Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 1088

Chapter 1078: Powerful twins

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"In the future I saw, in the future without me, I saw the disaster about Sokovia."

Leo was looking at Wanda with a different look in his eyes.

"I guess what you see in Stark's mind is definitely not as simple as I thought. Perhaps, have you guessed Stark's thoughts, or even prepared to give him the original mind stone."

"As you said before, you not only saw Stark's fear, but even saw his self-destruction."

Wanda's eyes became more complicated. Looking at the boy who seemed to be a few years younger than him, he really didn't know how he grew up to such a level.

This is the secret of Wandas view of the world alone. When she triggers other peoples psychic fears, one can guess the thoughts of others.

You can even see the future trend of a part of the individual in the fear of the image.

Wanda also understood that what he saw in Stark's mind was definitely not that simple. The tragic scene, the scene of the destruction of the Avengers, and even the words before the death of Captain America, all expressed a part of the future. trend.

This is the truth that Wanda understands in the dark. Although it is definitely not what he sees, this kind of scene will definitely appear in front of Stark in another form.

It is precisely because of this that Wanda did not kill Stark, but wanted to make Stark die more painful.

The scene where the Avengers all died at the beginning did not touch Wanda too much, but felt a little pain in his heart.

But with the emergence of the following scenes, Wanda was a little unbearable.

There has been a devastating disaster on the earth, and countless Qitarians have invaded the earth. It looks so terrifying, which is far more terrifying than what Wanda has learned from Hydra.

I thought that the battle in New York was nothing more than that, and even made some Wanda who hated the US government a little bit happy.

But when I saw the alien civilization destroy the entire earth civilization, I felt so distressed. Human beings are a community, and everyone can't leave.

With Starks perspective, Wanda saw the boundless universe, the scene beyond the New York wormhole, the countless Zitari battleship, tens of thousands of Leviathan monsters, all kinds of A huge and terrifying starry sky battleship.

Even the Golden Legend, the strongest, died in Stark's illusion.

It is this feeling that makes Wanda feel so uncomfortable and painful, and it is for this reason that after that, he has always been a little unsure and filled with hesitation.

"Yes, I did see some bad things. Even without us, Stark would have done a stupid thing."

"You're right, but this stupid thing about him was prevented by me, so this stupid thing is not completed, I killed it in the bud."

Leo looked at Wanda and said with a smile, there was no hint of blame in his words. After all, Wanda was the opponent team that hated Stark before, even if he knew all this.

"What are you talking about? Why can't I understand anything?"

Pietro on the side looked at Wanda and Leo in front of him, somewhat unable to touch his head, but felt that these two people were hiding something from him.

"What did you do?!"

Wanda looked at Leo and asked directly.

Leo stretched out his hand and turned it over, and a dark golden ball appeared in his hand. It looked plain and inconspicuous. It looked like an ordinary metal ball with patterns.

But at the moment it appeared, it attracted the eyes of Wanda and Pietro.

"This is the Scepter of Mind?"

Pietro asked uncontrollably, eyes full of doubt.

"I didn't expect me to seal the breath of the original mind stone so well, but you still noticed it in an instant, so you have a special feeling for the original mind stone, right?"

Leo looked at the two in front of him and said, with some doubts in his eyes.

"Mind Rough Stone? I don't know, but at the beginning, we did have a very powerful sensory ability for the Mind Scepter. In all the experiments of Hydra, almost all the Mind Scepter participated."

Wanda looked at Leo like this and said, without hiding anything.

"What is this rough mind stone?"

Leo looked at the two children in front of him. They were so innocent, but they lacked a good guide.

I have to say that Hawkeye Button is indeed a good handsome uncle image.

Perhaps Natasha would have a better way to deal with adult men, but for two pure teenagers, it was not as convincing as Button.

"The original stone of the soul is the core energy of the scepter of the soul. It can even be said that all the power of the scepter of the soul comes from this little stone."

"And this little stone has another name, called the original stone of the mind."

The dark golden ball in Leo's hand split a gap, unfolded, and a strong yellow light penetrated. When the light slowly dissipated, a gemstone with a little irregularity appeared.

Under the brilliant yellow light of the original soul stone, Wanda and Pietro both had a strange feeling.

Even Pitlow couldn't help but stretch out his hand to grasp the original stone of the soul, and the whole person was unconscious, as if he had been controlled.

On the contrary, Wanda, with clear eyes, was not confused at all, and even noticed Pitro's abnormality.

With a slight movement of his hands, a crimson energy emerged, and with a sudden shock, it rushed into Pitro's brain.

And Pietro's body is also slightly stiff. Uukanshu.com then reacted instantly, withdrew his hand suddenly like lightning, looking at the original stone of the soul with a trace of fear in his eyes.

"What's going on here?"

"This is the rough mind, and at the same time, it is also one of the most powerful forces in this universe. Your talent is inspired and strengthened by the energy of the rough mind."

"So, you also have the top talent in the entire universe."

Leo looked at the two people in front of him, with a little emotion in his eyes. The strength and talent of these two people are undoubtedly powerful, and it is not an exaggeration to even say that they are number one on the earth.

In terms of form, it is almost the same as Captain Marvel, and the same is true in terms of combat effectiveness.

Regardless of Wanda's reality magic, even Pitro's super speed is a super power with terrifying potential, and Pitro has been slowly improving.

It's just that the time for him to grow up is too short. After giving Pitlow a few years, he will definitely not encounter the original situation.

He just lacked a little time.

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