Magic Industry Empire Chapter 704

Volume 5 Chapter 55 Workers Far From Home

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Volume 5 Chapter 55 Workers far from home

The small transport Magic Car gave a sharp sound before it stopped by the Magic Refill Station.

Old man Sarkozy looked by the road and was surprised to find that this remote Magic Refill Station that clearly hadnt been built long was actually filled with people. There were even people standing outside the Magic Refill Station, making him unable to fill up his small transport Magic Car with a bit of Magic Crystals.

"What is going on here?"

Old man Sarkozy was confused as he came out and slowly walked over.

His eyes swept over the people gathered in the area and old man Sarkozy was surprised to find that he recognized someone in this crowd.

This person was from a small city in the northwest of the Lampuri Kingdom. When old man Sarkozy had been delivering goods for the Armani Chamber of Commerce, he had unknowingly become close with him.

"What did this fellow run all the way here for?"

Old man Sarkozy couldnt take the curiosity in his heart, so he went over to talk to them.

After asking them, old man Sarkozy knew that the group of people at the Magic Refill Station right now were all from the Lampuri Kingdoms northwest province.

Their destination was Noxus Town in the Norton Duchy. They were all going there to work at the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerces new Magic Air Conditioner Factory in Noxus Town.

Old man Sarkozy was a bit surprised.

"if you want to work, cant you just find some work in the northwest province? Why do you need to come all the way to the Norton Duchy? This is over two thousand kilometers away from the northwest province."

Old man Sarkozys acquaintance was named Laudsack, he had been an old farmer in the northwest province for over thirty years. He gave a simple and honest smile as he replied, "The northwest factory was only set up by some small companies and the boss has a black heart. Even if the wages dont seem small on the surface, its actually cut by 70-80%, we might not even get five gold coins a month. This Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce came to recruit workers and said they would give us at least ten gold coins a month, so I came after considering it."

"You cant even get five gold coins a month?" Old man Sarkozys eyes opened wide, "Which company dares to be this stingy? Theres still people willing to work for them?"

Laudsack gave a bitter laugh and shook his head, "Of course it wont work in your Banta City, but this is a common matter in our northwest province. There are few companies willing to invest in factories in our northwest province, so if it wasnt for all those magic machine companies in the kingdom now, there wouldnt be a company that would come to our small city. So for people like me, its already good enough to have a job, how can I be picky? Then again, no matter what, isnt it better than farming still?"

Speaking of this, Laudsack showed off the clothes he had spent eighty silver coins to buy to old man Sarkozy with a happy look on his face. He said that these were the best clothes he had worn in his life.

Seeing the simple and honest smile on Laudsacks face, old man Sarkozy couldnt help feeling sad.

With the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Banta City and the surrounding cities had developed quickly.

In just a few years, the lives of the people of Banta City had completely changed.

Take old man Sarkozy for instance. In the past few decades, he had to work to pay his rent and he might not even have enough food for himself each year, so he would often have an empty stomach.

But with the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, after several years, what old man Sarkozy was worrying about was what kind of Magic Sedan he should buy.

As for basic living conditions like food and clothes, he already no longer thought about them.

Old man Sarkozy thought that others would be like him, but after seeing Laudsack, he found that many people of the Lampuri Kingdom were still as poor as before. Not everyone was living the same good life as him.

Thinking of this, old man Sarkozy couldnt help feeling happy in his heart.

It was a good thing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had appeared in Banta City. If it had appeared in a different city or even in a different country, wouldnt he be living the same poor life as before?

Turning around to ask the other people around, he found that although those people had some different reasons from Laudsack, generally speaking, it was because the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce offered a higher wage that they were moved.

Old man Sarkozy was still a bit surprised.

"If you really want a higher wage, there are many companies to choose from in the Lampuri Kingdom. Not mentioning anything else, just the companies in Banta City offer at least ten gold coins as a starting wage. Then because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the benefits they give are all quite good, so why didnt you consider them?"

Laudsack and the others looked at each other before giving bitter smiles.

"Theres no way. Although Banta Citys companies give better wages and benefits, they have higher requirements. We havent even gotten the lowest technical worker certification, so how could we enter such good companies."

Old man Sarkozy gave a sigh and slowly nodded.

Indeed, although with the lead of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the magic machine companies of Banta City and the surrounding cities gave good wages and benefits, it also raised the requirements of those companies towards their employees.

If normal workers wanted to enter Banta Citys companies, it didnt work if they didnt have any technical skills at all.

"This means..the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce doesnt have any requirements?" Old man Sarkozy asked.

"I dont know. When they recruited us, they said that as long as we were strong and healthy, it would be fine." Laudsack said.

"Then did they say what they wanted you to do?"

"They just said that it was just some simple things, they could casually teach them to us."


Old man Sarkozy nodded. This Anke Magic Chamber of Commerces factory in the Norton Duchy should just be the most simple assembly factory. The components of the Magic Air Conditioner shouldnt be made in the Norton Duchy.

Thinking about it, he felt that that was right.

The Magic Air Conditioner was complicated to produce, there were many parts that needed to be made.

Other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce having a complete Magic Air Conditioner production system, the other companies didnt have this ability right now. They could only purchase the components from the various companies and assemble them with some components they produced themselves.

Moreover, the factories producing the components were mainly gathered in the Black Rice Wasteland and Banta City. To build a factory in the Norton Duchy like the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce, they could only transport the components here to assemble.

To produce components locally in the Norton Duchy, they had to solve the issue of technology.

Currently speaking, other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, there wasnt a single company that could solve the problem themselves.

Thinking of this, old man Sarkozy found that Laudsack running to the Norton Duchy that was two thousand kilometers away for work was necessary.

"This means..you are planning on working here for a few years?" Old man Sarkozy asked.

Laudsack nodded, "Un, if possible, I want to work here for several years. Look, its at least ten gold coins a month and the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce would pay for our food and lodge. As long as we save up, we can earn a hundred gold coins a month. That is a large amount and if I work for a few years, I can get anything."

Old man Sarkozy responded with a smile although he felt that Laudsack being this excited for only a hundred gold coins a year really seemed a bit ignorant.

But thinking of how if he knew a few years ago that he could earn a hundred gold coins a year, he would be even more excited and he relaxed.

The two talked for a bit. When Laudsack learned that old man Sarkozy had two transport Magic Cars and relied on these two transport Magic Cars to earn several hundred gold coins a year, he couldnt help looking incredibly jealous.

Old man Sarkozy comforted him by saying that he had to work several years before being able to buy his small or medium transport Magic Car, allowing him to transport goods on his own.

As long as one was willing to suffer, it wouldnt take long before he would be able to earn several hundred gold coins a year like him.

Laudsack deeply agreed with this.

So the two thought about their beautiful futures and became even closer.

But since it was getting late, the person in charge of Laudsacks group who had recruited them for the Anke Magic Chamber of Commerce had everyone rest up so they could head off early tomorrow morning.

Old man Sarkozy looked at the sky and felt that he should also rest. The two of them agreed to meet up in Noxus Town if they had time before heading off on their own.

Old man Sarkozy first entered the Magic Refill Station and added some standardized Magic Crystals for his small transport Magic Car. At the same times, he also bought some daily necessities and food so that he would have enough supplies for the next few days.

Although this place was in the Mirando Duchy and wasnt that far from the Norton Duchy, being over two thousand kilometers away from the Stantine Duchy, the Magic Refill Stations were no different from the other ones. Not only was it a complete store, there was also a Magic Water Pump that provided clean running water.

Old man Sarkozy just used the water to wash his face and rinse his mouth. Seeing that the open area by the Magic Refill Station was occupied by Laudsack and the others, he prepared to head back to his small transport Magic Car to sleep.

When he came out of the washroom, he suddenly saw a group of people coming into the Magic Refill Station.

The large man in charge looked over the group of workers on the open ground outside the Magic Refill Station before loudly saying, "The Macarin Chamber of Commerce is recruiting people, the lowest wage is at least twelve gold coins a month! If anyone is willing, come with me now!"

Old man Sarkozy was surprised before revealing a smile.

Hei, it seems like there was a good play.

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