Magic Industry Empire Chapter 702

Volume 5 Chapter 53 Illusion Array

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Volume 5 Chapter 53 Illusion Array

Still was smiling as she looked at Xu Yi, feeling proud about the thing she took out shocking Xu Yi this much, but she couldnt help touching her head when she heard Xu Yis words.

"Hologram projection technology? What is that?"

"Un?" Xu Yi was surprised before quickly reacting.

Thats right, although this frisbee was like the hologram projection technology of earth, it was clearly not hologram projections.

At the very least, there was no power source and projector, so the image seemed to be coming from the frisbee directly.

To be honest, it was almost like the holograms from the science fiction movies on earth.

But earth didnt have such high end technology, so the Sines Continent wouldnt have it.

The most important thing was that there was clearly a Magic Array on the frisbee and it was currently running on Stills magic.

But what kind of strange Magic Array was this? It could actually have such a mysterious effect?

"You dont know?" Still revealed a proud smile as she explained, "This is the Illusion Array that I learned from elder Undine last time."

"Elder Undine?" Xu Yis expression became a bit strange.

Since Xu Yi went to the Azshara Tribe to meet elder Undine, as well as bring Lumi back to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, because he had reached a cooperation agreement with elder Undine, she had come to the Stantine Duchy several times. Xu Yi had always seen her with Still.

Perhaps it was because she liked Still or because she had some other goal, elder Undine was always very close to Still and had even taught her some unique magic spells of the elf race.

Xu Yi had never asked about this, but now it seemed like this Illusion Array was one of them.

Xu Yi curiously came close to the frisbee and lowered his head to look at the Magic Array on the frisbee, but he found that he couldnt see through it./

"How does this Illusion Array work? Why can it record Avril and Brownia like this?" Xu Yi asked.

"This Magic Array isnt that complicated. As long as it is prepared, it can record all images that will happen in the area that it is laid down in. Then using another method, it can replay the recorded image."

"Isnt this just a camera" Xu Yi muttered. He had Still continue using her magic as he walked around Avril and Brownia in the air.

After carefully looking it over, he found that the image of the Illusion Array was completely three dimensional, it wasnt like the flat image that a camera created at all.

The image showed everything that Avril and Brownia did during this time. Moreover, it was very clear and it perfectly recorded every angle.

Xu Yi even secretly took a look and he could even clearly see their underwear through the slits in their clothes.

"If this thing was used by a robber, it would simply be a divine tool." Xu Yi couldnt help giving a sigh.

After having Still stop, Xu Yi thought for a bit before asking, "Still, did you have some idea in having me see this?"

"Of course." Still took the frisbee, "Look, after I learned this Illusion Array, I was always thinking that since this Magic Array could perfectly record the images that happen within its range and it could even record sound."

"If I were to have Avril and the other dance and sing in this Magic Array, wouldnt I be able to record it? Then I can just broadcast the recorded Illusion Arrays to let even people who dont have the chance to see the beautiful performance of the New Moon Troupe?"

Xu Yi couldnt help laughing as he praised, "Still, you really are too smart! Thats right, this is a very good idea, I support it very much. But..Still, I think that this Illusion Array has many more places where it can be used."

"Oh? What else did you think of? Quickly tell me." Still urged him with an excited look.

Xu Yi always had wonderful ideas that others couldnt come up with which were usually very effective, this was something that Still understood very well.

"Look, since you want to use this Illusion Array to record song and dance for people, have you ever thought of using this Illusion Array to record something more fun?"

"What is more fun?" Still asked in a confused voice.

"For example…we can use this Magic Array to record a complete story. When you have free time to read your novels, havent you always thought that how good it would be if people could perform this story? If people were to act this story out in front of you, wouldnt you want to watch it?"

"Of course!" Still immediately replied, "But what does this have to do with performing? I was just talking about recording singing and dancing, as well as recording acts. In short, as long as it is the performance of our New Moon Troupe, I will record it all. That way, more people can appreciate our New Moon Troupes performance and more people will know about our performance and girls."

"No, no, no, Im not talking about singing." Xu Yi shook his head, "Actually, I think that the performance method of opera is very strange, it doesnt fit normal life at all. Have you ever seen anyone interact while singing and dancing?"

"This is only for expression." Still pouted her lips, "Why dont you like it?"

"This isnt related to whether I like it or not, I just said that opera isnt realistic for people. What I want to say is that we can use this Illusion Array to record a scene that is very like real life and use that method to tell a story. Dont you think that many people will want to watch this?"

Still fell into thought and after a while, she nodded in an uncertain manner.

"Perhaps, but I can give it a try."

"Relax, Im certain that if you do this, everyone will definitely love it." Xu Yi honestly said, "Still, perhaps right now this Illusion Array is just fun for you, but in my opinion, the Illusion Array that you learned from elder Undine will completely change the entertainment industry on the Sines Continent."

"Is it that exaggerated?" Still didnt really believe him.

Xu Yi laughed, "Its up to you whether you believe or not. How about this, you can just consider the method I just proposed and then try to record one. I will find some time to write a script for you and you can find some people to act it out."

"Script?" Still looked at Xu Yi with a surprised look, "You can write a script?"

Xu Yi gave a soft snort and raised his nose.

"I am capable of everything!"

"Alright, look at how proud you are." Still raised a hand to tap Xu Yis nose with a smile. After thinking about it, she waved her hand at Xu Yi, "Alright, I can consider this and then try to experiment with it. As for what you said..Ill give you a week to write a script for me. How about it? Can you do it?"

Xu Yi suddenly stomped his legs together and gave Still a serious bow.

"Ill definitely finish this mission! My queen!"

Still gave a laugh, "You should save this for Seveni."

Still quickly left after saying this.

Seeing how she was thinking while walking, Xu Yi was worried that she might hit something while walking along.

Turning to look at the frisbee that Still had left on the table, Xu Yi took a deep breath as his expression became a bit excited.

Still may have thought that he was being exaggerated, but he was very clear that he wasnt being exaggerated at all.

This Illusion Array had such a powerful ability, it could replace all the countless recording methods on earth and it was even better than them.

With this Illusion Array, Xu Yi could think of countless methods of entertainment that only existed on earth before.

The movies that he mentioned to Still before was only one of them. There were still dramas, entertainment programs, concerts..and all kinds of other things. In short, he could replicate all the shows that had been on television before.

Xu Yi even thought about the news channels from earth.

If he pulled this out, the influence it would have on the entire Sines Continent would definitely be earth shattering.

"I never thought that a magic elder Undine pulled out this casually would have such a big influence. The elves really are worthy of being the most ancient race on the continent, they are hiding many precious treasures."

Xu Yi couldnt help feeling emotional as he sat back down at the table. He gathered his thoughts before looking over Frestech Bicycle Circuit Regulations, adding in a few more lines.

This tournament had a very far goal for Xu Yi which he had attached great importance to.

With this bicycle circuit, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would hold the absolute rights in the bicycle industry.

And if they used this pattern in the Magic Sedan industry, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would also have the same power.

Of course, this was all because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce absolute superiority when it came to magic machines.

If there were any other companies that had the same level of power when it came to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, they wouldnt be polite and fight for power with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But deep down in Xu Yis heart, this was something that he really wanted to see.

The current Frestech Chamber of Commerce was too invincible in the magic machine industry.

If they are invincible for too long, they would feel lonely.

When Xu Yi was thinking about this, there was a soft sound that came from the door.

Looking over, he saw a head peeking in through the door.

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