradually escalated into familial competitions."

Roland realized what happened.

Aldo was probably involved in a political event and got killed.

"Fortunately, Ive been the goddesss loyal believer since three years ago. Thats why I continued to exist in her paradise after I died." He paused for a moment and then said rather awkwardly, "After I heard that you were coming to the paradise, I begged the goddess to meet you because I have a favor to ask of you."

"What is it?"

Roland estimated that it was probably about Aldos family. He would surely help the man if he could.

After all, Aldo did treat him well years back.

"After I died, my wives and children were probably doomed," said Aldo rather in frustration. "But I have a bastard son that nobody knows about except the gods. I hope that you can help him. If hes gifted, lead him on the path of magic; if he isnt, just make sure he has enough money. Can you do that?".

Roland smiled. "Thats very easy. No problem at all."

"He was born in a village called Tasha to the northeast of the capital of Urganda." Aldo searched his memories and said, "I remember naming him Bigby, but I dont know if his mother changed his name. Right, his mother is named Kardashian and his father in name is Svition. Both of them are peasants.

Roland nodded. "Got it."

"Thank you."

After Roland accepted the request, Aldo smiled delightedly and gradually faded away until he completely vanished.

Heaving a long sigh, Roland was rather bummed.

Normally speaking, most residents in the paradise werent conscious, except the souls whose minds were exceptionally tenacious.

Aldo was certainly not one of them.

However, he was wide awake just now, which suggested that he had burned out the power of his soul to talk to Roland.

After he expressed his wish, he was gone and his soul turned into the fundamental power of faith.

On the other hand, Andonara looked quite frightened.

Mystra said to her in a low voice, "You need to worship me and let me take control of your body for a moment. Got it?"

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