Marvels Kryptonian Chapter 481

Chapter 480: Armed Up

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But now the All-Knowing Eye could not see the Frost Giant's traces, which made Heimdall's heart a great vigilance, and a large part of his attention was focused on Thor's corpse, for fear that he might be confronted by the Frost Giant or Conspiracy by other forces.

Just thinking about it, Odin, who was leaning on Gangneil, came over, took a breath and asked Heimdall.

"Have you not found the reason why the Frost Giant avoids the prying eyes of your All-Knowing Eye?"

Heimdall shook his head, and instead of talking about the problem, he talked about Thor.

"Does Thor need to send someone to check on the current situation."

After all, Thor turned into a corpse and was put in the morgue. That's blasphemy!

Odin slowly shook his head and said.

"No, Midgard has his own guardian. I have told her that there is a secret passage connecting Midgard and Jotunheim. He will solve it himself. I also asked her to take care of Thor, so Midgard There is no need to worry too much about Gard. The most important thing now is to find out whether Asgard also has such a secret passage. Before Thor returns, the Frost Giant must not be allowed to cross the line of defense."

As Odin said, he looked in the direction of Midgard unconsciously.

On the other hand, although the US military was keen to help the Authority fight against the frost giants that might continue to appear, it was rejected by Zod.

Even Apache doesnt need him anymore. He plans to produce and manufacture the exclusive weapons of the Administration. Otherwise, he will have to ask the US military for support when he is dispatched? Having a sword and not having a sword is two different things.

The other five gangsters of the United Nations are also very enthusiastic about participating, after all, at this time the Heavenly Dynasty had not yet established the Spear Bureau.

There is Magneto, the master of electromagnetics, and it is reasonable to find him to do the processing, but it is not easy to persuade Magneto, but Zod took out a bargaining chip that Magneto could not refuse.

"With me, mutant criminals will be accommodated to me. As long as you help, I don't need to inject them with the antidote."


Magneto thought for a while, and agreed to the conditions proposed by Zod. Therefore, Magneto, the terrifying terrorist outside, is now reduced to a god-level fitter under Director Heath.

Coupled with the ideas and materials provided by Zod, Magneto alone can be competent for Stark Industry!

"Lao Wan's micromanagement level is pretty good."

Zod clearly observed that Magneto can be used with all his heart, but I don't know why he always likes to hit people with metal instead of manipulating the power of magnetic field. Isn't that much more powerful than just hitting people with metal?

The first armed helicopter manufactured in accordance with Zod's requirements was quickly completed, and the whole process did not take more than half an hour. Lao Wan's hands-on ability by himself was really too strong.

"As long as the materials are sufficient, the speed will be faster."

Magneto said proudly that he has already mastered it once, and he can even produce missiles and shells by himself, but even if he learns it, Lao Wan doesnt bother to make these weapons. Mutants should use their own. ability.

This is why Zod is so relieved to find him for processing, and he does not have to worry about using it after he knows the parameters and technology. Lao Wancai would not do that!

It's a pity that Lao Wan doesn't know that the biggest difference between humans and monkeys is that humans can use tools, and Lao Wan is now completely stubborn.

This gunship was named by Zod as the "Killer Bee" gunship.

There is a short wing on each side of the fuselage, and each stub wing has two mounting points. Each mounting point can mount a 19-gang 70mm-caliber rocket launcher, loaded with rocket "venom". It is an armor-piercing high-explosive rocket, considering that most of its targets are rough-skinned targets, so they are very powerful.

Then there is the anti-tank missile "Satan" equipped by the "Killer Bee", which is more powerful than the Hellfire missile, and the price is as high as $7W.

But the power is much more powerful than the Hellfire missile. Compared with the Hellfire missile, the Satan missile has improved performance such as maximum range, guidance accuracy, reprogramming flexibility, anti-interference ability, and lethality.

With a range of up to 8 kilometers, the launcher can launch attacks outside the effective range of any mobile air defense weapon of the Warsaw Pact National Army known at the time, and the warhead power has also been greatly increased.

Most importantly, the Satan missile uses semi-active laser guidance (SAL), so the laser illumination source can be provided by other friendly aircraft or other friendly ground units, so the helicopter can search for the next target or find cover after launching the Satan missile.

Moreover, due to the increase in the number of laser lighting sources, a helicopter can simultaneously launch multiple Satan missiles to engage multiple targets.

However, this kind of guidance method must be coordinated with friendly forces, resulting in increased complexity in use and a certain degree of restriction and inconvenience.

The Killer Bee can mount up to 20 Satan anti-tank missiles. In theory, it can destroy up to 20 main battle tanks per attack.

Under the nose of the Killer Bee is equipped with a 35mm caliber cannon.

The fire rate of this machine gun called "Terminator" can be adjusted. The normal rate of fire is 625 rounds/min, the maximum rate of fire is 1000 rounds/min, the muzzle velocity is 808m/s, and the turret rotation range is left, right, down, and each. 110 degrees, up to 2000 rounds of ammunition in the aircraft.

The main type of ammunition is high-explosive armor-piercing dual-purpose anti-personnel bombs, which can penetrate the weaker sides and top of light armored vehicles or main battle tanks. The personnel kill radius is about 5 meters. UUwww.uukanshu. com means that it can cause damage within five meters.

The most powerful thing is that the Terminator cannon can be linked to the driver's helmet. Through the control of the helmet display/targeting system, the pilot can easily attack targets that deviate from the flight axis.

Although the volume is about the same size as the Apache, it is much heavier than the Apache. The reason is that Zod asked Magneto to increase the density of the fuselage armor. By modifying the density of the metal, the defense of the metal can be greatly strengthened. But it will become very heavy, and the engine may not be able to carry it.

Using the Apache engine is estimated to be unable to fly, but Zod himself made a more powerful and more suitable engine, of course, not the kind of fighter.

Magneto has no objection to becoming a military factory. The raw materials shipped are processed by him into ammunition for use by killer bees.

In just a few hours, the Administration has never had its own armed forces, and has become an organization with very strong armed forces.

Twenty killer bees came out of the nest and arrived in New Mexico. The radar did not find these new gunships during the entire journey. Of course, to avoid accidental injuries by friendly forces, the killer bees had the logo of the Supernatural Administration on their fuselage.

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