Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 978

Chapter 968: Everyone Shocked By Leo

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Leo, who had just disappeared from the Avengers Tower, suddenly appeared on the new Milan II in the endless starry sky.

Some people looked around in surprise.

"Just tell me to come over?" Seeing the **** wound on Chen Haoran's leg that had just healed, Leo said with a slightly speechless smile.

"Boss, how are you doing?"

Jason looked at Leo respectfully and said.

"Me? Oh, yes, after fighting Thanos, I forgot to contact you. At that time, there was an accident from Nidavi. General Deadblade attacked Nidavi with a team of troops, so I rushed back to rescue. Up."

Leo looked at the few people who were slightly surprised, and said frankly.

"But it was also because of going back to the rescue, that gave Thanos a chance to escape, it's a pity!!"

Leo tweeted in the sidelines, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart.

But these plain words made everyone on the side grow up in shock and look at the handsome young man in front of them.

"You...you mean, you almost killed Thanos?"

Quill stuttered.

"Almost, Thanos is still a bit courageous, and really wants to have a good chat with him."

As he said, Leo also moved his brows lightly.

Thinking that he had already grasped the huge Thanos in his hands, but didn't see the slightest timidity of Thanos, he still looked at himself so firmly.

"At that time, I had already captured Thanos, but the golden light on Nidavi reacted. At that time, it was also when Atri was building a magic weapon for me."

"So I had to rush there first, even though it was only a few minutes, let him leave."

Leo waved his hand indifferently and said.

"General Dead Blade? One of the five generals of Hei Yao, General Dead Blade?"

Camora stepped forward and couldn't help asking.

"Yes, Ebony Maw and Proxima dont know whether they are dead or not. Anyway, its almost the same. The black dwarf has been killed by me, and General Deadblade has also been abolished. They are now being locked up in Nidawi to study. What useful things come out."

Leo looked at everyone and said, he looked around again, and looked at the brand new bulkheads and equipment around, "This doesn't seem to be the spaceship you opened out of the void in the first place?"

The people on the side still haven't recovered from Leo's words for a long time.

"So, among the current five Black Yao generals, are the Black Dwarfs and General Deadblade already cold?"

Lorelai stood aside, and couldn't help but mutter.

In the past few days, everyone has not been idle, especially after just fighting with one of the Black Yaowu generals, Ebony Throat, and they all checked the information about the Black Yaowu generals.

Except for the most mysterious supergiant stars, the rest of the black dwarfs, General Deadblade, and Proxima Centauri are all well-known.

You know, those are the most proud fighters under the hand of the universe overlord Thanos, each of them is a legion that leads Thanos.

Even if they were separated from each other alone, it was definitely not inferior to the general high-level civilization planet.

Although it cannot be compared with those top civilizations and cosmic empires, they can all be called a top power in the universe.

At the very least, there is no problem in fighting ten courageous raiders alone.

But it is so terrifying that the five black shining generals who have frightened the entire cosmic civilization, in Leo's mouth, are like a little mouse that is slaughtered at will.

Leo looked at Lorelai, who was suspicious in front of him, and then at the dumbfounded people around him, wondering what happened to them? Didnt you say it clearly enough?

So Leo also had to say seriously, "Yes, Black Dwarf and General Deadblade must be cold, and Ebony Maw and Proxima may be saved if they are lucky."

"By the way, is there really a fellow like Proxima? Why can't find the information at all."

Leo looked at Camora with some doubts and asked.

Camora and Nebula, who were slightly dazed by the side, were also facing Leo's problem, and gradually eased their attention. Seeing Leo's gaze, there was also a little more respect and awe.

Looking down at Leo slightly, he said, "There is indeed Proxima Centauri. It is the main pilot commander of Temple One and has the authority to control Temple One."

"No one has seen her take action, but on the Sanctuary, she is almost the most powerful person besides Thanos. Even me and Nebula must obey her orders."

Kamora said without concealment.

"She? Is it a woman?"

Leo couldn't help but ask again.

"Yes, but I don't know how old it is. Since we were adopted by Thanos, the superstar has become the main pilot command of Temple One."

Nebula added that, in his eyes, all of Leo's worship and respect, as well as the longing hidden deep in his heart.

Looking at the boy standing in front of him, there was still a look of longing in his eyes.

"Very mysterious, we have nothing to do with her."

Camora said slowly, obviously, apart from letting Leo know that the superstar is a woman, there is no other useful information.

"Well, I have a chance next time."

Leo said with a smile, after all, he had discovered Thanos' base camp from General Deadblade. If necessary, just go directly.

However, Thanos would have set up an ambush after the battle with him.

However, Leo, who was audacious in art, didn't care too much. When his power bracers were built, he could use the power rough stones, and he didn't care about these things.

"So, why do you ask me to come over, where are you going?"

Leo looked at the people around and said.

The rocket restarted the spacecraft, and the powerful power instantly nearly stopped the spacecraft, quickly pushing it to the rapid mode.

But the gravity field in the cockpit only sank slightly, and everyone was still standing in place.

However, the Nebula with his hands tied on the side swayed slightly, and his footsteps were a little unstable.

Quill also began to talk about the ins and outs of this incident to Leo. UU reading www.uukANAnshu.com


After hearing Quill's words, Leo said slightly in shock.

"Yes, boss, did you know this name before?"

Chen Haoran asked curiously, Leo's reaction was not like the first time he had heard of it.

"That guy, I really heard of it!"

Leo looked at Quill in front of him, then slowly nodded and said.

To say that the villain that impressed Leo the most, apart from Thanos, there are only Domam and this Yigo, a **** who has transformed into a planet.

Looking at the people around him again, he didn't expect that Quill would decide to come so recklessly and go directly to the planet Ego.

"Ego, that guy, it's really not easy to deal with."

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