Married To The Male Leads Brother Chapter 124

Chapter 123:

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At night, Lu Jue had just walked out after taking a shower with wet hair on his head. The next second, he was pulled back to the bathroom by Ning Zhi who was guarding the door.

"You want to dry your hair."

There is now a male nurse guarding the room to prevent Lu Jue from any bad situation at any time. Only the bathroom is secretive.

Lu Jue allowed Ningzhi to pull him back to the bathroom again, but he closed the door consciously and sensibly.

A pair of wet, black eyes stared at Ning Zhi in front of him, Lu Jue slowly shouted, "Zhizhi."

Ning Zhi put a dry towel into Lu Jue's hand, "wipe it myself."

Lu Jue took a quick look at her. He raised the towel and wiped his hair a few times at random.

"Go on." Ning Zhi motioned to him not to stop.

Lu Jue dulled his head and continued to wipe his hair.

After a while, Ning Zhi took out the towel from his hand. In his blank eyes, she gently helped him wipe the front bangs and the hair on both sides, "This is the right way to wipe."

Under the warm light, the look on Ning Zhi's small face was focused, and Lu Jue quietly looked at her from the corner of the light.

Knowing the gentleness.

"Don't go to bed later, let's go watch a movie and relax, okay?" There is not much time left. She hopes to accompany Lu Jue well in the limited time. He only stays in the room all day. It's too dull to stay in the corner.

Lu Jue blinked and stared at her blankly.

"I'll be with you, you don't have to worry." Ning Zhi put down the towel and took the initiative to hold his hand.

Her fingertips were thin and white, and her small hands were soft. She held Lu Jue's scarred, rough hand, and she got into his palm and clasped it tightly.

Lu Jue lowered his eyes and watched the big and small hands clasped together, his eyes lit up quietly.

The male nurse saw Lu Jue coming out of the bathroom with a mess of hair, then Lu Jue turned around and walked to the door of the room.

"Young Master Lu Jue? Are you going out?" The male nurse said in surprise.

At this time, after Lu Jue took a bath, he would automatically go to bed consciously.

Lu Jue didn't answer, he opened the door and let Ning Zhi pull it out.

Lu Jue's current situation is not suitable for going out, but the Lu family has a video room, so I'd rather take him there to watch a movie.

The male nurse recovered, he hurriedly chased him out, "Master Lu Jue..."

There is a large viewing screen in the audio-visual room, as well as a sofa and a coffee table. There is also a small refrigerator and a snack cabinet next to it, which is very convenient.

"Master Lu Jue? You want to watch a movie?" The male nurse was full of consternation. It was the first time he saw him walk out of the room since he was hired to take care of Lu Jue.

Lu Jue glanced at the male nurse unhappily. He always felt that this person was in the way. He just wanted to be with Zhizhi and didn't want other people to be there, "You go."

"Master Lu Jue, I can't leave. If you have any needs, just tell me." The male carer will not leave. If he leaves, and what happens to Lu Jue, the consequences are not something his employee can bear.

The male carer stood by the door.

"It doesn't matter, just let him guard." Ning Zhi smiled, anyway, after watching a movie, turn off the lights.

Ning Zhi shook Lu Jue's hand and asked him to choose a comedy. She hoped he would be happier.

After turning off the lights, the viewing room was darkened, leaving only the light from the screen.

The male nurse was a little worried, he kept staring indoors.

Ning Zhi sat on the sofa, she instructed Lu Jue to go to the refrigerator to get her a bottle of drinks and some snacks.

"Give Zhizhi." Lu Jue handed Ning Zhi the bottle of milk in his hand.

"You take it and feed me, I can't take it." The male carer kept staring. Although the indoor lighting is dim now, with the light of the screen, he can still vaguely see the situation here.

She didn't want the other party to be frightened by a floating bottle of yogurt.

Lu Jue heard Ning Zhi ask him to feed her. In the dimness, his dark eyes were a little bit shy, and at a loss, he stood aside nervously with his half-dry, messy hair.

"Sit down, the movie begins."

Ning Zhila Lujue sat down.

Lu Jue put the straw in the bottle, and he handed it aside, "Know how to drink."

Ning Zhi exchanged the time to touch the real object, she held his hand, lowered her head and inhaled, it was strawberry-flavored yogurt, sweet and sour and cold.

Lu Jue's eyes were faintly bright, he was feeding Zhizhi.

Ning Zhi took a few sips, "Thank you, you can drink too."

Ning Zhi leaned back in his chair and watched the movie that was released.

Lu Jue lowered his head and looked blankly at the yogurt that Ning Zhi had drunk in his hand. The corners of his lips were slightly raised jerky. He held the yogurt in both hands and drank the straw that Ning Zhi had touched obediently.

Fragrant, sweet, full of milk in the mouth.

It was very quiet next to him. Ning Zhi looked over and saw that Lu Jue was holding yogurt in his hands and drinking yogurt in his hands. He was too quiet and obedient.

However, Lu Jue's pale face still has a few red marks, which is so cute and pitiful.

She was cautious and trembled, and couldn't help leaning against him, "Is it good?"

After a while, Lu Jue nodded.

There were funny clips on the screen. Ning Zhi was next to Lu Jue and looked at the screen together. She didn't know if he could watch it.

In a blink of an eye, the hilarious scenes on the screen passed and turned into warmth. The male protagonist hugged the female lead, and the two gradually kissed in front of the hotel.

Ning Zhi didn't think there was anything in the plot, but there was another Lu Jue next to her. She turned her head and went to see him.

Lu Jue's expression was dull, and there was no change.

In the dim light, Ning Zhi held his hand, he did not dodge. She rubbed his finger and palm little by little with her fingertips, and felt several raised scars. She didn't know how the injury on his hand was caused.

"Lu Jue, don't do anything to hurt yourself in the future."

Lu Jue looked down at Ning Zhi. He was very used to living in the dark. In the dark, he was more comfortable than in the light. His eyes fell on Ning Zhi's small face.

Ning Zhis fingertips lightly scratched a scar on his palm, "Your head, your hands, your feet, and even your body are all mine. Wherever you hurt, wherever you bleed, its all mine. Is hurting me."

She pressed his hand to her chest, "You hurt yourself, you won't feel the pain, but mine will hurt here, it hurts to death."

"Do you understand what I said?" Ning Zhi was afraid of her leaving, and Lu Jue continued to harm himself.

Under Lu Jue's palm, it was soft and hot, and the tips of his ears were hot and very red.

Ning Zhi looked at him dumbfounded, she let go of his hand and rubbed his ears instead, "Have you heard? You are not allowed to hit yourself, bite yourself, hit the wall, hit the table, or take it. If you cut yourself with a knife, you just cant hurt yourself anyway, can you promise me?"

Lu Jue blinked.

"You hurt yourself once, I will cry once." Ning Zhi threatened, "Where you can't see, cry secretly, cry to death myself."

Lu Jue understood now, he panicked, and his eyes were a little anxious, "If you know if you cry, if you know if you die."

"Then you promise me."

"Promise to know." Lu Jue nodded obediently.

Ning Zhi asked him, "What did you promise me?"

"Don't beat yourself." Lu Jue looked at her, "I know I will cry."

"Yes, I will cry, and I will cry very sadly." Ning Zhi looked at Lu Jue seriously, her straight face, she trembled with care, and liked it miserably.

As the night darkened, the surroundings became quiet.

When sleeping, Lu Jue lay down on the bed. This time, he took the initiative to let go of most of the bed. It was obvious that he wanted to sleep with Ning Zhi.

Ning Zhi lay down, his body moved closer to her quietly.

Under the dim light, the corners of Lu Jue's mouth curled up slightly, and his dark eyes were very bright and bright.

He turned around and faced Ningzhi who was sleeping with his eyes closed.

He stretched out his hand, his warm fingertips gently touched Ningzhi's delicate eyebrows, and then slowly slid down, tapping the tip of her snow-colored nose.

Finally, the fingertips fell on Ning Zhi's little mouth.

Soft and red.

Lu Jue's fingertips were hot, he retracted his fingers and leaned his head over, learning the actions of the protagonist and the protagonist in the movie, he pressed his thin lips over.

It is fragrant, soft, and tastes too good.

Lu Jue seemed to have discovered something new and strange, he licked the corners of Ning Zhi's lips hurriedly over and over again.

In the dream, Ningzhi was held by a little milk dog with its two chubby paws. It groaned and tried to lick her face. The tail behind him was still wagging, and it was happily not working.

Ning Zhi's face was stained with saliva from the dog's hook, and it was soggy, she opened her eyes suddenly.

Before her eyes, a pair of beautiful peach blossoms blinked and blinked, and when she opened them, panic and tension rose in Peach blossom's eyes.

Ning Zhi's lips were wet by the kiss, and she realized that the puppy hook in her dream was Lu Jue.

The tips of Lu Jue's ears were red to the extreme. He didn't know why his chest was throbbing quickly. He retreated obediently, "Zhizhi."

Lu Jue liked to do such a thing, but he didn't know whether Ning Zhixi liked it or not. He felt that if she kissed her secretly, she might get angry.

The male carer was guarding on the sofa not far away, and the other party was forced to sleep, his eyes almost closed.

Ning Zhi thought that tomorrow was the third day, she pulled the quilt on the side and put it on her and Lu Jue's heads.

She turned over on top of Lu Jue, "I didn't kiss you like you did, I will teach you."

Under the quilt, Lu Jue's dark eyes became brighter and brighter and gradually widened.

He held his head up and looked at Ning Zhi longingly.

"Know, know, know..."

When the male carer heard the sound, he immediately cheered up, and saw that the quilt covered Lu Jue's head, and there was a little movement under the quilt, and the young master didn't know what to shout.

Ning Zhi blushed: "Don't make a noise!"

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