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Volume 2: Mcux Men Verse Chapter 60 59

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"Alright... you had something to say... shoot" Nisus said, doing a finger gun and faking shooting as chairs and comfortable furniture appeared in the hall they were in.

"Cool trick..." The God Sage said yawning as he sat down with an annoyed expression. This was due to having to let one of his potential advocates go. He'd created a near perfect one for sloth until sloths Acolyte ruined it.

"Well... anyway... I can't say much due to you being connected to Sloth... but I want you to become the new L.u.s.t..." The God Sage said his demeanor changed as he looked over at the serious looking Nisus.

"L.u.s.t?... can you explain a little more... Mr. Sage?..." Nisus asked as he pulled out a bag of gummy worms, still analyzing the god sage. After hearing something about becoming L.u.s.t Nisus was now more intrigued, and confused... how had he already not become l.u.s.t yet?

"Long ago... I was betrayed by my... brother... and then... well... honestly I don't like talking about it... maybe when you have fully become and Advocate of l.u.s.t under me then I'll tell you..." The God Sage said, narrowing his eyes and waiting for Nisus's decision.

"Tell me this..." Nisus smirked and leaned forward eating a gummy worm and ignoring the little white-haired girl who was peeking around the wall. "If I become... your Advocate... do I lose my freedom... because if I do then f.u.c.k now"

The God Sage chuckled at this and stood up. "Now... Why would I take freedom from a king?... seems unfair... the answers no... you would actually gain more freedom... when it happens I'll give you missions related to the higher beings... don't worry though... that's a long ways in the future... let's focus on the weakest one for now... which is Sloth... he is the one who reincarnated you... it wasn't random by the way... he wants to suck out your power and all your strength to give himself more power quicker than training... the lazy route you could say... well I'll be going... hope you consider it... that Blue haired guy didn't seem very receptive to the idea... Ungrateful piece of shit..." The God Sage grabbed the bag of Gummy Worms and vanished as Nisus sat there thinking about his words.

"Jack... come here" Nisus said as the girl stumbled in shock revealing her location and looking at him in fear. "Ak, sorry I" Jack stopped as Nisus was in front of her with his arms around her.

"You were just worried right?... it's ok... just keep this a secret... from everyone ok?" Nisus asked, putting his hand on her head and smiling as Jack looked up at him. "Y-Yes... si- Father?" Jack said awkwardly looking away as Nisus smiled.

"Ok... would you like to meet your family?" Nisus asked as he snapped his fingers bringing the 3 girls as well as Asia came out of the Mindscape. The others in there didn't matter, they were either his cult or the people they'd saved over the years.

Nisus put Yafusa back in GOB causing all the spirits to disappear. "I'm a necromancer now... If I wanted... I could bring you back... Musashi..." Nisus shook his head and looked at the confused girls.

"Avalon?" Artoria asked looking around the hall of the castle with familiarity. Nisus smiled as they finally noticed him... and also Jack who was in his arms as he was holding her tightly.

"So, before you ask I adopted this cute girl..." Nisus said before he was flung back and Jack was grabbed by the 3 women, Asia looked at Jack with indifference before walking over to Nisus.

"I missed you Daddy!" Asia said hugging him tightly. Nisus teared up and grabbed Asia tightly. "Asia is the best, everyone else sucks!" Nisus said glaring in the direction of the girls who were ignoring him and were now playing with Jack.

"Huh?... what about Zoe?" Nisus asked before stopping and seeing a white haired girl around Asia's age. "What the hell do you want, asshole?" Zoe said scowling as she tried to hide her body from Nisus.

"What are you doing?" Nisus asked, appearing in front of her and grabbing her hand that was trying to cover her body. "You've matured huh?... hey..." Nisus said, looking her body up and down.

Zoe froze, having a suspicion of what he was going to ask...

"Want to..."


"...Be a stripper for my club"


Both froze and looked at the other, Zoe in shock and Nisus in happiness. "Yes!... I'll run the biggest club... then I'll be the king of the world..." Nisus said before Zoe hit him in the back of the head.

"Hell no I won't be a stripper!" Zoe yelled angrily transforming into her half dragon form and punching at him. Nisus let out a sigh as he dodged her fist and gripped her b.r.e.a.s.ts. "Then I might as well marry you off or something... hmm not bad, A cup..."

Everyone froze as he openly started to fondle her. Inwardly he was smirking at seeing her get angry, in truth he was going to take her as his long ago, but seeing her expecting it made him want to tease her.

"God F.u.c.k You!" Zoe yelled, turning away before stopping as Nisus grabbed her from behind with a smile. "You wish you could..." Nisus said into her ear before letting her go and turning back to the main family.

"So were royalty... go get ready for the banquet I'm holding for all of Avalon..." Nisus said before turning back to Zoe. "After the banquet, meet me in my room..." He said smirking as he walked away and the spirits came out of nowhere due to his mental command to get them presentable. He'd show all of them off, including the two royal princesses... then he'd go back to thinking of what to do from now on.

His first plans were to leave Avalon and keep them here as he explored the world and had fun, then he'd try and become king of Earth then he'd go further hell he didn't even need to limit himself to one world, not with the offer that The God Sage had given him.

"Oh I almost forgot" Nisus said with a sad expression as he looked down at the obviously abused and not so pure form of Vivian who was laying on a bed in the Kings chambers, blood all over the sheets where her lower parts were.

"It wasn't gil he wouldn't do something like that at least she's alive but Merlin how might he react?" Nisus sighed as he looked around the room. "Come out there's no use in hiding I can kill you either way" Nisus said looking at Vivians form with a disgusted look on his face. No matter how l.u.s.tful, crazy, or an asshole he was, **** was something he hated as not only a God of S.e.x, but in general.

"Hah you don't understand Nisus I didn't mean to do it it was just a a means to survive he might have killed me if I didn't take her as a gift.... And I couldn't waste such a nice girl You understand right?"

"Give it Ascalon I mean You don't deserve that anymore Sir George" Nisus said to someone he'd briefly met in the past, who was now cowering in fear seeing Nisus's no bullshit expression.

"Y-You can't take Ascalon it's mine-" Nisus raised his hand and sighed as Ascalon appeared in his hands. "Ok merlin it isn't my place to kill him I'm taking Vivians memory away and restoring her previous self she doesn't deserve to live with this after all the only one she's ever love is you be good to her when she wakes up that's an order" Nisus said walking out with Vivian as an angry mage was in the room looking at Saint George with a blank expression on his face.

"I won't kill you No you don't deserve that you deserve much worse" Merlin said as the entire room exploded as he and Saint George disappeared

After finishing Vivians restoration and small mind wipe of the time of Gilgamesh coming here, Nisus found his way to the great hall, where hundreds were seated or standing in front of his family, waiting for someone to sit on the throne.

When Nisus walked in he immediately made his way to the throne and looked down at all the others. "Be seated" Nisus said as he sat and the throne started glowing.

"Is this shit on?... haha, Merlin is so gonna be pissed well Artoria is going too as well meh whatever, so whoever is sitting on this throne, don't expect much honestly imagine being a king hah, can't wait to see who gets this" A kid Nisus's voice sounded out throughout the hall as Nisus widened his eyes remembering the "Funny" Prank he'd pulled when first coming to Avalon. "Shit!" Nisus quickly teleported the throne away into his Mindscape and made a new one and replaced it he didn't feel like being covered in Welsh Dragon Feces

"Ahem all may bow let's eat" Nisus said excusing the matter as everyone began eating food from the spirits, there were other races he'd need to bring back as well, but for now he'd worry about that later.

"My next plan of action is to rule the Human realm" Nisus informed everyone there causing them all to stop and look at him in shock. "It's unfair right?... having to hide here all the time once I'm king that won't be necessary but don't expect immediate results that's later along the line for now Zoe meet me in my quarters good night everyone" Nisus said with a smirk as he disappeared into the underground chambers that were enchanted by merlin to only let people Nisus had chosen or people with his blood in them to be.

"Hello my cute little Dragon" Nisus said as he began the Dragon mating ceremony once again this time with one of his oldest companions...

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