Marvel: I Can Control Metal Chapter 979

Chapter 969: Against Igo

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At this moment, Leo once again attracted everyone's attention.

You know, everyone has searched on the star network, but there is very little information about Yi Ge, and there is hardly any useful news.

Among the crowd, there was only Lorelai, who had seen the news of Igo in Asgard's ancient paintings.

As for the others, including Lorelai, they have never seen Igo himself, and they are even more clues.

After Quill heard Lorelai's information before, he regretted it. When he was in the secret room, he forgot to ask Yongdu about Igor's specific situation and information.

But let Quill go to call Yongdu again, Na Quill didn't do it, Yongdu always troubled him, but he never wanted to contact Yongdu.

Furthermore, after that conversation, Quill suddenly didn't know what kind of attitude he should use to face Li Yongdu.

Therefore, Yi Ge is still a mystery in the hearts of everyone.

But they also followed Quill resolutely and resolutely, it was really too reckless.

Asterisk Yongdu has reminded several people and asked them to call Leo of their choice.

"Boss, the information about that guy is not available on the Star Network. How did you know it? You are too good."

Chen Haoran said with a smile on his face.

The original emotion of confronting Leo and abandoning himself no longer knows where it disappeared.

"It's a coincidence, Quill, did Yongdu tell you the story?"

"Well, I almost know it. Although I started to have some speculations when I grew up, Yongdu was the real proof a few days ago."

When Quill mentioned this, his expression was a little deep. Whenever he thought of the earth, he would think of his dead mother, and his heart felt painful.

"Huh, okay, then I'll accompany you to have a look. To be honest, I'm also very curious about this guy."

Leo said slightly and strictly.

Leo was not only for Quill and the others this time, but also for everyone on earth.

You know, Yigo, this guy, has planted his seeds on tens of thousands of civilized planets.

As long as he urges his divine power, he will inspire the seeds of the gods he releases to take root in the planet, draw on the power of the planet, and destroy all life on the planet of civilization and wisdom.

This is the extremely perverted thought of Igo, even more perverted than Thanos.

It's because he couldn't find a fellow of his own in the entire universe, that's why he had this mind to destroy all civilizations and reshape them.

Replace all the life in the entire universe with oneself, cover everything, and then make all the planets, everything, everything become himself.

From this point of view, this guy's mental realm is simply too bad, even more incomparable with Thanos.

Although he alone cannot achieve this situation for the time being, there is no problem with him choosing a few planets to cover it.

And if he really chose the earth to release the power that swallowed the whole world, Leo really had no choice.

Apart from being able to bring the people he cares to to the alien planet as soon as possible, he can do nothing.

Leo could not allow this.

Therefore, Igo is also on Leo's death list.

There is also Domam on the list. This terrifying dark dimension is also aimed at the entire earth and even the entire universe. These guys are all damned.

In this way, when Leo came, the feelings of the people who were still worried were all calmed down, and the sense of crisis that was always pressing on their shoulders in the universe was also reduced a lot.

Leo looked at the Nebula on the side, his fingers flicked slightly, and the two handcuffs originally tied to Nebula's wrists were suddenly opened.

"Nebula, since you chose to follow us, then give you a chance to see your performance. If you get everyone's approval, you can also let you join us."

Leo looked at the nebula in front of him and said lightly.

Speaking of it, Nebula is definitely a tough teammate. Although he was turned into a machine by Thanos because he lost to Kamora, he should not be underestimated.

After being transformed, Nebula will have more computing power than everyone present, and it is also a not-weak combat power that is eligible to join the team.

Nebula moved his mechanical fingers and looked at Leo in front of him, suddenly kneeling on one knee.

"As long as you can let me kill Thanos personally, I will be your most loyal servant, Master!"

"Don't don't don't, get up quickly, the master is not the master."

Seeing Nebula's solemn posture, Leo hurriedly reached out and lifted up to the sky, holding up Nebula out of thin air and looking at her.

"I can't give you any promise, at best, I can only guarantee your safety, and don't have any masters. I don't like this one."

"As for Thanos, if he is really so persistent, it's not a bad idea."

Leo thought for a while before speaking slowly.

In short, all of this made everyone feel infinitely shocked.

Perhaps until this moment other people understand what kind of boss they are with! !

In his mouth, the five black shining generals who have shocked countless civilizations, and the universe overlords who are enough to make the entire universe empire jealous, are all in their hands at will.

How long did it take to connect to the richest Difan Group in the universe, and even more so, they obtained a super fighter that they hadn't gotten in their entire lives.

Leo, who had never travelled in the universe, had no idea what Thanos and Hei Yaowu would mean, and how terrifying their prestige was.

Thanos' Black Yaowu will be remembered and feared by all interstellar civilizations.

Anyone who steps into interstellar travel will almost always receive a warning from Starnet.

It includes some specific dangerous terrains in the universe~wuxiaworld.online~star changes, related forces, and some dangerous planets, special races, and star behemoths.

Despite all the things mentioned in it, most people may not meet one at the end of the day.

But everything that exists in it is a prestigious existence in the universe.

Among them, the news about Thanos Legion hangs in the center of it.

You know, in almost all star charts sold, there are special notes about which planets are marked by Thanos.

The inability of these planets to invade and looting is a serious warning.

Hei Yaowu is the representative of Thanos's legion. It is unceremonious to say that there are many cosmic walkers who grew up listening to the story of Thanos and Hei Yaowu.

Like a legendary character, he was so easily slaughtered by Leo.

Perhaps Leo himself didn't realize how big a thing he did.

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