Marvels Kryptonian Chapter 482

Chapter 481: Make A Comeback

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Jotunheim, which has been shrouded in thick ice and dark clouds all the year round, once again ushered in the visit of the "intelligence merchant", but this time, he landed on the largest of Jotunheim in a spaceship. On the ice sheet.

When the spaceship door opened, Loki walked down with a smile, and regarded all the frost giants around him as nothing, and soon he was taken to Laofy, the king of frost giants.

Although this is a palace, it is actually no different from the cave where primitive people live, but it is replaced by an ice cave from a stone cave. The surrounding walls and ceilings and floors are all extremely rough, full of icy ballast, with no sense of beauty at all, and the rough style can kill the perfectionist elves.

Lao Fei looked at Loki, who was applying the magic to change his appearance, and said in a low voice.

"You are here. I sent a team to Midgard. I lost contact the next day. There is no news yet. The secret passage you mentioned disappeared. Now you What reasons are you going to use to convince me not to feed you to my pet?"

Following Lao Feis words, a four-to-five-meter-long lizard-like head protruded from a huge ice hole on the left side of the upper throne, grinning at the Rocky below, his nostrils sprayed with cold air in the air. Condensed into a blossoming ice flower falling down.

Loki didn't even look at the frost behemoth, his smile on his face remained unchanged, and he said to Lauphy.

"Then why did you send such a weak team? Asgard always pays attention to the Nine Realms, and Midgard also has his own guardian. The same channel cannot be used for the second time. Your approach is That precious secret passage is wasted."

Laufey snorted, leaning lazily on the throne, and said to Loki.

"Then what information do you want to sell this time?"

Loki shook his head and said with a smile.

"I'm here for cooperation this time."


"Yes, cooperation. Since you are unwilling to send the most elite fighters to Midgard, you can exchange quantity for quality. You send one or two teams to Midgard with my 100 soldiers. Capture Thor."

"Hey, what can you get from this cooperation?"

"You want to exchange Thor for the Crate of Frost, and I want to get the Infinite Gloves in Odin's treasury. Thor is the prince of Asgard, and Odin will promise us this condition."

"Really?" Lauphy glanced at Loki below and said quietly.

"I remember Asgard has another prince. Do you think Odin will exchange the Ice Box for him?"

Lauphy's words made Loki's heart burst, but there was not the slightest strangeness on his face, and he still said with a lukewarm smile.

"But the prince has been staying in Asgard. There is no weaker than Midgard. Neither you nor I have the ability to send the army into the heavily guarded Asgard. It took me three months to find another one. The secret passage to Midgard can send our troops there."

Lao Fei showed a grinning smile at Loki, stood up slowly, and looked down at Loki condescendingly, her eyes full of indifference. Loki couldn't help but raised his head, slightly clenched his right fist, and suddenly became nervous, and he wondered if the other party had seen his identity.

"A good suggestion, then do it as you said. I will give you three hundred frost giant warriors. You will lead them to Midgard. As long as you can catch Thor here, unless Asgard The army is coming out, otherwise dont want to **** Thor from Jotunheim."

Loki's words made Loki breathe a sigh of relief in his heart and smiled and nodded.

"A word is a deal."

Soon, three hundred tall and strong frost giants assembled on the ice field. Compared with the last militia squad, these were regarded as field troops. Loki nodded with satisfaction. These forces were not enough to deal with Thor. Dealing with stuffed teeth can be used to deal with Thor who has lost his supernatural power. It is really a sledgehammer.

Under the gaze of the frost giant Lao Fei, the spacecraft anchored on the ice sheet quickly took off. It was not until the spacecraft disappeared in the thick dark clouds that Lao Fei looked back and said in an inaudible voice.

"My son, I will let you replace Odin as the king of the Nine Realms."

Loki, who came with Thor last time, was held by the Frost Giant's arm, and suddenly revealed the ice blue skin unique to the Frost Giant. Lauphy was aware of it at the time. In order to verify it, in the disguised Loki When I came here three times in four or five months, they all quietly tried Loki with the power of frost originating from the bloodline. If the Asgardians would definitely get frostbite, Loki did not respond. Let Lauphy be sure that he is the son who disappeared in that battle.

Loki didn't know anything about Lauphy's thoughts, and was thinking about future plans. Although the Frost Giants were not strong last time, they could not be dealt with by Thor, who had lost his supernatural power.

As a result, he disappeared silently in Midgard, contacting the Guardians of Midgard who overheard Odin's words, and convinced Loki that this team should have been wiped out by the Guardians of Midgard. .

Thats why he tried his best to get a hundred biomechanical soldiers and these three hundred frost giants, in order to deal with the guardians of Midgard~wuxiaworld.online~ After all, Odin has not fallen into long sleep yet. He didn't dare to show up to deal with Thor, otherwise, he would definitely dispatch Asgard's strongest destroyer to destroy Thor simply and rudely.

Loki personally drove the spacecraft quietly through the secret passage leading to Midgard and came to New Mexico.

Snow was floating in the sky at this time, covering the earth with a layer of silver. The people in the small town where Thors Hammer fell had already been moved away because of the toxic gas leak, and within a hundred kilometers, only left This secret management base built around Thor's Hammer.

This base is no longer a simple plastic greenhouse. It has become a masonry structure, a huge base with more than 20 buildings, and high-voltage transmission lines to supply the growing energy demand here.

Layers of walls, guard towers, and teams of soldiers were heavily guarded, no less than a vault, but Loki easily entered the core of the base, where Thor's Hammer was placed.

Loki looked at the Thor's Hammer on the ground expressionlessly, glanced at the surrounding guards with contempt, stretched out his hand to hold the short handle of Thor's Hammer, and pulled hard, the Thor's Hammer did not move, and used it twice. The same is true with his hand, Thor's Hammer lying quietly lying there, silently mocking Loki's overconfidence.

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