Magic Industry Empire Chapter 752

Volume 5 Chapter 103 Strong Reaction

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Volume 5 Chapter 103 Strong reaction

Xu Yi knit his brows.

It had been less than half an hour since Evitas Magic Airship had gone out, which mean that it was no more than thirty kilometers away that she discovered the transport fleet.

In a place that was this close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, there was someone who dared to attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet. Did they not want to live?

"Evita, send the location of the transport fleet and give me the concrete situation. Do you need support from the guard fleet?" Xu Yi coldly said.

Evitas soft voice came from the other side of the call.

"Its strange..theyve stopped. Sir chairman, there should be no problem. The blockade of the transport fleet has been dispersed, it seems like theyre giving up on attacking."

"Ah? Want to run?" Xu Yi gave a cold laugh, "Evita, give my order to Narvil. Have him send out the guard ships of the transport fleet and catch one or two ships for me. I want to see who is so bad that they would actually dare attack our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Also, track the ships in the sky and see where they are planning to escape, I will send another Magic Airship to follow you."

"Understood." Evita replied.

Her voice came from the Magic Communicator again after a while.

"Sir chairman, Narvil has already received the order. He wants to ask, do you want to catch everyone on the ship?"

"No need, just catch a few people to interrogate, theres still many people here waiting for the transport fleet."


Putting down the Magic Communicator in his hand, Xu Yi looked to the southwest skies again. He found another Magic Airship flying in the sky, flying towards Evitas Magic Airship like a dark cloud.

This Magic Airship was most likely commanded by Akali. It had been finished for less than two months and not all the tests had been finished yet.

But Evitas teams accumulation of the Magic Airship could be seen. This kind medium Magic Ship, whether it was in terms of performance or quality, there were no problems at all. According to Evitas report, they could even enter the mass production stage.

The reason why only one came out was to be discreet.

With the strength of the guard fleet and the Magic Airship, there was no need to worry about this.

Xu Yi stopped looking at the sky and turned around. He found that the chairmen were all staring at him with curious gazes.

"Everyone, lets sit back down first. Theres a bit of an accident with the fleet, but it wont affect it much. I think that theyll be here in another hour. Its a good thing that its noon right now, so I think that everyone should be hungry. Ive already prepared lunch for us, so how about everyone have some lunch with me?" Xu Yi said with a smile.

Everyone looked at each other and the first fat middle aged person to ask Xu Yi a question pointed at the Magic Communicator in his hand, "Chairman Xu, if Im not wrong, this should be your Frestech Chamber of Commerces newly developed long distance Magic Communicator, right?"

Although the Magic Communicator had already been developed, Xu Yi felt that its limitations were too much, so he had never promoted it to the market and sold it.

Although these other chairmen had already heard about this and asked about the Magic Communicator, they never actually used it, so they were very curious about it.

Now that they had seen Xu Yi talking to someone through this Magic Communicator, there was a strong curiosity evoked in them.

"Yes." Xu Yi nodded and raised the Magic Communicator in his hand to show everyone, "This Magic Communicator is our third generation Magic Communicator. It can now directly talk to someone with a Magic Communicator from five thousand kilometers away."

Everyone gave a gasp.

"God! Its actually five thousand kilometers, this is too amazing!"

"Yes, the only things that could achieve this before were Arch Magi using spatial communication arrays, right?"

"Could it be that this Magic Communicator is using a High Grade Magic Array?"

"Its no wonder the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is never willing to sell it. With a High Grade Magic Array, the price must be terrifying."


Hearing everyones discussion, Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

It was because the use of the Magic Communicator wasnt good enough, so he didnt sell it to the public. He never expected that this Magic Communicator would leave such a great impression on the hearts of everyone here.

Only Arch Magi could use spatial communication arrays?

Stop joking, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only had Camilla as the only Arch Magus.

Xu Yi had never heard Arch Magus Camilla raise this spatial communication array before, he might not even know it.

But Xu Yi wasnt planning on explaining it to them.

Letting them think that the Magic Communicator is mysterious was also good. When it was time to release the Magic Communicator to everyone, they wouldnt mind if the price was a bit higher.

After he finished lunch with these people, Xu Yi received the report that the transport fleet was back safely.

Narvil didnt have a single trace of a fierce battle and Xu Yi didnt ask anything. He just followed the flow and entertained the representative from the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom the Frestech Chamber of Commerce invited. He also brought a representative of the fleet and let them all meet with the various chairmen.

Before they had begun discussing, the chairman had been wary towards the Nozdormu Business Union, but after meeting them and seeing the various precious commodities the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom representative brought, everyone saw the large business opportunity hiding here.

So after a single afternoon of discussions, at the banquet the Frestech Chamber of Commerce held for the representative that night, everyone was very happy and there was a harmonious atmosphere.

In this situation, not many people noticed that the host of the banquet had changed to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces CEO Kennard and the chairman Xu Yi had disappeared without a trace.


"Sir chairman, weve already got these fellows to confess. They all came from a kingdom on the sea that is around five hundred kilometers to the northwest of here called the Crusch Kingdom." The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard captain Hart reported to Xu Yi.

"Crusch Kingdom?" Xu Yi knit his brows, "Why have I never heard of this kingdom before?"

In front of him, there were several young men who were beaten like dogs. They were the people who Narvil had captured from the boats that attacked the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet.

After these fellows were caught, Hart had led people to interrogate them and now they had learned some things from them.

Xu Yi wasnt doubting whether the confessions Hart got were true because the elf guard captain Furio had used Illusion Magic so they could only speak the truth.

"This..Sir chairman, you might not have heard of the Crusch Kingdom, but you might have some impressions of the Crusch Pirates." Hart said.

"Crusch Pirates?" Xu Yi knit his brows to think before shaking his head, "I still have no impression."

"Alright, this Crusch Kingdom has occupied a large part of the sea five hundred kilometers to the northwest. Their name is the Crusch Thousand Island Union Kingdom. To put it bluntly, its a bunch of pirate groups living on different islands coming together. What this Crusch Kingdom does the most is steal on the seas, so they cant be considered a real kingdom." Hart said with a look of despise.

"Is that so? Then why dont I have any impression of them?" Xu Yi doubtfully said.

"Because they are mainly active in the northern seas of the continent, they never come south, so its normal that you havent heard of them before."

Xu Yi became even more doubtful, "Since its like this, why would they suddenly come stealing from our companys transport fleet? Could it be that they dont steal enough in the north?"

Hart and Furio on the side looked at each other, their gazes were a bit strange.

"Sir chairman, according to the confessions we got, these fellows seem to have been..instructed by someone to come and steal from our companys transport fleet."

Xu Yi was surprised before narrowing his eyes to think. Then he said with a cold snort, "That means..our company has offended someone and they sent these pirates to steal from us?"

Hart shook his head and said in a helpless voice, "These fellows are only small fish, they dont know much, so we couldnt ask anything."

"Its just a group of cannon fodder, theres no meaning in questioning them." Xu Yi thought for a bit before giving a clap and taking a breath to say, "Alright, since we cant ask anything from them, well just find fellows who know more to question. Hart!"

Hart was surprised before he stood at attention and loudly replied, "Here!"

"This time the transport fleet being attacked this closely means our company hasnt shown enough strength. As the guard captain, I hope that you can draw up a defense plan as soon as possible to protect the seas around our company. We cant let any ships enter without the permission of our company, can you do this?"

Hart was silent for a bit, "Sir chairman, this might increase the investment needed."

"Money isnt a problem." Xu Yi waved his hand.

"Alright, no problem."

Xu Yi nodded before continuing, "Other than this, immediately assemble the second guard fleet and work with the coast guards to attack this whatever Crusch Kingdom."

"Ah?" Hart and Furio were surprised.

They never thought that Xu Yi would actually react this strongly to this matter.

It was just a transport fleet being robbed and it didnt even succeed. The other side had been beaten away by the guard ships and sir chairman wanted to move the guard fleet and the coast guards to attack this Crusch Kingdom?

Wasnt this reaction..too strong?

"No, it isnt strong at all. Theres actually such a large pirate group less than five hundred kilometers away from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, this cant be allowed. Now that they have rashly come to offend our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, if we dont teach them a lesson, wouldnt people think that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce was easy to bully?" Xu Yi said with a cold snort.

Hart and Furio looked at each other, thinking that sir chairman wasnt wrong at all.

But because of this matter, he was going all out to attack a kingdom in name…

No matter what, wasnt this too much?

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