Married To The Male Leads Brother Chapter 125

Chapter 124:

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In the morning, Ning Zhi was awakened by the sound of words.

Mother Lu and Father Lu are here.

Every day they would watch Lu Jue take medicine and talk to him.

Today they were shocked to find that their son had taken the medicine extremely cooperatively, instead of letting the nurse suppress and force the medicine. They also listened to the nurse's report, and Lu Jue went to the movie room to watch a movie last night.

Mother Lu tried to suppress her excitement. She looked at her husband hopefully, "Xiao Jue has not had any illness in the past two days."

Lu's father Junya's face was not conspicuous, and the eyes were filled with joy, "Yes."

Mother Lu couldn't help reaching out to touch her son's unevenly cut hair. She was dodged. She still had a smile in her eyes, "Could it be that his condition has improved?"

Father Lu nodded, "It's possible. I'll have someone call the doctor tomorrow to see what's going on."

He turned his head and told the nurse: "If Xiao Jue does anything unusual, remember to report it to us as soon as possible."

After Father Lu and Mother Lu left the room, Ning Zhi walked to Lu Jue, "Morning."

Lu Jue looked at her, "Knowledge, medicine."

He told Ning Zhi that he had listened to her and took the medicine.

"Really good." Ning Zhi leaned close to him and kissed him rewardingly with a few red marks on his face.

Lu Jue's eyes lit up.

"When your condition recovers, you won't need to take medicine in a while." Ning Zhi hoped that Lu Jue's condition would improve and he didn't need to take medicine every day. After all, taking too much medicine is not good for the body.

Lu Jue nodded.

Ning Zhi glanced at the sky outside. The bright sunshine in the morning and the breeze made people happy.

"Lu Jue, I'll take you out for a walk, okay?" She remembered that the two servants had said that Lu Jue had been in the room for a long time.

Because he stayed indoors for a long time, his cold white complexion became pale, and he felt sick and weak, and the crusted wound on his face made him look even more pitiful.

She wanted to take him out for a walk and bask in the sun.

Ning Zhi reached out to lead Lu Jue, and he obediently got up.

"Master Lu Jue, where are you going?" As soon as the male nurse put the cup, he turned to see Lu Jue opening the door and walking outside.

The male nurse hurried to keep up.

Seeing Lu Jue suddenly coming downstairs, even Father Lu and Mother Lu, as well as the housekeeper and servants were all shocked.

"Xiao Jue, what are you... where are you going?" Mother Lu asked her son quickly.

Lu Jue didn't answer, he walked outside with Ning Zhi.

The weather today is very good, the sun is mild, and there is occasional breeze, which is very suitable for outings.

Lu Mu pulled Lu's father closely behind her son, "Xiao Jue is he taking a walk?"

She looked incredible.

Looking at his son walking slowly in front of him, Father Lu was also puzzled, "For whatever reason, it's a good thing that he is willing to go out and bask in the sun."

"Yes, it's a great thing." Lu Mu couldn't help being happy.

Ning Zhi didn't care that she and Lu Jue were followed by many people at this time. After all, Lu Jue's current situation, Mother Lu was not at ease, it was normal.

She took Lu Jue's hand and walked slowly in the garden.

It should be early summer now, the weather is not hot, and the flowers are blooming all over the yard. Looking around, there are large expanses of blooming flowers that are very beautiful and make people feel happy.

"The sun is very warm and the flowers are very fragrant. Lu Jue, you should go out more and not be trapped in the room all day."

Ning Zhi turned his head and looked at him, "You used to exercise every day, and you can't be lazy. You will resume morning exercise from tomorrow."

Lu Jue blinked and slowly said, "Knowledge, together."

Ning Zhi shook Lu Jue's hand tightly, "I can't accompany you anymore."

Lu Jue raised his eyes and glanced at her quickly, moved them away, and then took another look. The light in his eyes dimmed, as if he was asking why Ning Zhi could not accompany him.

To Shang Lu Jue's eyes, Ning Zhi couldn't bear to tell Lu Jue that she was leaving soon.

The corners of Lu Jue's lips were tightened, and he looked at Ning Zhi quietly.

"I'm leaving tonight."

Ning Zhi still said, every time she left before, she disappeared suddenly and didn't say goodbye to him because she knew that she and Lu Jue would meet again.

But this time is different, in this time and space, there is no her. Therefore, after she disappeared this time, she and Lu Jue probably had no chance to meet.

Lu Jue knew what it meant to leave.

He squeezed Ningzhi's hand tightly, his expression flustered and anxious, "I know if I will leave."

Ning Zhi's voice was very low, but it was enough for Lu Jue to hear, "I'm sorry."

"Don't go, don't go, don't go." Lu Jue's dark eyes were full of loss, and he looked at Ning Zhi pleadingly.

Ning Zhi dare not look into his eyes.

Lu Jue pressed his lips tightly, his wounded face almost lost his blood in the sun. He looked like an irritated little monster, let go of Ningzhi's hand, and ran away.

"Lu Jue!" Ning Zhi's fingertips rubbed the hem of his clothes, too late to grasp him.

"Xiao Jue, where are you going?"

Seeing her son suddenly spread her legs, the expression of the mother Lu who followed changed changed. She hurriedly shouted, "Hurry up, go and stop him."

The male nurse chased him immediately.

Ning Zhi panicked, she immediately ran after Lu Jue.

Lu Jue ran to the rockery in the backyard, holding a rock piled on the rockery in his hand, he smashed it into his arm.

There were many edges and corners and gravel on the stone, but just a moment, Lu Jue's arm was scratched and bleeding from the stone.

"Master Lu Jue." The male nurse hurried over.

Ning Zhi is not restricted by the air. Her pace is faster than that of a male carer. She ran forward and directly consumed ten little suns in exchange for time to contact the real thing.

She stretched out her hand to hold the stone in Lu Jue's hand, preventing him from slamming her on him again.

"Lu Jue, you promised me not to hurt yourself."

Looking at Lu Jue's black eyes, who had almost lost consciousness, Ningzhi's eyes blushed suddenly.

Her strength was less than Lu Jue's, her hand was firmly holding the stone, and her sharp edges pierced her delicate skin.

Others could not see, the blood on Ning Zhi's hand was stained on the stone.

"Zhizhi." Lu Jue woke up when he saw Ning Zhi's red eyes.

He threw away the stone and looked at Ning Zhi's red eyes and **** hands in a panic. He said anxiously: "I know if I cry, I don't cry."

Lu Jue stretched out his hand awkwardly and found that his fingertips were stained with dust. He quickly wiped the dust off his hands with the hem of his clothes before trembling to hold Ningzhi's bleeding hand, "Red, Zhizhi pain. "

"Master Lu Jue, your arm is injured."

"Xiao Jue!" Mother Lu rushed to her in embarrassment, seeing the bruise on her son's arm at a glance.

Lu Jue ignored no one, he tightened the corners of his lips, and looked anxiously at the blood on Ning Zhi's hand, which was bright red and dazzling.

His low voice was very dumb, and he said in a flustered manner: "Apply medicine, apply medicine to Zhizhi."

Just when Lu Jue was anxious to ask La Ningzhi to wipe the medicine, the next moment, Ningzhi's torn palm healed, and even the red blood on the palm disappeared.

Lu Jue stared at Ning Zhi's hand blankly, and saw that the wounds and blood stains on it were gone. He looked at Ningzhi's hand curiously again. After a while, he slowly said: "Okay, Zhizhi is fine."

Ning Zhi withdrew her hand abruptly, and she stared at Lu Jue, "You didn't do what you promised me. You just hurt yourself again."

Next to him, Mother Lu asked the male nurse to take her son back to give him medicine, "Xiao Jue, let's go back to the room first, and your hand hurts."

She couldn't understand what her son was yelling, but she didn't find it strange. Sometimes the son would talk to himself.

Lu Absolutely didn't listen to anyone else. He looked at Ning Zhi pitifully, seeing her red eyes, his fingertips trembling, and the position of his chest uncomfortable, "I know if I cry."

Ning Zhi did not speak, she turned and left.

Lu Jue hurriedly followed. His behavior scared Mother Lu to order the male nurse to chase Lu Jue.

She really didn't want to lock up her son or tie it up.

Ning Zhi returned to the room. She sat on the sofa, not looking at Lu Jue who was standing in front of her.

"Zhizhi, I was wrong." Lu Jue's tall body squatted down at Ningzhi's feet, and pitifully apologized to Ning Zhi, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was wrong."

He knew that he made Zhizhi angry, made Zhizhi injured, and crying Zhizhi, he was wrong, he made a big mistake.

Ning Zhi did not answer.

Lu Jue lacked words. His dark eyes looked at Ning Zhi stubbornly, and he could only repeat: "If you know if you cry, if you know if you leave."

Without a response, Lu Jue was like a little milk dog abandoned by his master, lost to the extreme.

He lowered his head, his slender and scarred fingers quietly pulled Ningzhi's hem, "I'm sorry, I wonder if I'm angry."

"Xiao Jue, hurry up, I'll rub the medicine for you." Mother Lu asked someone to bring the medicine box.

Ning Zhi said, "Your hand is injured, so apply the medicine first."

Hearing her words, Lu Jue quickly raised his head, "Zhizhi wipe."

Zhizhi help him wipe.

Lu Jue snatched the medicine box from Mother Lu's hand. In Mother Lu's surprised gaze, he took Ning Zhi to the bathroom and closed the door with a "slap".

"Xiao Jue?"

Mother Lu patted the door several times, looking worried, "What's the matter with this kid?"

"Maybe he wants to wipe the medicine by himself?" Father Lu comforted his wife and asked her not to worry. "Did he just say he wiped it?"

"It seems so." Mother Lu's tightened eyebrows loosened, "Will he apply medicine?"

"It's okay, let's wait outside first."

In the bathroom, Lu Jue graciously handed the medicine box to Ning Zhi, and looked at her eagerly, "Zhizhi wipe."

Lu Jue was very clever. After coming down twice, he realized that he was in the bathroom, knowing that he would have a close interaction with him.

Ning Zhi didn't answer, she opened the medicine box, took out the potion and cotton swabs, and began to help Lu Jue clean up the wound.

Lu Absolute himself really took a cruel hand. Not only was the skin scratched on his arm, it was also smashed red and purple. It is estimated that it will be bruised tomorrow, and he seems to have no idea it hurts.

It wasn't his fault, it was hers. She said she was leaving, which stimulated him.

Ning Zhi lightened his strength and helped Lu Jue apply the potion. Normal people had already cried out that it hurts, but Lu Jue didn't feel it at all.


Lu Jue's dark eyes looked at her quietly, his eyes touched her still red eyes, his chest felt very uncomfortable, as if he was scratched hard.

He stretched out his hands and held Ning Zhi's face, "I'm wrong if I know if I cry or not."

He was so bad that he cried and knew.

Lu Jue lowered his head. In Ning Zhi's surprised eyes, his handsome face approached her, and his thin, cool lips fell on Ning Zhi's eyes.

Ning Zhi closed his eyes subconsciously.

In the next second, a hot, moist touch came from the corner of her eyes, and Ning Zhi quickly realized that Lu Jue was licking her eyes!

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