Marvels Kryptonian Chapter 480

Chapter 479: Unbearable Frost Giant

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After the trio of soldiers approached, a two-meter-high frost giant appeared out of thin air.

The hands of this frost giant lingered and quickly condensed into two half-meter-long ice skates, and when they flicked forward, they exuded a strong cold air, which lowered the air temperature a lot.

A handful of them pierced the chest of one of the soldiers, and the impact force lifted a hundred kilograms of soldiers off the ground, and a large amount of blood splashed out from behind, staining the ground with a large area.

"Damn, these monsters will be invisible and turn on the thermal imager!"

The other soldiers opened fire frantically at the frost giant that was close at hand.

The thermal imaging camera was turned on in the military base and began to scan the surroundings. The results were transmitted to several computers in the room where Bronsky was located, and stratospheric images were formed under the processing of technicians.

I saw six blue areas representing low temperatures near the military base, as if someone had placed six high-power condensing devices there. What is even more surprising is that these condensing devices are still human-shaped.

With a loud roar, all the nearby low-temperature areas moved and rushed towards the combat area. This caused soldiers and snipers from multiple observation positions nearby to rush through the walkie-talkie to request instructions for the next step.

The images captured by the thermal imaging camera were transmitted to the helmets of the soldiers, so that they would not fight the enemy blindly.

Bronsky looked at the screen, and since it was a monster that could be solved by guns, there was no need to dispatch it.

Then he picked up the walkie-talkie and said.

"Position No. 1 and No. 5 were evacuated, and the rest were on standby. Use a thermal imaging camera to observe whether there are still low temperature areas around.

"Then, fire freely."

A tracer bullet was launched, because the bullet's muzzle velocity was too high, making it like a laser, it instantly bombarded the Frost Giant's left chest and exploded.

'boom! With a loud noise, the Frost Giant's left shoulder and a small half of his chest were blown to pieces. The smashed ice cubes spread out, and the cold air emitted quickly reduced the surrounding temperature.

Most of his arms were blown up by the impact of the explosion.

If it were replaced by a human, this kind of injury would definitely die in a short time, but the Frost Giant didn't seem to feel anything. After a while, he retreated and continued to rush forward. Only his right arm was raised, and a cone appeared at the end. The icy ridges are full of sharp bulges, which look like mace.

The sniper cursed the monster secretly. He originally wanted to see if he could abolish the monster's ability to move. If he could catch it alive, he would have done a great job. In the end, he didn't expect that he could continue to fight after one shot?

The soldiers fired at other low-temperature areas, and the frost giants were hit by bullets to reveal themselves, and the ice-condensed armor on their bodies cracked into a large number of cobweb-like cracks.

The armed helicopters in the military base also flew, and the M230 chain gun firing 30x113 mm caliber machine gun shells fired at the Frost Giant, and the tracer shot out, just like the laser gun in the science fiction works.

It exploded on the Frost Giant, and accompanied by the fire, a large number of ice cubes and debris splashed around, while the Frost Giant had more holes in the body.

Then a shot hit the Frost Giant's head, and the huge head became like a watermelon hit by a hammer.

The other frost giant was just "licked" by the flaming tongue of the machine gun, and suddenly most of his body was shattered, leaving no flesh and blood.

The armed helicopters armed with air supremacy were dispatched, causing great panic to the Frost Giants. The only two Frost Giants remaining, after the third Frost Giant was blown into **** by Apache's machine guns, were full of horror. Turning around and running, they have realized that they are not the opponents of these Midgardians at all, and staying here will only die.

Under the threat of death, the two frost giants estimated that they even used the energy to feed their milk, and their running speed was definitely the fastest in their lives. They ran towards the dark town outside, without the arrogance they had before. , The imposing look, embarrassed like a bereaved dog.

But how could they have run past the Apache? After Apache adjusted the muzzle of the cannon slightly, the two frost giants were also directly crushed, and the hard bones were fragile in front of the warhead.

The people above were dissatisfied with the bureau wasted so much money and manpower on a hammer that fell from the sky, but after the incident, Zod threw them the video of the Frost Giant attacking the military base, leaving these people stunned.

"Obviously, what kind of treasure the hammer should be to attract these monsters. My people have already started collecting the organization of these monsters."

Zod said calmly.

At the scene of the incident, it is now the second day. Many people in chemical protective clothing, carrying boxes and freezers, trot all the way to the battlefield last night, and began to search for the shards of the frost giant. Carefully put them into boxes and cabinets and seal them up.

After completing the search for debris, the disinfection work began. Although there were a large number of people, different tasks were carried out in an orderly manner.

"My people have studied these creatures. Their structure is completely different from ours. Even the creatures currently known on the earth can't find a match, plus they seem to have language and thinking abilities... You know what this means. What are you doing?"

Zords words made everyones face slightly changed ~wuxiaworld.online~ Yes, it means that they are not creatures belonging to the earth, and the aliens that the administration has been on guard are here..."

After the meeting, the management bureau received a large amount of funding again, and Nick Fury was jealous because he worked so hard to defraud the funding, but he did not have 1% of the funding that Zod received.

In Asgard far away, Heimdall, the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, had his eyes glowing with a faint orange light, ignoring distance and space, staring at Thor on the earth. He had been staring for ten minutes, but he still couldn't find the secret passage for the Frost Giant to enter Midgard from Jotunheim, which made Heimdall feel very bad.

Because this means that the Frost Giant may have a way to hide his omniscient eye, which is really bad news for Asgard. For a long time, Asgard suppressed the frost giants of Jotunheim, in large part because of the existence of the Rainbow Bridge and the All-Seeing Eye.

The All-Knowing Eye is like a map fully opened. It can know the movements of the opponent's army at any time. The Rainbow Bridge can throw a large number of troops in an instant, and hit the enemy by surprise. Many forces are equal to or even stronger than Asgard. , Was defeated by Asgard in this way.

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