Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 977

Chapter 967: Leo Is Coming

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On Milan II, everyone was sitting in the cockpit, even Groot.

The cockpit, which was nearly half the size of the original, made everyone not feel the original crowding, and they didn't have to stay in the cabin behind.

Of course, there are only six chairs in the main driver.

Foremost among them is the specific chair of Quill and Rocket.

In the back row, Jason and Camora were in the positions, and in the back row, Lorelai and Chen Haoran were in the positions.

Of course, in addition to the two positions of Rockets and Quill, the four seats behind are all without fixed personnel.

Even with six seats, the main driving authority and attack authority are in the hands of Rocket and Quill at the front.

To pilot a spaceship, you don't need so many people, even if there are only two people, if you can argue and fight, they can be destroyed at any time.

You know, the danger in the universe is not only the enemy, but also the countless celestial traps in the universe, or some meteorite groups, radiation currents and other threats.

"This seat! This space! This vision! This clarity! This money is really good."

Lorelai looked at everything brand new around him, and said with some excitement.

Lorelai, who has almost no awareness of money, pays more attention to these things in front of him. Lorelai said in admiration when he touched the exquisite material of the bulkhead.

Speaking of the modification of Alternative No. 134, many of the materials are replaced and repainted, which is very simple for the current nanotechnology.

Of course, it's not that Lorelai, Jason and others, the concept of money is probably a little vague.

After all, their biggest business before, may have been done by Jason on the Sandal Star, and it cost about 400,000 yuan, almost all of his original net worth.

But compared to the 100 million yuan suddenly given by the Emperor Fan Group, it is really a huge difference, which makes them a little unimaginable.

As for the Rockets, Groot and other miserable people at the beginning, it is even more straightforward to use food for comparison, and you will have no worries about eating and drinking for a lifetime.

It wasn't until the face of the spacecraft that cost as much as 10 million in front of them that everyone barely realized the concept of this wealth.

"The first time I took such a good spacecraft, it was really beautiful."

Even Jason, who had always looked cold, couldn't help but say after looking at the configuration in the cabin.

Chen Haoran was even more excited, "This spaceship is simply a man's dream-seeking car. The sports cars, yachts, and private jets on the earth don't know what's wrong!"

It was Kamora and Nebula on the side, looking at the surrounding cabins, and they were slightly amazed.

As for Howard Duck and Groot, they are not interested in these, so it is better to give them some food to make them happy.

In short, with the launch of the spacecraft, everyone is sitting in the cabin, quietly enjoying this brand new Milan II, flying for the first time.

The silent takeoff movement made the people sitting in it a little fascinated.

Rocket and Quill are almost alternately and completely supervised. As far as the spacecraft is concerned, it should be that they can't pick out any mistakes and traps in front of them.

As Quill's joystick was suddenly pressed forward, the Milano entered the extreme flight mode in just three seconds.

And the rocket flicked in front of his eyes at random, and then an ultra-high-definition projection screen appeared, and a star map appeared with countless space transition points flashing on it.

And the rocket quickly rummaged in it, and soon, a ghost of a planet appeared, and on it, it was written, Ego

Camora grabbed Quill's fingers that he was about to press, and said sharply.

"Now go directly, none of us knows what we will face, and maybe even outside the transition point, there is an army aiming at us."

"Even if the defense of Milan II is very good, it is not enough to see the ocean facing the spacecraft of the War Corps."

Camora said vigilantly, because in Thanosna, he had arranged two legions to guard the nearest space transition point to detect and alert the appearance of any outsider.

Kamora didn't want such a thing to happen to him, because now his identity as the goddaughter of Thanos has disappeared, and he will even be chased by Thanos, showing a little uneasy.

Jason stood up too, looked at Quill and said.

"I also think it is better to tell the boss that there is no need to explore this huge risk by yourself. The life that can make so many people wary of it should be a very high risk."

"Mainly I want to see how the boss is now."

Chen Haoran sat in the back and said frankly, "It's been several days without any letter. He brought me here and never ignored me again."

"Then come on, the boss must have given you that golden light."

Jason turned his head and said, looking at Chen Haoran with a little smile.

"Is that the case again? It's really inconvenient to not have a mobile phone!"

Chen Haoran muttered a few words again, but did not refuse to answer.

Everyone had made a decision five days ago and contacted the boss at this moment, wanting to know what happened.

After all, there was one person still doing the job, so Chen Haoran did not postpone it, just muttered a few words, and there was already a sharp blade in his hand.

Quill also controlled the Milan II and gradually hovered.

At this time, Milan 2 was already more than 400,000 kilometers away from Cielo, even beyond the distance between the earth and the moon, and it was only a dozen minutes before they took off.

Chen Haoran pierced her thigh fiercely in the eyes of everyone's expectation.


The sharp blade suddenly inserted into Chen Haoran's flesh and blood, bringing up a cluster of blood, and Chen Haoran could not help but yell suddenly and let out a scream.

Then, UU read www.uukanshu.com without too much hesitation, and pulled it out with a knife, bringing up a cluster of blood.

And the golden light that everyone was looking forward to was also slowly shining on Chen Haoran's wound after drawing the knife.

I saw that on the wound that had just been destroyed, the rush of blood began to gradually stop, the golden light became more and more brilliant, and the deep knife wound was quickly healing on its own.

Such a sour and refreshing feeling made Chen Haoran not want to endure it a second time.

He looked around in anticipation, preparing for the arrival of Leo's boss.

But within five seconds, in the eyes of everyone's expectations, a figure suddenly appeared in the larger space behind the cockpit.

Turning around with a familiar voice.

"Are you guys okay?"

This person is not Leo, who is it?

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