Magus Tech Book 2 Chapter 1551

Vol 2 Chapter 1551: Inside The Box The Finale

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be quiet.

Quiet dream.

Then wake up from the dream.

Richard opened his eyes and looked around, and found that he appeared on a bench in a modern urban street. The streets were full of people and traffic, and it was very lively.

Krett was right next to him, slowly got up, frowned and looked around, then walked into the street a little confused.

A black car quickly approached from a distance, getting closer and closer to Kered, and issued a sharp whistle, trying to make Kerit dodge.

Kritt looked around, saw the car suddenly froze, and stood still without moving.

Richard quickly stepped forward and pulled the other party back just before Corret was hit.


The black car drove past with a whistle, and there was a faint voice in the car.

"No long eyes... neuropathy!"

Kreed continued to stare, looking at everything around him, his eyes full of doubts, and touched the bench next to him, and whispered: "This is outside the box? Outside the box, is this?"

After turning his head, he looked at Richard and asked, "Are we really outside the box? Or somewhere else?"

Richard did not answer, noticed a leaflet on the ground, picked it up and read it, and then handed it to Kerret.

Kred is puzzled.

"Look at the above." Li Cha reminded.

Kred looked like he found that the above was just ordinary advertising content, promoting a store. There are pictures, slogans, addresses, and contact information. Apart from that, there are no other things.

"How?" Cored looked puzzled.

"Can't you see it yet?"


Richard said aloud: "Do you know... I have a bold guess now, but I need to confirm it."

"Well? How to confirm?"

"Come with me, you will know right away." Richard said, and left.

Kreid frowned, a little hesitant, but finally kept up.

Followed Richard all the way, and after a dozen minutes, he reached a crooked alley.

Kreed asked Richard, "What do you want me to do here? Could you confirm your guess here?"


"How to do it?"

"You are good." Richard looked deep into the alley and shouted, "Manny, come out!"


With a cry of cats, a skinny little black stray cat ran out, saw Li Cha stunned for a while, and then quickly approached, rolling continuously at Li Cha's feet, making an intimate look.

Li Cha looked at the cat for a long time, and finally took a deep breath, showing a completely enlightened expression on his face, as if everything was figured out.

"Well, a cat?" Kerritt asked, "A cat can confirm your guess?"

"Don't you understand yet?" Richard looked at Kerret, "Why is a stray cat inexplicably intimate with me? Because, I have raised it."

"Have you been raised? Where?"

"Of course it is the earth." Richard looked at Krett and spread his hands. "Did you not see it yet? The place where we are now is the earth."

"Earth?!" Krett lost his voice, "But Earth, isn't it the virtual world I set up? How...how did I get out of the box and reach Earth again?"

"Because this earth is the real earth, and it is another new box you arrive after you leave the box."

"New box? Do you mean, outside the box, or the box?"

"Why not? I left a box and arrived at the box you are in. Why did you leave the box, why can't you go to another box? You said, you created a virtual earth using your world as a template Using the real earth as a template, you created your world.

You said that you created me, so your name is Richard, and I am also named Richard. In fact, I also created you. I named the cat Manny, and I named you MannyRichard Mannybefore you created me, I actually created you. "

Krett: "..." Silent for a long time.

After a long time, he looked up at the sky and blinked and asked, "In this case, layer by layer... how many layers of boxes exist?"

"The number of layers of the box may be far beyond your imagination."

"That..." Krett looked at Richard, "Doesn't that mean that there is no possibility of getting rid of the box at all?"

"It's true." Li Cha spread his hand, "Because even if you walk out of the last layer of the box and reach the world outside the real box, you can never be sure whether it is a bigger box."

"That means, we can never control our own destiny and can only be manipulated by the presence outside the box like a puppet?"

"That's not necessary?"

"But you said, we can't get out of the box."

"We can't get out of the box, but we can go into the box."


"The correct path is not to go out, but to go in." Richard said, "Why should I create you, then let you create me, why should I use the real earth template to create your world, and then use your world Create a virtual earth? Just to go deeper into the box, just to make the box more layers."

"has no meaning?"

"It makes a lot of sense. Have you heard a sentence, my vassal vassal is not my vassal. Therefore, the box in the box is not a simple box. As the number of boxes increases, the outer box affects the inner box The force will become weaker and weaker until there is no more. Then, the box that lives in the deepest, even if it is free from the control of the outermost box."

"My vassal vassal, not my vassal? Can I get rid of control?" Krett muttered to himself, looking at Richard for a long time, "Just as you said, but I still have one thing Understand-you said that our existence is to make more boxes to get rid of the control of the outermost box, so how can we break through the box? Isnt it making trouble?"

"This kind of situation is actually normal. It breaks out of the box and is part of the plan." Li Cha replied, "Because designing the box from scratch, there are always many defects, which requires you to withdraw from the box from time to time. Make corrections to get a perfect box. Countless perfect boxes are combined, superimposed, and nested together to form a complex and tight system to truly fight the outermost box."

Kritt listened to his thoughts and said for a moment: "Well, I admit that you are very logical, but even then, this is just logic. Through a cat, I can't convince me that I need you... "

Kreite spoke and stopped suddenly, because he saw the clouds in the sky began to gather without warning, and quickly blocked the sun in the sky, then changed into a giant umbrella shape, just "supporting" Richard's head.

"Boom" ~wuxiaworld.online~ The lightning flashed, and a thunderbolt fell on a sunny day, falling on the palm of Richard, condensing into a purple thunder ball.

Holding a purple thunder ball, Richard looked at the somewhat surprised Creat and said: "In fact, you can do the same. I created you, you created me, and you and I are the outer box "I" Part, so we all have the ability to manipulate the box on this floor."

After speaking, Richard directly threw the purple thunder ball in his hand to Kerret.

Kreite was shocked, but still caught it out of reason, and later found that he seemed to have the ability to control the thunder ball. After thinking for a while, I shoved the thunder ball violently, and with a "pop" sound, the clouds gathered in the sky quickly dissipated and the sun reappeared.

The sun cast again, and the expression on Kryte's face was so original that the doubts in his eyes had all been eliminated.

took a deep breath and looked at Richard: "Well, I have believed it. So what do we do next?"

"Next?" Richard stretched out his hand, a faint golden light came out of his fingertips, and said slowly, "Next, of course, all we have to do is try to make a perfect box, and of course, create one...fully in line with our imagination. The ideal world.

Once you have any regrets, you can make up for it, you can try any ideas, this is where the fun lies. Try your best to imagine..."

"Let's start creating..."

"First there must be light..."

As the words fell, the golden light on Richard's fingertips was suddenly bright, and the sun lost its color for an instant.

(End of three changes).

(End of this volume)

(end of the book)

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