Married To The Male Leads Brother Chapter 126

Chapter 125: End

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Lu Jue's movements were jerky and awkward, and Ningzhi's eyes were wet and greasy.

The warm breath fell on the tip of her nose, and she blushed.

"Lu Jue." She withdrew slightly back.

Opening his eyes, Ning Zhi met Lu Jue's eyes.

"You know, don't cry." Lu Jue's voice was muffled, and he learned to coax her, "Knowing whether to cry is ugly."

Ning Zhi couldn't laugh or cry, "You are not a kiss, you are a lick, where is there a relative like you? Are you a puppy?"

Lu Jue was extremely shrewd, his long eyes trembled, and he said, "I can't learn it, know me and teach me."

I haven't learned it last time, so I need to teach him a lot.

Ning Zhi saw the look he was expecting, she couldn't help but stretched out her hand to squeeze his face, "You are not stupid at all, you still know how to do me."

The corners of Lu Jue's lips curled up slightly, his ears were red under his short black hair, "No routine."

"Want to kiss?" Ning Zhi knew that Lu Jue liked to interact closely with her, and Lu Jue is no exception now.

After all, as long as it is the same person, his hobbies and habits will not change easily.

Lu Jue was honest and frank, "think."

Ning Zhi's eyes fell on Lu Jue's injured arm, "You didn't do what you promised me, so don't think about it."

Lu Jue was like a little milk dog who hadn't been rewarded, and his bright eyes darkened in a blink of an eye.

"Today's cause is me, I really want to leave."

"Do you know if you want to leave." Lu Jue immediately became anxious.

"Listen to me." Ning Zhi shook his hand. "I am leaving today. Even if I leave, what you promised me can't be dismissed because of my absence."

"I hear what I know." Lu Jue pursed his lips and sullen his face. He would be obedient.

Ning Zhi's hand stroked his face, "I said, if you hurt yourself, I will cry, and next time you hurt yourself, I will cry myself to death."

Lu Jue's scarred face gently rubbed Ning Zhi's palm, like a comforted Coyote, "It won't hurt, know if you cry."

Today, Ning Zhi's eyes were red, and the appearance of bleeding on his hands was enough to make Lu Jue scared and remembered deeply.

Ning Zhi's hand took the initiative to climb on Lu Jue's shoulders, "This is what you said, you must do it if you agree."

Lu Jue nodded obediently.

Ning Zhi stood on tiptoe and kissed him. She gently bit Lu Jue's thin white lips. The next second, Lu Jue snorted and begged Ning Zhi to kiss him again.

Behind him, in the large mirror, the figure of the two close to each other was reflected.

Seeing that the girl's slender and soft figure was pressed against the sink, her powerful arms controlled her thin waist, and she did not fall off.

I don't know how long it took. Father Lu and Mother Lu, who were waiting outside, were anxious. When they were about to knock on the door, the bathroom door opened.

Lu Jue walked out with the medicine box in his hand.

His dark eyes were shiny, his thin lips were red and dyed with water, and his neck was flushed from the base of his ears.

"Xiao Jue is out."

Mother Lu hurriedly looked at his arm. The scratched area was indeed wiped with the potion. She couldn't help but look happy, "Xiao Jue is really good. I wiped the potion by herself."

Next to him, Father Lu also showed joy in his eyes, and he told his son, "You can't touch the wound with water when you take a bath."

Ning Zhi's fingertips hooked Gou Lujue's hand, "Say I know."

Lu Jue blinked.

"You said you know." Ning Zhi taught him.

Lu Jue spoke slowly: "I know."

The son responded suddenly. Father Lu and Mother Lu looked at each other in surprise, seeing the shock and joy in each other's eyes.

At night, it got dark.

Ning Zhila Lujue walked out of the balcony.

There are many green plants outside, and a lot of flowers are blooming. There is a semi-circular hanging chair in the middle of the balcony. It may have been left for a long time, and the hanging chair was a little faded by the sun.

Ning Zhi sat in a hanging chair.

Lu Jue's tall body was sitting next to her, and he took up most of the narrow space in the first place.

The bodies of the two leaned on tightly.

The male caregiver guards the sliding door of the balcony to prevent Lu Jue from suddenly appearing.

Seeing Lu Jue sitting in a hanging chair, shaking his eyes at the stars, the male carer was very surprised. After taking care of Lu Jue for so long, he found that Lu Jue had changed too much recently.

There was a cool breeze in the night.

Ning Zhi dropped her legs and shook in mid-air. She looked up at the sky. The dark night was full of stars, and the surrounding was quiet.

Lu Jue lowered his eyes, and occasionally peeped at the girl next to him.

Ning Zhi turned her head and caught him with a glance. She smiled, held out her hand to hold Lu Jue's face, and faced her, "Let's show you, look upright."

Lu Jue's thin eyes trembled, his gaze fell on Ning Zhi's face timidly, and his gaze became longer and longer.

No matter when Lu Jue, he only sees her in his eyes, and only sees her.

Ning Zhi leaned close to Lu Jue, his handsome appearance reflected in his eyes.

At such a close distance, Lu Jue thought that Ningzhi was going to kiss him, his ears were red, the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked, and a small pear vortex appeared on his side, his eyes were full of expectation.

Ning Zhi smiled, she stretched out her hand and squeezed his face, "Why do you think about kissing all day?"

The long eyelashes trembled slightly, covering the shyness in Lu Jue's eyes.

Ning Zhi looked at the sky, the smile in her eyes gradually faded, "Lu Jue."

He raised his eyes to look at her.

"If I'm not here, you should laugh often. If you are unhappy, just find your parents. If you have anything, they will help you solve it. Don't do anything that hurts yourself."

Lu Jue was aware of something very sensitively. He immediately shook Ning Zhi's hand and clasped his fingers together, "I know if I want to leave."

"I'm sorry." Lu Jue died of self-harm in the night, and now it has passed the time of his death.

Her task is completed.

Lu Jue's thin lips were pressed tightly, and the blood on his cold white face almost faded.

Knowing that he was leaving, he was hurriedly at a loss.

Lu Jue lowered his head and anxiously pulled Ning Zhi's hem and his own hem, and began to knot.

His hands trembled, and he struck a dead knot hard.

Seeing that he and Ning Zhi were tied together, the panic in his eyes faded a little, "I know if I'm leaving."

He also stretched out his hand, hugged Ningzhi, hugged her tightly in his arms, buried his head on Ningzhi's shoulders, and rubbed pitifully, "I won't leave."

Ning Zhi's throat tightened, his eyes were sore and swollen, and gradually red, "I'm sorry, you promised me, you can't hurt yourself anymore, otherwise I will keep crying and crying where you can't see."

"Knowing, knowing..." Lu Jue's hands pressed hard and hugged her awkwardly.

No one can take away who knows him.

Ning Zhi's eyes were covered with water, and she hugged Lu Jue tightly. She turned her head and gently kissed the tip of his ear, "Lu Jue, goodbye."

In a blink of an eye, Ning Zhi's body gradually became transparent.

Lu Jue's arms were empty, the warmth faded, the fragrance faded, and it was empty.

The tight hem was loosened, and the corners of the clothes became crumpled.


The male nurse who was in a daze heard his young master's cry, and he hurried forward, "Master Lu Jue, what happened?"

The male nurse was shocked to find that Lu Jue's eyes were red.

He was crying.

At the same time, in the room on the first floor, Mother Lu held this letter. She asked Father Lu in surprise, "Why is there a letter here? Whose letter is it?"

Mother Lu opened the envelope...

In the morning, the sunlight permeable white window screens fell into the room, and the room was full of soft light.

Ning Zhi opened her eyes, and the ends of her eyes were still red.

Looking at the surrounding furnishings, Ning Zhi found that he was in the old castle.

"Overlord, I'm back." Ning Zhi called the Overlord for the first time.

"What will happen to Lu Jue in the future?" She was a little worried.

Overlord: [Congratulations, master, your task has been completed, you will get a reward. As for the future Lu Jue, I have no way to find out his current situation. Ning Zhi's eyes darkened, and there was an unspeakable uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

Overlord: [Master, dont worry, at least he wont self-mutilate and die again. ] Ning Zhi didn't want to respond to it.

The overlord spoke again: [Master, you can offer whatever rewards you want. Ning Zhi only then started a little bit of energy, "I want Lu Jue to restore all his memories."

Overlord: [Master, you and Lu Jue now have feelings again. There is no need to do anything more. There are many rewards in the system, and even a large amount of wealth can be rewarded. You have to think carefully. It knows that most humans like money, just as it likes the little sun.

Ning Zhi ignored the Overlords persuasion at all: "I have money, I only need the memory of Lu Jue."

Overlord: [Okay, master.

The next second, Lu Jue who was sleeping next to Ning Zhi opened his eyes.

"Lu Jue, you are awake." Ning Zhi looked at him expectantly.

"Knowledge." As soon as the words fell, many fragments flashed in Lu Jue's mind.

He remembered the bright red and a lot of blood in front of him, and blamed the scene of his sister being stabbed.

He remembers the life with Zhizhi.

Sleeping together for the first time, holding hands for the first time, kissing for the first time, and unpacking birthday presents, scenes rushed out.

Lu Jue's eyes gradually turned red. He approached Ning Zhi, and in her astonished gaze, he hugged her tightly, "I remembered."

His low voice was almost hoarse, and his eyes were moist and gloomy, "I know, I'm sorry, I blame my sister, I'm sorry, I shouldn't forget."

In his chest, a heart was beating restlessly, and the surging emotion almost overwhelmed him.

Lu Jue's head rubbed against his shoulders, his eyes flushed, "Knowing, knowing..."

Ning Zhi's eyes lit up, and he finally remembered.

Lu Jue stood up, and in Ning Zhi's stunned eyes, his muffled voice fell in her ears, "Knowledge, tear me down."

When Mother Lu knew that her son was going to bring his girlfriend back, she was so happy and crazy.

Immediately instructed the housekeeper to prepare some snacks that girls like to eat, as well as snacks, and let people pick some flowers back from the yard. Turning around, she went back to the room nervously to select clothes.

Looking at her husband sitting aside, Mother Lu pushed him and asked, "How about I wear this dress? Will it make me very serious? Why don't I change this one? But it seems too gorgeous?"

"You look very nervous." Father Lu took his wife and sat down beside him, "Relax, you are an elder, why are you nervous?"

"It's the first time my son brought his girlfriend back. Of course I have to be nervous." Mother Lu glared at her husband, "You also quickly change your clothes."

Ning Zhi was very familiar with the Lu family, and he didn't feel nervous when he walked into the Lu family again.

From the moment she saw Ning Zhi, Mother Lu felt that she had an indescribable familiarity with Ning Zhi, and she liked the girl in front of her from the bottom of her heart.

"Don't stand, sit down." Mother Lu's face was full of smiles, she was too satisfied just to see Ning Zhi.

"Aunt Lu, hello." Ning Zhi and Lu Jue sat down on the sofa.

"Good, good." Mother Lu's eyes seemed to stick to Ning Zhi, and in a blink of an eye she realized that she was too enthusiastic for fear of frightening the girl, so she quickly looked away.

Mother Lu took a sip of tea, suppressing the excitement from the bottom of her heart, and then slowly said, "Xiaozhi, right, what kind of tea do you like with? I'll let someone make it."

"It's okay." Ning Zhi smiled.

The more Lu mother looked at Ningzhi, the more she liked it. I don't know why, she felt that the girl in front of her should be with her son, and she should be her daughter-in-law.

Thinking about this, Mother Lu took off the bracelet on her hand, "When we first met, Auntie didn't prepare any gifts. I will give you this bracelet. You will be in harmony with Xiao Jue in the future."

Ning Zhi looked at the emerald green bracelet in Mother Lu's hand. She remembered that Mother Lu gave this bracelet to her before, but this time, the bracelet came to her again.

Mother Lu was worried that Ning Zhi would refuse, so she put it on Ning Zhis hand, "Its so beautiful, your skin is white, and any color suits you. Wear it first, and later my aunt will give you a better color." Ning Zhi remembered the past. Mother Lu likes to give her jewelry, "Thank you Aunt Lu."

"Family, you are welcome." Mother Lu directly treated Ning Zhi as a daughter-in-law.

"Mom." Lu Jue coughed unnaturally, reminding her to restrain herself.

Mother Lu glanced at her son, and then stopped a little, "What does Xiaozhi like to eat?"

"Zhizhi likes to eat fish and desserts." Lu Jue replied first, he had recovered his memory and he remembered all of them.

Mother Lu smiled, "Okay, I'll let people prepare."

Lu Jue approached Ning Zhi and whispered in her ear: "No matter what time, my mother likes you very much."

Ning Zhi bends his eyes, "Because I am so cute."

Lu Jue went to ask the old man Ning to agree to let Ning Zhi marry him, but he was kicked out by the old man.

At night, when he called Ning Zhidi, he grieved and told her that Grandpa didn't like him.

Ning Zhi had a good schadenfreude, after laughing, she turned around to talk to Grandpa in detail. As before, she firmly told her father that she liked Lu Jue and wanted to marry Lu Jue.

Old man Ning always loved his granddaughter, and he focused on her granddaughter's feelings. He was angry, distressed, and reluctant to give up.

His old man can only speak harshly, and he can't easily make Lu Jue, this stinky boy, look at his determination.

After that, Lu Jue ran to the gate of Ning's house every day, begging for Ning's consent.

In fact, it was just to appease his old man, so that his anger could go down.

It wasn't until one day three months later that Grandpa Ning finally let go. He and Lu Jue talked for a long time in the study. When he came out, Ning Zhi saw Grandpa secretly wipe the corner of his eye and agreed to Lu Jue's marriage to her.

Before getting married, Lu Jue was busy preparing for the wedding, while Ning Zhi stayed with his grandfather in Ning's house.

Maybe it's in a good mood. After this period of time, Ningzhi was more fresh and beautiful after being pampered. Her black eyes are full of water, her eyes are bright, her complexion is white and red, and she is full of healthy pink, making it more difficult to move her eyes. .

At night, after Ningzhi took a bath, she received a call from Lu Jue.

His low voice was particularly clear at night, "I'm at your door."

Ning Zhi's eyes lit up in surprise, "Are you here?"

"Yeah." Lu Jue asked her, "Would you like to come out to see me?"

"Yes!" Ning Zhi hung up the phone, her hair was still wet and it was too late to dry, so she quickly opened the door and went out.

"Miss, it's so late, where are you going?" The butler saw Ning Zhi hurriedly go downstairs.

Ning Zhi spoke quickly, "Lu Jue is here, I will talk to him."

With that, Ning Zhi's figure had already ran outside.

At the door, Lu Jue stood tall and not far away. He stood upright, and the shadow that fell on the ground was stretched very long.

His thin lips were pursed, and his face was rigid.

And the next second, looking at the slender figure coming out of it, the corners of Lu Jue's lips slightly curled up, and even the light in his eyes rose.

Ning Zhi walked out of the door, and she came to Lu Jue with a smile, "Why did you come suddenly?"

During this time Lu Jue was busy preparing for the wedding, and she hadn't seen him for a long time.

"Can't help but want to see and know." Lu Jue naturally caught the girl who crashed into his arms, "Have my hair washed?"

His hand touched Ning Zhi's wet hair.

"Well, it was washed just now."

Lu Jue removed the strands of hair that had stuck to the girl's white and tender face. He bowed his head and kissed her face, "I will dry my hair before going to bed."

"I know." Ning Zhi felt that now it became Lu Jue to take care of her.

"I have a gift for you." Lu Jue let go of his hand holding Ningzhi, he turned and walked into the car, and took out a dark blue gift box.

Ning Zhi looked at the box in his hand, "What is this?"

Lu Jue opened the box, and saw a princess crown studded with diamonds inside, which was incredibly beautiful.

"You can wear a crown when you get married the day after tomorrow."

Ning knew that the crown was made by Lu Jue a long time ago, and it took him several months to set each diamond on it himself.

"It's so beautiful, I like it so much." No girl would dislike the crown, especially such a shining, delicate and beautiful crown.

"I will put it on for you."

Lu Jue put the crown on the top of Ningzhi's hair. In the moonlight, she was as beautiful as a princess who had escaped from the castle.

The address of the wedding was chosen in the old castle.

In the dressing room, Ning Zhi put on a wedding dress and also wore a crown given by Lu Jue on his head.

The makeup artist and Fang Yu porridge on the side looked amazing.

"Xiaozhi, you are so beautiful." Fang Yu congee no longer knows how many times he said this today.

Fang Yu congee wore an exquisite dress. She is Ningzhi's bridesmaid today. She was surprised when she was invited to be the bridesmaid of the fiance of her boyfriend's boss.

Until she touched Ning Zhi's face, she recognized that the other party had helped her and even saved her life.

Fang Yu congee was both excited and joyful, and immediately became a bridesmaid.

"Thank you, you are also very beautiful." Ning Zhi smiled.

"Xiaozhi, don't laugh anymore, my soul will be taken away by you." Fang Yu porridge touched her chest, Ning Zhi is too beautiful, she couldn't help being so fascinated.

She couldn't help joking, "If I were a man, I would grab the marriage today."

Ning Zhi was amused by her, "Then Wei Xing is about to cry miserably."

At this moment, the tall figure walked in, the make-up artist and Fang Yu congee both retreated out with insight, and Fang Yu congee automatically closed the door consciously.

"Why did you come in?" Ning Zhi saw Lu Jue standing behind him in the mirror.

Lu Jue was wearing a black straight suit today, with a somewhat abstinence aura, so handsome that he couldn't take his eyes off.

This was the first time Ning Zhi saw him wearing a black suit.

Lu Jue also looked at Ning Zhi in the mirror, his eyes were full of surprises.

He leaned over and reached Ning Zhi's ear. Originally, Lu Jue wanted to say that he was a little nervous and wanted to see her, but the words he blurted out became, "Zhizhi is very beautiful."

Ning Zhi bends his lips.

"Zhizhi, I want to kiss you." Lu Jue was frank and straightforward, his lips lightly touching Ningzhi's delicate ears.

A tingling sensation came from the tips of the ears, and Ningzhi's body trembled, "No, I have put on makeup."

Lu Jue lifted Ning Zhi's chin with his fingers, "I'll fix your makeup later."

When the words fell, Lu Jue lowered his head and kissed Ning Zhi, who was forced to raise his head. The crown on her head fell and was held by Lu Jue's other hand.

He swallowed the lipstick on Ning Zhi's lips little by little.

Lu Jue didn't let go of the person until Ning Zhi's eyes were full of water. His breath fell on the roots of Ning Zhi's ears, which was very hot, "Blame sister, wait."

What are you waiting for? Ning Zhi has no energy to think about it.

After Lu Jue helped her straighten the crown on her head, he helped her reapply the lipstick on her lips before leaving.

Fang Yu porridge came in, she looked at Ning Zhi's face, and her eyes were full of clear jokes, "I understand, I understand."

Now Ning Zhi looks like a beautiful little fairy, if it weren't for Lu Jue's good concentration, I'm afraid he would have swallowed Ning Zhi long ago.

The wedding begins.

The outside of the old castle was full of guests and it was lively.

Everyone looked at the handsome and outstanding Lu Jue standing in front, and they couldn't help but sigh that the Lu family's genes are good.

Until Ning Zhi came out, watching a long white wedding dress, wearing a princess crown, and Ning Zhi walking slowly, the guests couldn't help but breathe in secret.

No one thought that the bride had a stunning, top-notch face.

In the sun, Ning Zhimei was like a princess going back to the castle.

In the front row, Mother Lu smiled and wiped her tears, "I finally looked forward to this moment."

Father Lu hugged his wife's waist, "The son will be very happy in the future."

Mother Lu wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and she nodded joyfully.

Ahead, Lu Jue was tall and straight, his handsome face looked solemn and sacred, and his dark eyes were full of tension and wetness. There was only the figure walking towards him in his eyes.

Lu Jue stretched out his hand.

Ning Zhi came to Lu Jue, and she put her hand in his palm.

Fold your hands together and clasp your fingers tightly.

Ning Zhi saw that hundreds of small golden suns popped up in the display frame above Lu Jue's head.

Her eyes were full of light.

Lu Jue lowered his head. In the eyes of everyone, he moved closer to Ning Zhi. The low voice could only be heard by Ning Zhi, "I love you, Zhizhi."

She can stay with him in a closed hard shell, and she can also show him the light.

Thank you, Zhizhi, for coming for him.

The author has something to say: Thank you very much for your support all the way to the cuties. Its over. Tomorrow will start to fall into the sweet Fanwai. Lu Jue in the future will wear it into the real world and be with Zhizhi who hasnt passed through. If you want to see it, Written by the Fan Waihui (The daughter who inherited the inheritance, Zhizhi X, the poor little Dajue)

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