Magus Tech Chapter 1634

: Extra Reunion

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The dark sky enveloped the earth, and huge white bones were inserted obliquely into the depths of the soil for thousands of kilometers, like a ladder leading to the sky. It is difficult to imagine what kind of creature died in order to leave such a spectacular corpse.

Around the white bones, there are dense skeletons, there is a faint fire burning in the eye sockets, staggering walking, no clear direction, and no clear goal.

A huge black shadow rose from the horizon far away, a bit like a bone dragon, but before it rose to a high level, it was stabbed by a flying white bone spear and screamed and fell to the ground.

The dust rose, and a white bone horse appeared. The horse was riding a tall skeleton, and the fire in the eyes almost spread to the outside. The skeleton holds a bone-boned spear in each of its left and right hands, and there are six arms behind it. Five arms hold the same spear. It is obvious that the bone-boned spear was thrown out by an empty hand.

Tall skeleton riding a white bone warhorse, quickly approaching the dying bone dragon, several hands began to charge, ready to throw more white bone lances to kill the bone dragon, looks murderous, like the only **** in the world.

The above picture was carefully drawn on a white paper.

White paper was laid on the table in a huge room. The eight-armed skeleton Anan sat at the table. The eight arms were holding paintbrushes and were dealing with some details.

For example, is the skull head in the painting a bit bigger, should the blaze in the eyes be more turbulent, and the bone dragon should be larger to highlight the heroic spirit of the skull...


Anam, an eight-armed skeleton, is constantly drawing.


Pandora walked over with a step, glanced at the picture, and grabbed it.

Anan, an eight-armed skeleton, looked up and looked at Pandora, his eyes puzzled.

Pandora replied with a straight face: "No need to draw anymore, give up, it is impossible to achieve. Why, you want to reproduce that what the Nimmans death civilization can't do? As a skeleton, you like a world with bones, understandable, But now is to seek the opinions of everyone in order to create a perfect new world, what do you like to hand this over?"

The eight-armed skeleton waved eight arms and protested: Why is it not so ridiculous, he felt very good.

"The protest is invalid, it's okay, think about it again." Pandora said, politely grouping the paper into a group and throwing it into the corner.

On the side of the table, the old lich who was also painting, looked at this scene, quietly put away the paper, and replaced it with a new piece of paper to repaint.

On the other side, the magic pattern puppet Bibi is immersed in his own world and is not interested in everything outside.


After a few minutes, Bibi finished painting, picked up a thick stack of hundreds of drawing papers, and ran to Pandora: "Hey, Pandora, take a look at my creativity."

Pandora took it, looked one by one, then frowned a little.

After reading more than a dozen photos, Pandora couldn't help but pointed to a black square on the paper that was black and could not see anything at all and asked, "What is this?"

"Bread blame." Bibi said seriously.


"Bread Monster!" Bibi explained solemnly, "It's a monster with bread all over it. It's not threatening at all, but it tastes great. We usually live in the wild. We can eat if we are hungry. If we can't finish eating, we can let go. In a few days, it will be able to grow the eaten part, and then grab it to eat. How?

Pandora: "..." The expression on his face was somewhat distorted, as if he was trying to endure something.

"The rest of your paintings are similar, too?" Pandora asked.

"Yes." Bibi warmly introduced, "You see, this one is a sausage monster, this one is a milk monster, this one is a steak monster, this one is... Bang, oops!"

Half said, Bibi was hit **** the head and could not help crying.

Covered his head and looked at Pandora in aggrieved way: "Why are you hitting me?"

"What do you say!" Pandora didn't have a good air. "I emphasize again, soliciting the opinions of you and the rest of the people. It's not that you can imagine anything. It must be reasonable. Don't take out anything like sausage monsters and milk monsters. I reviewed it. Think about it with your brain. If it's really realized, the sausage will be running all over and the milk will flow in the river. What will the new world look like?"

"It looks normal." Bibi still insisted on her own opinion, and then was hit hard again.

"Bang, oops!"

Bibi is finally honest.

In the distance, many people on the table are honest.

On a piece of paper in front of Gro, it was written: Hope, in the new world, you can become the most powerful person.

After watching Bibi's encounter, he quietly erased this line of words, and thought of it and changed it to: Hope, in the new world, it is better than now.

added later: Well, yes, in the new world, it would be better not to have Nancy.

As soon as I finished writing, I felt a sharp gaze looking at him, and then a murderous voice rang out: "Why, you just hate me so much? Its kind of interesting, I dont see it usually, is it that you dont have the guts, or Doesn't have guts, or does it not?"

"..." Gro didn't dare to speak, watching his paper snatched away by Nancy next to him, and then the "don't" in the middle of the last line was turned into: Uh, yes, in the new world , Preferably Nancy.

Paper is returned.

Nancy patted Gro on his shoulder, his face full of smiles, his smile full of murderous, said: "You are waiting for Ha, our business, it is not so simple. I am bullying you in this world is very restrained, to the new world? , Huh, let's see."

Grou's face twitched, and the whole person didn't dare to move.

Outside the room, there are more people thinking and writing their opinions.

In a magnificent room, Sherlock was lying on the soft bed and was being fed grapes by Lucia the little maid.

After feeding a bunch of grapes, Lucia asked aloud, "Master, what should we write?"

"Write what, uh... let me think about it..." Sherlock thought for a second and replied, "Just leave it as it is."


"After all, there is nothing to improve, isn't it?" Sherlock said, "At least I think that our life is already happy enough, there is no need to add anything, don't be too greedy as a person."

"Well, just write it as it is."

In a small courtyard.

In the study, the sorceress Circe looked at a blank sheet of paper on her desk, and she was a little enchanted. She thought a lot, but wrote nothing.

Next to , on another small desk, the justice girl Nelly wrote very quickly, and the writing of "sand rustle" was non-stop, and sometimes a silly smile appeared on her face.

Catwoman Heidi glanced curiously at Nellyd's paper, hoping to have some reference, but the next moment Nelid was blocked by her hand, and then a serious warning: "No peeping, Write your own!"

"Okay." Heidi lowered her head helplessly, thinking hard.

In a loft.

"Click, click, click..."

Female apprentice Jessica, used big scissors to tirelessly cut Popovich with green hair.

Popbovich looked at the blank paper in front of him seriously, and then solemnly wrote: I hope that everyone in the new world does not have long hair.

"Teacher!" next to Jessica exclaimed.

"Huh?" Popovich turned his head to look at Jessica, realized a few seconds later, quickly changed to: Hope that all men in the new world do not have long hair. Well, baldness is fine.

After writing the word , the door of the attic was knocked.


The voice is dull and powerful.

Popbovi opened the door in doubt, and saw a tall bald man in a red robe standing outside, watching him slowly say: "My name is Abel, I think we may have something to talk about."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Popovich puzzled. "We don't seem to know... Ah!"

The question was not finished yet, he was pulled out by the other party, and then the scream of Popobovi was heard outside the door.


In an underground hall.

Five people sat around a white bone table, each with a piece of white paper in front of them.

The first one is the head of the Truth Club wearing a golden robe, Rommel, seriously wrote on the paper: I hope that the new world will have no nuclear weapons.

The second is that the truth in white robe will take charge of the Dead Sea, and he wrote on the paper seriously: I hope that there will be no traitors in the new world.

The third is that the truth society in black robe is in charge of gray fog, and seriously wrote on the paper: I hope that the new world, there is no... well, no sky.

The fourth one is the truth club in grey robe, who is in charge of Hongyue, and wrote on the paper seriously: I hope the new world... respect the old man.

The fifth one is the truth director in the red robe, who is in charge of the wind, seriously writing on the paper: I hope the new world, give me more opportunities to play, after all, I am the strongest director, there is no one!

Five people just finished writing, and suddenly a person walked in and threw a piece of paper on the bone table. They couldn't refuse to say: "Remove everything you wrote and replace it with the content on this piece of paper."

The five people were stunned, looking at the person who walked in, they saw that they were an old man with wrinkles on his face, and it was the true **** of the truth societyGaoge.

As for the content of the paper, it is very simple: the truth will be good, it must be kept as it is.

looked at the five people, and looked strange. Rommel first opened his eyes and looked at Gao Ge: "My god, actually... I kind of hope that there will be no more truth meeting in the new world, after all...it's useless."

"Well." The Dead Sea nodded, "Reconsideration."

"Reconsideration." The same gray fog.

"Reconsideration." Hongyue also said, explaining, "I just want to take a good rest."

"I'm as good as you wrote, true god." Foehn said a little differently.

raised his eyebrows, and looked at Foufeng with some appreciation. He smiled and said, "I'm right, you are my most loyal man."

"That, my god, I haven't finished it yet." Foehn added, "I can indeed write the same as you, but I have a condition."

"Conditions, what conditions?"

"That is, if it is really realized, change me to be the true God, you come to be my men. After all, I have been serving you for so long, you should always give me a little reward, right?"

"You!" Gorge's eyes glared up, and he reached for Foehn. "You are a rebellion! You are just a dog and want to be the master! You... ah!"

Gog's words were not finished, just a scream, and he was hit **** the stomach with a blow from Fofeng, and then was pinched by the neck and pressed on the table.

"My God, looking at the past, I will give you another chance to reorganize the language..." Fenfeng said angrily.

Gao Ge suffocated his face, and looked to Rommel for help. As a result, Rommel escaped very neatly. Hongyue also put away the paper and pen on the table, and the province was damaged.

Gog: "You...you..."

Outside the lobby, there are more people writing their opinions.

Machu: I was wrong. Please take back all my lucky abilities in the New World. Who will return it to whom?

Frank: I'm fine, and I am very satisfied with my life now, as long as the New World doesn't take back my previous doom ability and continue to stay on that kid.

Blood Princess Jasmine: May the real blood of my royal family last forever, may my kingdom of Sika live forever.

Army God Sauron: May my majesty live forever, may my great Soma alliance endure forever, and may destroy all enemies with our country.

Brown Bear Emperor Peter: Actually... my life span is similar to that of normal people. If I can die old, I am satisfied.

Macbeth from Shiraishi High Tower: I hope New World has delicious marmalade, and I hope New World will meet her again.

The profiteer Alex from the Shiraishi Tower: Nothing is required, only ancestor peace, only ancestral graves will not be dug.

Miss Anne from St. Louis City: I hope that in the new world, I can be a simple girl without worries.

Princess Ruth from the Black Holy Mountain Kingdom: I hope that in the new world, I will save less money, less fiances, and less shame.

Green from the rest of the plane: I hope that in the new world, I can have many good friends and protect the forest with me.

From tinwood still working part-time: That... a little girl called green, can I go to your forest, I am really working part-time.

Gregory from the forest: The place in the forest is full, don't come, unless you can bring my abducted daughter together.

From Pandora who is reviewing many suggestions: I am busy, don't disturb me, or I will be killed at your own risk.

Ximu: Okay, can't I go to the forest? I suspect you are intentional.

Martin Luther King, Arthur Osheimer, Robert Albert, Tycho: Say a few words, we havent said yet...

Countless ordinary people from many other places...John, Johnson, Bob, Hans: We, and we, we have to say...

Someone has conflicts.

"Hans, how dare you write, to marry my wife in the new world?!"

"She is beautiful."

"She is beautiful and my wife, you are not allowed to think about it."

"Cut, at most he is your wife in this world, and in the new world, it depends on her willingness."

"I don't care, you change it immediately for me. If you don't change it, I will write about the new world. Your mother will be my daughter and I will be your grandfather!"

"Well? If my mother is your daughter, should you be my grandfather?"

"Then be your grandfather."

"Go! I did not agree, you shut up!"

"Then let me change it first!"

"to not fix!"

"Then I will not shut up, I want to be your grandfather and your grandfather."

"Then I will kill you, eat me a punch!" The man named Hans, speaking, flew a foot, kicked on the other man's face, the two quickly beat into a ball.

Similar situation, many places have ~wuxiaworld.online~ a high mountain.

Richard sat on a rock on the top of the mountain, squinting into the distance, as if he saw everything in the world, with a smile on his face.


Footsteps sounded, and Krett climbed up from behind Richard and stood beside Richard, reminding Richard: "Hey, you don't care, because soliciting opinions, many people in your world are fighting."

"Let them fight, I have limited the fighting power of many of them, and no big deal will happen."

"I'm talking about this. I can't kill people like this, it's boring."

Richard: "..."

turned his head to look at Krett and asked, "You seem to be idle? Your new world has been created?"

"How is it possible?" Krett laughed at himself. "How long has it been since I didn't even build a framework? I have now found that creating the world is not as simple as imagined. It takes a long time and a long time for a small detail. Moreover, the more you pursue perfection, the more painful you are. Where have you been in your creative world?"

"Almost, almost." Richard stood up and squinted into the distance, his smile on his face thickened. Before, he hardly laughed much, but now he is laughing more and more.

He smiled and said: "Wait for a while, you will see the new world I want to create. Believe me, it is a world that is not absolutely perfect, but absolutely beautiful."

"Well, I look forward to it and look forward to visiting you in your new world next time."

"Well, I'll see you then."


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