Marvels Op Hero Chapter 22

Volume 2: Mcux Men Verse Chapter 62 61

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"Wait! Stop! it's! AHN!" Zoe arched her back as she came and Nisus, being the asshole he is, continued fingering her intensely, within 30 seconds of the last climax, Zoe once again climaxed, this time squirting for the first time in her life, all over the bedsheets...

"You're such a good girl Zoe... but... we still haven't gone all the way..." Nisus said chuckling as Zoe lay there out of it and let him lead her into a position of her lying on her back, facing him able to look directly into his eyes as he plunged his d.i.c.k into her wet pink folds that had stayed pure for over 3,000 years now...

"Wait this is too-" Zoe started to say before Nisus stopped her by thrusting even deeper, causing her to arch her back as she gripped the bedsheets and m.o.a.ned out.

"Too fast?... I want to go even faster..." Nisus said In Zoe's ear as he flipped her over and plunged his d.i.c.k back into her p.u.s.s.y from behind as he pulled her hair, causing her upper body to be raised.

"O-Ok!" Zoe yelled as she came again, this time Nisus thought it was enough for her first time and grabbed her from behind with his arms wrapped around her.

"I'm gonna come inside you..." Nisus said as he kissed the back of her neck to which she nodded as he finally came. Zoe plopped down on the king mattress as Nisus picked her up and took her to the baths. After finishing washing up he lay down with the sleeping Zoe, stroking her white hair as her normal form, which was more mature, appeared, signifying she was truly out of it.

"Next time I'll f.u.c.k you in this form..." Nisus said kissing her forehead as he lay and fell asleep.


'F.u.c.k... we really... f.u.c.k' Zoe thought as she was hugged in Nisus's arms as he slept peacefully. She had woken up to him doing this and didn't know what to do, so she simply lay still letting him hug her.

'It felt... good... damn it... what do I do now...' Zoe thought as she felt Nisus's arms brush up against her again, causing her to let out a soft m.o.a.n due to not being done with the mating. He would need to fully finish for her 'mood' to be over.

Nisus had gotten in the habit of making his s.p.e.r.m unable to produce babies, but little did he know that he would actually need to do it otherwise she would get worse and worse, even more in heat until she went s.e.x crazy...

But there was something weird... she didn't feel like that. Well obviously she was feeling aroused, but she thought it would be stronger... what was going on...

"Oh, you're awake..." Nisus said chuckling as he hugged her closer stroking his hand on her stomach. "Wait... y-you didn't..." Zoe froze seeing Nisus smirk, he obviously knew all about dragon mating and had gone full dragon last night in order for it to go well... he wasn't a fan of torturing his women.

"Oh... I see..." Zoe said looking down shyly just as Nisus grabbed her chin and kissed her deeply, surprising her.

"Wait... but aren't you going to... I don't know... leave?..." Zoe asked confusedly. She saw how he had s.e.x with many women and left, only bringing along the few he had with him now. She didn't think she was special... so why was he still here?

"The hell are you talking about?... is that what you think of me?" Nisus asked pulling away and getting up as he looked at her. Seeing Zoe not answer Nisus, for the first time, felt... weird when she said that.

"I'm gonna go check things out... see ya," Nisus said smiling half-heartedly as he disappeared, still confused at the emotion he was feeling.


"She said that and now you feel confused?..." Merlin asked as he smoked a cigarette while sitting in bed. Vivian had gone back to the lake and was currently taking care of spiritual things in place of Nisus.

Nisus nodded as he looked out the window. Even he didn't understand why he was feeling so weird, hearing what she said about him. "It's true... so why?... I don't get it..." Nisus said clutching his chest as if to get rid of the feeling.

"It's normal... she said something hurtful... so you feel bad... it's a normal human reaction" Merlin said as he blew out smoke and got up getting dressed.

"I'm not human... and she is right... Maybe... whatever... I don't want to think about it anymore... I should go do king things now..." Nisus said walking out.

"I really don't understand why you are acting like a person with feelings now... aren't you the one who killed your own son?... and made someone stronger just to destroy them as soon as they powered up... you've messed up so many lives with your presence... I don't understand why you are acting like a person?" Merlin said smirking as Nisus paused and looked at him with a blank expression on his face.

"Merlin... I f.u.c.k.i.e.d Vivian..." Nisus said with a glint in his eye as Merlin flashed forward staring him down only 2 inches away. "Don't... joke like that" Merlin said clenching his fists as nisus let out a huff and turned his head a little.

'Yeah... this is more like it... someone like you should be under me you stupid f.u.c.k... watch yourself...' Nisus thought as he tapped Merlin's shoulder pushing him back.

"Haha... just kidding bro... I've just been uptight lately... I seriously need to go now... and bury Lancelot will you?... he's in the dungeon next to the cell holding Guen... I now have someone to talk to..." Nisus, after having a little fun, went back to his earlier mood and inwardly sighed...

As Nisus walked into the hall he saw Circe standing there with a smile, "Nisus~ we can do it in public if you want" Circe said lifting up her skirt as he passed by with an excited look in her eyes.

"I don't feel like it..." Nisus said barely glancing at her as he walked past the shocked half-nymph who dropped her skirt and looked at him with wide eyes as he left the halls...

"Did he just say... he didn't feel like it?..." Circe asked herself as she went the opposite way in a daze...

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