Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 1089

Chapter 1079: Flicker, then flicker

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Hearing Leo's praise, the two of them couldn't help but have a good impression of Leo. This was a human instinctive reaction.

After that, he was relieved immediately, looking at the shapely young boy in front of him, his face was somewhat embarrassed.

Obviously he was a few years older, but in front of Leo, he was like a child.

Pietro also blinked, concealing his embarrassment, and from the fruit plate in front of him, he took out a fruit that looked like an apple but had a pale yellow peel.

I wiped it with my hand, then put it in my mouth and took a bite.

The rich juice flowed into Pietro's mouth, and the entrance turned into a stream of juice slippery in the mouth.

A taste experience that he had never had before could not help but make Pietro a little stunned, but the fruity sweetness with a milky fragrance made Pietro feel happy.

"This fruit tastes really good, but I have never seen it before. Where did you bring the fruit from? Shandal? It seems that you have never heard of this place. Is it in a certain city in China?"

Pietro said with another bite.

"No, it's not a city in China, it's the Sundar Star, the capital of the Sundar Empire. Well, it's an alien fruit."

Leo looked at the expression that Pietro didn't understand at all, and he explained straightforwardly.

As soon as he spoke, Pietro was stunned again, looking at the fruit in his hand a little unbelievable, but the delicious taste in his mouth made him swallow and slide down.

"Outside.. Extraterrestrial.. Fruit?"

"Leo, have you been in contact with extraterrestrial civilization? Isn't it the civilization where Thor is located?"

Wanda reacted faster. In the hearts of these two young people, they were naturally very curious about this matter.

After the First World War in New York, I learned that there is not only the earth as a civilized planet in the universe, which aroused the curiosity and exploration of countless people on the earth about alien civilizations.

Even in university astronomy majors, the number of applicants has greatly increased.

No people on earth are not curious about this, and the two young people in front of them are no exception.

"Yes, the civilization that Sol is in is called Asgard. Of course, there are more than one civilization planets like Asgard near the earth, but there are eight."

"As for the Sundar Star I just mentioned, it is the capital planet of the Sundar Empire. There are probably tens of thousands of civilized planets in this super universe empire, and the territory includes more than a dozen galaxies."

"In the universe, there are several super universe empires comparable to the Shandar Empire, such as the Kerry Empire."

"The earth is on the border of the Kerry Empire and the intersection with the Shandar Empire. It's just that there are no precious resources on the earth, so no aliens come to this barren planet."

Leo unceremoniously told the two people in front of him about everything, his original intention also meant that he wanted to shock them.

Let them realize how big the universe is, how vast the universe is, and how small the earth is.

What's right is that Leo's series of words really stunned the two of them. They froze in place, not slowing down for a long time.


Wanda stammered.

"Yes, the crisis facing the earth is really too big. Even if the universe is so vast, there is no goodwill towards the earth at all."

"Wanda, you should already know how exaggerated the scene is outside that little wormhole. It's just a little wormhole that almost made the earth at the expense of the whole of New York."

"If such a fleet comes directly beyond the earth, do you think it can be blocked by the power of the earth?"

Wanda looked at Leo, silent.

In my mind, it seemed to recall the scene I saw in the Stark Fear.

The wormhole became huge, countless fleets invaded the earth, and all the avengers were sacrificed. Leo was also stopped in front of countless Zetaric fleets, was hit by countless energy cannons, and finally was melted into it and disappeared.

The ending is naturally self-evident. If such a situation is discovered, then the earth must be hopeless.

As for the group of alien invaders, they didn't mean to let the people on earth survive.

Thinking of this, Wanda couldn't help but become irritable again, and a trace of red flashed in his eyes.

She herself hated war incomparably, and in the face of the entire civilization that invaded the earth, she hated it even more.

At this point, almost all people on the earth can feel this emotion. When the whole earth is in danger, there has been no race and country disputes. What they have is just called, the earths civilization. Earthling.

"But this, will it really happen?"

At this time, Pitro and Wanda did not care about any extraterrestrial fruit, and what future events would be. They were all concerned about this matter.

As for doubting the authenticity of Leo's language?

This is the word spoken by the strongest person on the entire planet right now. If he doesn't even believe it, who else can he believe?

As for how Leo did it, how to get to other alien empires, Wanda and Pitloch didn't care.

Wanda just wanted to know, is it really possible that the sky full of Zetaric battleships and Leviathan beasts invaded the earth?

"It's not impossible. Behind that team is a strong man in the universe. He controls hundreds of planets and has destroyed hundreds of civilizations."

"His goal is to have six infinite rough stones, one of which is the original soul stone."

Leo certainly wouldn't tell them that Thanos was no longer a threat in front of him.

Otherwise, there is no pressure, how to let the two join themselves.

Besides, I really didn't lie, whoever said Thanos would not invade the earth.

Wanda and Pietro looked at each other, only to realize that their own insights were too shallow, and the world they saw was just such a simple world.

Perhaps it is until now that some real truths in the universe, on the earth, are known.

"Here, UU reading www.uukanshu.com is also the reason for the creation of the Avengers organization, and also the reason why I joined the Avengers. When faced with the technological crush of alien civilizations, the earth simply cannot resist."

"On the contrary, it is a powerful person like us, who can exert some incredible energy in this kind of civilized war, and can even determine the entire battle."

Leo continued to flicker.

As for the scene like Wanda's mind, will it happen? The answer is definitely no.

The universe is boundless, even if there is a transition wormhole, it is unrealistic to want a large number of violent soldiers, unless it is like the Zerg who can quickly multiply violent soldiers.

As long as the rough space stone is still on Leo, there will certainly not be so many enemies appearing on the earth immediately.

The huge distance in the universe minimizes this risk.

But if there is a space gate teleportation with the original stone of the space, and countless troops fall from the sky at any time, then it is a truly terrifying existence. onclick="hui" (Marvel's I can control metal)

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