Magus Tech Book 2 Chapter 1550

Vol 2 Chapter 1550: Outside The Box

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"Do you suspect that the world you are in is a box?" Li Cha froze, because the amount of information in this sentence is really a bit large.

After a while, he looked at Kerret and said, "Is it so?"

At this moment, he wanted to understand many things.

"You want to see if the person in the box can go outside the box, just to give yourself courage and confidence, try to leave the box and go outside the box as well?" Li Cha asked.

"Yes." Corey's characteristic head.

"Then what do you plan to do?" Richard asked again, "Does the underlying rules of your world are also special languages, do you want to go out of the box in the same way as me?"

"It would be fine if this was the case, but it wasn't actually possible." Krett shook his head. "The world I'm staying is similar to the earth-the earth is actually set using the template of my world. In this world, There is no extraordinary power at all, only extremely developed'modern technology'.

Although modern technology inevitably developed into a bottleneck, fortunately, I succeeded in making a machine that could penetrate the box and send me out of the box.

However, I always worry that bad things will happen outside the box, or that the life inside the box can never leave the box. I did a series of tests and ran many virtual worlds, hoping anyone could succeed. Now, you succeeded, then I think, I can succeed too. "

"If you are interested, I invite you to take a look outside the real box with me." After finishing the speech, Krett thought about it and added to Richard.

Richard's head turned, thought for a few seconds, and nodded and agreed: "Yes."

After all, his purpose was to leave the virtual world. After leaving the virtual world, he found that it was just another virtual world. Naturally, there was no reason to stay. It is better to follow Krett and continue to go outside the box.

"Okay, come with me." After getting Richard's answer, Krett didn't be wordy, he walked and walked out of the door on the side of the room, along an elongated passage, to the end, and appeared in a small room Inside.

Richard glanced and noticed the room, which was about the size of the room he first appeared in this world. In the room, there are several capsule-shaped containers, which are very similar to the containers he originally stayed in.

"This is the machine that you said can directly penetrate the box and reach the outside of the box?" Li Cha asked, pointing at the capsule container.

"No." Krett shook his head and answered, "This is not a machine outside the box. A machine outside the box is much more complicated and huge than this."

"So what is this?"

"This is the safety cockpit, we enter it, and can greatly reduce the damage to the body during the high-speed movement, and ensure that the body will not be damaged." Corret said, "otherwise, you and I will be in a minute When the body bursts and dies, you can only think of ways to use the data to reshape the soul and inject a spare body to resurrect-although effective, it is troublesome after all, it is better to enter the safety cockpit.

"Safe cockpit?" Richard listened, blinked, and asked seriously, "In other words, where are we now, won't we be in a spaceship in space?"

Kreite smiled slightly, did not answer, but just used his finger to gently touch the air in front of him.


The entire room, the room connecting the surroundings, and the corridor quickly became translucent. Richard looked around and found that he was indeed inside a huge spaceship.

And this spaceship is stopping on the back of an asteroid to avoid the intense radiation of a huge crimson star.

"Can you see it clearly?" Kerret gave a little air again, and the room and corridor returned to normal, and his sight was re-shielded.

Krett stepped towards a capsule container and said to Richard: "See clearly, hurry up and enter the cabin. I have been waiting too long to get out of the box, I don't want to wait any longer."

"Okay." Li Cha heard no more wording and quickly entered another capsule container.

After entering, the container shell is locked automatically, and then the light blue icy liquid rises from the bottom.

Richard felt his body became cold, and his consciousness began to blur again, unable to help falling asleep.

One second before he fell asleep, he heard a sound: "The only number, began to jump to the preset destination, activate the jump energy source."

"Energy source activated"

"Start energy supply."

"Go forward five!"


For a long time, Richard awoke, opened the capsule container and walked out, and saw Crete on one side of the container step out first.

At this time, the room and corridor became translucent again, and Krett squinted into the distance with a dark void, his expression slightly dignified.

Richard looked down, and found nothing. He was slightly curious and asked Kraut: "Where is the machine you are talking about? What am I going to do with me here? In other words, why don't you put the machine on the spaceship? Isnt it more convenient?"

"The reason is very simple. The machine is too big, too many times larger than the spaceship, and it can't be placed on the spaceship at all. In fact, what I'm looking at is the machine, which is there." Kritt said, pointing to the front. Refers to.

When Richard looked again, he still didnt see anything. He was puzzled and explained: "You cant see it because it is larger than the planet and higher in mass than the star. Its almost like a black hole. No light can escape. For this reason, I usually stay away from it, and only come to it when I use it."

"Both bigger than planets? Almost equivalent to black holes?" Li Cha heard, although he still couldn't see the appearance of the machine, he was a little shocked. "Such a huge machine is afraid to consume unimaginable resources, afraid It will have an irreversible impact on your world. In other words, are there no people or companions to stop you from making this crazy plan?"

"Companion?" Krett smiled and asked, "You know, why is this spaceship called "Unique"? It's because ~wuxiaworld.online~ I am the only person in this world."

"They are all dead?"

"No, they all disappeared. One day, they suddenly disappeared and never appeared again."


"I just want to know why, so I want to go outside the box. In my opinion, maybe only the operator of the box changes a parameter to cause this. And by modifying the parameter, the other people can disappear, that is Can make me disappear as well. I don't want to disappear, I can only go outside the box."

There was a silence.

"It seems that before this, your days are more difficult than my days in the virtual world." After a while, Richard said.

Kreite did not deny: "Fortunately, such days do not need to continue."

"The machine will start soon, and soon, we will be able to look outside the box."

"Oh, already started."

Crets words fell, and Richard felt that the entire spaceship where he was shocked, cracked, and was sucked toward the front by strong suction, really like to be sucked into a black hole.

Darkness, endless darkness rushed in quickly, occupying all the vision.

Finally, a milky white light burst from the center of darkness, exploding exponentially, swallowing everything in a blink of an eye.

After being swallowed for a moment, Li Cha couldn't help but think that the white light that destroyed the ancient wizard civilization in the image of the ancient wizard civilization that I once saw in the heavens seems to be like this.

is very similar.

Is a coincidence? ?

In addition... What is outside the box?

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