Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President Please Sign This Chapter 268

Chapter 266 A Passionate And Wild Man Who Actually Likes That Type

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As Mu Yichen stared at the woman dancing in the middle of the banquet hall, his thin lips pursed tightly.

I didnt know that my wife could actually dance flamenco and is so good at it!

Sensing the focused gazes of the guests around him, an unknown fire kept rising in his heart.

He wished he could pull the little woman down on the spot and bring her home to hide!

A burst of rapid music sounded, and the rhythm gradually slowed down as they came to the end.

Following the music, Luo Chenxi spun around more than ten times in a row. Her wide skirt fluttered in the wind, making people dazzled.

In the end, she stopped, turned around and stopped her movements.

After a short silence, intense applause erupted from the crowd.

"Thats great, thats really great!"

"I really didnt expect Young Madam Mu to have such superb dancing skills!"

"No wonder she was able to subdue Young Master Mu. How could any man not be moved by such peerless beauty?"

"If Young Master Mu hadnt made the first move, I would have pursued her."

Many people cast envious gazes at Mu Yichen.

Even Bai Shixun was stunned.

After coming back to his senses, he patted Mu Yichens shoulder.

"I finally understand why youre so protective of this woman! Tsk, I never expected for you, a person whos usually so cool and unromantic, to actually be such a passionate and wild person! You actually like this type of woman!"

Mu Yichens face was gloomy as he glanced at him. "Take your hand away from me!"

What do you mean by I like her type?

I didnt even know that my woman is this type.

If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have brought her to the banquet!

Elder Bai, on the other hand, was very happy as he nodded repeatedly, "En, Yichen, your wife is really good at dancing! Back then, when Grandma Bai was young, she also liked to dance flamenco. It was when she danced that I fell in love with her at first sight. In a blink of an eye, 60 years have passed."

"Hehe, this is quite a nice gift. Help me thank her later!"

Mu Yichen hurriedly replied, "Grandpa Bai, you flatter me."

Tan Yueru smiled and nodded to herself.

She did not expect that her daughter-in-law who was born from a small family would have some sense of judgment. She handled things very well and was much better than she had initially thought.

Bai Xinxin listened from the side and was so angry that she almost crushed the wine glass in her hand!

This b*tch Actually knows how to dance!

Even Grandpa has praised her!

Shes clearly using dancing to seduce men. Why cant Grandpa see that?!

After the performance, Luo Chenxi pulled the hem of her dress and made a curtain call.

Then, she prepared to leave.

Sensing Bai Xinxins resentful gaze, she stopped in her tracks.

"Miss Bai"

Luo Chenxi suddenly spoke.

Everyone looked at her.

"Im sorry to disappoint you. I dont know how to do the pole dance that you mentioned. Thus, I can only do a flamenco dance to make up for the difference."

Hearing this, Bai Xinxins expression suddenly changed.


As expected, elder Bai looked at her in puzzlement. "What pole dance? Whats going on?"

Luo Chenxi added, "Besides, Im a shy person. Even if I learned it, I would only go home and dance for my husband, so I cant perform for everyone as you requested. If you would like to watch it, youd better find someone else next time. My apologies!"

She nodded at Bai Xinxin with a guilty expression.

Isnt she just pretending to be innocent and magnanimous, pretending to be considerate of others?

Even I can do better!

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