Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 1087

Chapter 1077: Guide the twins on the right path

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"It is because of this that I want to change everything."

"What Stark can do is not self-destruction, or even the safety of the entire planet."

Leo looked at Wanda and said.

"You hate Stark, I understand you, but I don't want you to kill Stark like that. If you really want revenge, you can't kill Stark."

"Stark bears the endless regret and endless pressure from his heart. He has always been immersed in pain. The pressure he has endured is more than you can imagine."

"This is also the awakening almost at the cost of his life. If you kill him like this, then everything is over."

Leo looked at the two people in front of him, "Actually, in 2008, the original Stark had already died. It was then that I found Stark and admitted his identity."

"The mistake he made before, now he is doing everything he can to save it."

"If you just want to kill him, then everything is meaningless, and even more people will be hurt. Do you think what you did is right?"

Leo took out the'Leo 3'from his pocket, and placed it flat on the table to form a small projector, and a small virtual screen appeared.

And the content of the data that appears above is constantly flowing.

In front of Wanda and Pietro, who are both mentally powerful, they can barely see the topics and content above.

From Stark's closure of the weapons department, to the latter's incarnation of Iron Man, he has been quelling wars around the world.

Create the Stark Help Foundation to help and rescue those areas and individuals who have been injured in the war, and to fight against war organizations.

Compensation for war-torn areas, reconstruction and assistance to areas that have been attacked by Stark weapons.

If it hadn't been for Stark to redevelop new energy sources, it would have been bankrupt in these unimaginable excesses of assistance based on the original Stark industrial scale.

It was considered that Stark had already sent back everything he had obtained through the sale of weapons as much as possible.

Although there is something wrong, but this is the best Stark can do.

Even so, Stark Industries has saved thousands of families, saved tens of thousands of people, helped regional development, guaranteed medical resources, and benefited hundreds of thousands of people.

This is a huge number. Even the richest superhero in the industry is under a lot of pressure.

And these news are not much reported, and Stark did not go to announce these things to the world.

Leo knew from the beginning how much pressure Stark had, even if he was so rich and life seemed so good, even the superhero Iron Man.

But all the pressure he has endured has never made him comfortable.

After so many jumps on the edge of death, even he might die suddenly. Stark just didn't want to have so many regrets and regrets before he died.

Even in the next plans of the Stark Foundation, there are also assistance plans for Sokovia, plans for promoting economic development, and so on.

It will enable more people to be employed, so that Sokovia can build better.

"All these information are true. You can investigate it yourself. I think Wanda, the fear you saw in Stark's mind, shouldn't include his own death."

Leo turned his head to look at Wanda again, but at this time Wanda looked at the information above and was a little surprised.

Then he reacted immediately, looking directly at Leo.

"According to what I know about Tony, what makes him feel the most painful and desperate is definitely not his death. Even in his heart, perhaps the original Tony Stark was already dead when he came out of that cave."

"If you really want him to feel his pain and despair, what are you going to do?"

"Kill all the Avengers, kill his relatives, or destroy everyone."

Under Leo's words, Wanda could not help but a few drops of sweat appeared on his forehead, and his mind became confused.

Will Wanda do this? Of course not, she is still a kind person, the nature of the siblings, never will.

They just hate those who started the war and the messengers behind them.

However, letting the two of Pitlow kill those ordinary innocent people in this way is impossible for the two of them to do.

Although these two children have hatred in their hearts, they have never thought about killing innocent people, and even more have never thought about using their own abilities to do anything illegal.

In this way, the biggest wish of these two children is to go to the country of China that they want to play after they have avenged the avengers.

Then I came back to Sokovia and lived a good life. Maybe I could make life easier with the help of super powers, but it would never show up in front of the public.

But Leo was also right. For the Avengers, how should he retaliate against them? Go to Stark for revenge.

If someone asked these two questions about their brother and sister five minutes ago, their answer would definitely be to kill Stark. No, it was to torture Stark severely and cause him to die in pain.

But now, after they saw the information Leo presented to the two of them, the two brothers and sisters hesitated.

If Stark is really slaughtered, what should the tens of thousands of people assisted by the Stark Foundation do?

What if Stark is slaughtered and the people of the Foundation stop helping those people?

Then, isn't their behavior completely ruining so many people?

Even the original assistance program for Sokovia ~www.wuxiaworld~ is likely to be cancelled.

The two looked at each other, they still have a cognition of themselves, no matter how strong they are, they will certainly not be as helpful to their hometown as Stark, who is rich in family background, and help Sokovia.

"You said you have seen the future. What happened in the future that you saw? What did we do."

Pietro's eyes lit up and looked at Leo and asked.

Leo paused, with a slight smile on his face, not as serious as before.

"If you want to know, I can also tell you, don't be restricted. These are some specialty fruits that I bought on Sandal Star. They taste good and are good for people's health."

Leo pushed forward the fruit that the two of them had never seen before, and the atmosphere eased a lot.

At this time Leo almost understood the careful thinking of the two people in front of him, and he liked them more and more.

Without Ultron to bring these two children to death, Leo would still be able to lead them on the right path.

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