Mages Are Too Op Chapter 764

Chapter 774 Youre A Little Weird Today

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A small spatial ring was placed in front of Casulefin.

Then the old Mage turned to Roland and said respectfully, "Three hundred top-quality magic gems, each of which will cost no less than one gold coin, some about three gold coins. The total price is about 700 gold coins."

Roland nodded. That was a high value indeed.

Seven hundred gold coins were enough to reestablish a mid-level noble family.

But whether the victims were satisfied or not was another matter.

He looked at Casulefin and asked with his expression what she thought.

Casulefin nodded. She was a maidservant and had never seen such a large sum of money, so naturally, she wouldnt have any second thoughts about it.

"Thats it, then."

Roland didnt want any more trouble. After all, Aldo would be satisfied with just saving his illegitimate son.

Roland saving a mother and daughter could be counted as a bonus.

Hearing Rolands words, the old Mage sighed in relief, his expression looking as if hed been granted a new lease of life.

A Mage like Roland with a floating city could destroy a country by himself, not to mention a small family of Mages.


Roland took Casulefin out of the Association of Mages, then summoned a soft white cloud for the two of them to stand on, and slowly flew up into the sky. Casulefin was a little scared and stood next to Roland, not daring to move.

The little girl was so excited at this point that she even ran to the edge of the white cloud and looked down, then ran to the other side and looked down, and finally ran around the whole white cloud.

This terrified Casulefin as she screamed for the little girl to keep still in case she fell.

"Dont worry, there are barriers at the clouds edges. Even if a dragon swoops in, it may not be able to break through." Surprised, Roland looked at the little girl running around in front of him, then asked, "Whats her name?"

"Yadseer." Casulefin looked at her daughter and smiled very gently. "Aldo said she has the talent to be a Mage. I wanted to set her on this path when she was six, but" Roland nodded.

The girl was indeed gifted, as expected of a Mages offspring.

As she walked, she was already absorbing magic on her own.

It was weak, but the absorption would slowly increase her bodys affinity for magic, and later on, when she started learning magic, she would have a better starting point than the average magic apprentice.

"Let me be her teacher." Roland smiled.

Aldo sort of helped him get into magic, and his daughter had a talent for magic, so he naturally had to support her.

"Thank you, Mr. Roland." Casulefin let out a long sigh of relief, as she was thinking about how to make Roland her daughters teacher.

She could even commit herself to him.

But Roland had volunteered, so there was no need to bother. With her mind eased, she asked, "Mr. Roland, where are we going now?" "Aldo said he has an illegitimate child." Roland looked into the distance. "He said to take care of him as well."

"Ive been meaning to ask" Casulefin looked at Roland expectantly. "You keep saying Aldo asked you to come, is he not dead?".

"Hes dead! I met him in the Divine Realm of Magic."

Casulefin quickly became despondent, and after a while, she wiped her eyes and said, "Its good that at least hes still living in the divine realm."

For most commoners, it was an absolute blessing to enter the divine realm after death.

So Casulefin was in a slightly better mood, just a little more lost at the thought of a seemingly dark future without her man. Soon flying above the village of Tasha, Roland landed about five hundred meters away from the village so as not to scare the villagers, then walked in with Casulefin and her daughter.

After questioning a lazy villager sunbathing at the entrance of the village, he found Kardashians home.

Outside the simple small thatched house, a family of three was doing farm work.

The only thing that grew in the desert was the prickly pear, the thing called red fruit in the exterior.

They were picking red fruits.

The little boy reached for the red fruit surrounded by spikes and was accidentally pricked, his hand retracting.

The man saw it and cursed. "If you cant even pick the fruit well, what good are you? Just eating and sleeping all day?".

Not feeling relieved after saying that, the man walked over and kicked the boy to the ground.

The woman with the white scarf wrapped around her head was concerned, but she didnt dare to speak.

"Bigby, dont think I dont know youre a damn bast*rd. When you grow up two more years, Im definitely going to sell you for some money. Peh."

The man and the woman were dark-skinned, as typical of the sand people.

But the boys skin was a light wheat color, even leaning more toward white, and at first glance, he was not an authentic native but a mixed race.

Two authentic sand folk producing a half-breed-anyone who wasnt a fool would know there was something wrong with that.

The mans irritability and anger were also understandable.

Roland watched from behind them, intrigued.

This woman was not pretty, one might even say a bit ugly, and her only virtue was presumably that she was hard-working and good for bearing children.

What exactly happened for Aldo to have a child with such a woman?

He was a Mage; it was easy to get beautiful women to fall for him.

The little boy stood up with a confused look on his face, then was kicked down again.

The man didnt feel relieved and was about to stomp more when Roland spoke up.

"Since you dont like the boy, how about selling him to me?"

The sudden voice startled the two peasants, who turned around and saw the pale green glow of Rolands magic robes and his light complexion, and knew that a big shot had come.

The two subconsciously knelt. In Urganda, the prestige and dignity of a Mage were much higher than that of a noble.

"For sale?" asked Roland, smiling as he walked up to them.

"For sale!"

"Not for sale." This was the womans voice, and she raised her head with a pained expression. Roland looked at the man. "How much?"

"Just give whatever you want, my lord."

Roland laughed. "The purest little mind of a peasant. Not bad. For five silver coins?"

"Good, good!" The man looked up, rubbing his hands together in excitement. In reality, not to mention five silver coins, Roland was willing to pay five or even fifty gold coins.

But Roland believed that if the couple had a gold coin in their hands, they probably wouldnt survive long.

So Roland offered five silver coins, which was the right amount for their current status, not an amount that might result in their deaths.

"My lord, I dont want to sell him."

"Its not your turn to talk." The man turned sideways and slapped the woman across the face. "You had a child with an outsider dog. I helped you raise him until he was five years old, what more do you want? If you dont want to sell him, you can get out of here too."

The woman dared not speak again and bowed her head deeply.

Roland was slightly surprised when he turned his gaze to the child who was slowly rising from the ground.

He then held out five silver coins, placed them in front of the man, and said, "With this, Ill be taking him now."

Then he saw the woman with her head hanging, tears falling on the sand in front of her.

Roland sighed in his heart and said, "Dont worry, Ill have Bigby come back to see you from time to time."

The woman looked up sharply, her face full of surprise.

Roland paid no more attention to her as he had said what needed to be said. He looked to the young boy standing in the back behind the two and smiled. "Bigby, come here."

Bigby looked at Roland in confusion, and then at his parents in confusion. His feet were as if they were rooted. Roland summoned a white cloud and stepped on it himself first, followed by Casulefin and her daughter.

Standing tall, Roland looked at Bigby and did not move, did not speak.

With each passing second, the atmosphere grew more awkward.

Farmer Svetian wanted to tell Bigby to go over and follow the Master Mage, but for some reason, he opened his mouth, but couldnt say anything.

He even had a feeling that he was an unimportant passerby.

And Kardashian, the peasant woman, looked anxious. She kept signaling for Bigby to quickly go to the Master Mage but didnt dare to speak Women in the Desert Kingdom had a very low status and were hardly qualified to speak in formal situations.

So she grew more and more nervous, fearing that the Master Mage might get angry if he waited too long, to the point that he might even beat her son to death. In the legends, Mages were mysterious and temperamental.

Bigby glanced at his mother, and finally, he curled his lips, came over, and climbed on. Roland smiled and piloted the white cloud into the sky, flying in the direction of Delpon.

The reason why he didnt use Teleportation was that the two childrens bodies were still too fragile, and because he was too strong now and his magic power was too immense. If he didnt control it properly, he could easily hurt them.

In the air, the little girl, Yardseer, hid behind her mother and watched Bigby curiously.

And Bigby stood opposite Roland, his head down, his face expressionless, not wanting to speak nor appearing too smart. Roland looked at the young boy for a moment and laughed. "Just now you felt a strong killing intent toward me and seemed to want to kill me, why?" It was too easy for a Legendary Mage to sense the mental fluctuations of a small child.

Casulefin wore a look of shock.

She couldnt imagine that a child less than six years old would harbor killing intent toward a powerful Mage.

Shouldnt he be trembling?

Like her daughter did.

Bigby slowly lifted his head as he looked at Roland, his confused expression growing brash. "You took me away from my mother; you made me leave her."

There was hatred and anger in his voice. "Its not like youre not allowed to go back and see her."

"What Mages say are false, its all a lie to children."

Roland laughed again. "Is there anything that I need to lie to you about? Or is your meat especially valuable and by selling you, I can buy a dragon to buy soup?" Bigby froze. He also understood that he was a lowly farmers son, or the son of a peasant woman After all, he was a half-breed, and his real father was unknown.

"If you learned this flying spell from me, wouldnt it be a simple matter for you to go back and see her?" asked Roland, stamping his right leg on the white cloud beneath him.

Bigby froze for a moment as he looked at Roland with a glow in his eyes. "Youre going to teach me magic Why are you being so nice to me? Could it be that youre my real father?"

Poor kids were precocious and would learn better if they were raised by daily beatings. He had known that he was not Svetians son, so sometimes he wondered who his father really was and why he had abandoned him and his mother.

Casulefin froze for a moment, then burst out laughing

Roland shook his head in return. "Im not your father, but Im good friends with your father."

"Where is he?" Bigby asked expectantly.


The childs eyes dimmed. "I knew it, or he would have come to get me and my mother."

"But you still have another family." Roland gestured to Casulefin and her daughter. "This is your stepmother and stepsister." Although the two young children looked about the same age, Yadseer was the eldest daughter chronologically speaking, and that was something Roland could tell.

Bigbys eyes swept over Casulefin without any expression, but when his eyes fell on the little girl, his expression was much softer, and he even pulled the corners of his mouth into a smile.

"So, Uncle, where are you taking me?"

"My Magic Tower. From now on, you will be my student until you can come out on your own."

"Youre going to teach me magic?" Bigby was finally much more enthusiastic about Roland. "But I dont have any money, and Ive heard that learning magic costs a lot of money."

"Dont worry, you dont have to pay for it; your only task is to learn magic well, and nothing else."

"Thank you." Bigby believed Roland, for it was clear to him that there was nothing to lie about to a poor boy like him, and that there was no way a Mage could be so patient with a small child like him if he did not mean well. But he was a little puzzled. "But why did you not bring my mother along, when it was clear that she could follow you? Is it because shes


Bigby pointed to Casulefin. Casulefin blushed at once, not daring to look at Roland.

"First, I know Casulefin, were acquaintances, but I dont know your mother," Roland explained patiently. "Second, the last words your father left me only told me to teach you magic and didnt say anything about your mother. Besides your mother has a husband now, understand? Later when you are out of school and have your means, you can naturally take her and bring her around to repay her and do your filial duty. Thats your duty, not mine."

Bigby nodded, indicating that he understood. "So from now on, should I call you my teacher?"

"Of course."

Casulefin was a little anxious on the sidelines and immediately pulled her daughter behind her and pushed her in front of Roland.

"And also your sister." Roland smiled.

Casulefin sighed with relief.

After flying for most of the day, Roland finally returned to Delpon with the three passengers.

When he landed at the manor, Andonara immediately greeted him with a smile.

Roland, however, felt a little strange as he scanned Andonara up and down and asked, "Youre a little weird today?"

Andonara tilted her head sideways, revealing a puzzled look.

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