Master of Marvel World Chapter 187

Chapter 186: : The coming of a new era

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All Qi Mu Nanxiong made sounds neatly, and then disappeared in an instant, or rushed to the sky, and some even went underground.

This scene was also broadcast live by Jarvis to the world.

People still don't know what kind of capabilities these Chaldean "rescuers" have suddenly appeared.

But they quickly understood.

Several people flying into the sky collided fiercely at extremely fast speed. They easily appeared next to an alien warship, and easily tore them to pieces, and then rushed to the next target. To the back, people even They couldn't tell where the Chaldean members were at all. They only saw large fireballs blooming in the sky, and metal parts clanging like hail fell, smashing into the almost ruined city.

As a bystander, this scene was extremely shocking.

People didn't react until the wreckage of battleships fell in front of them.

"Hurry up and find cover!"

The soldiers and those who were still alive and evacuated outside the church ran around with their heads in panic.

But Qi Mu Nanxiong waved his hand, and all the weapons he smashed down flew away, as if there was an invisible protective shield around the people.

"These people are all from the headquarters?" Tony flew over at this time, "Why didn't you call them out to help earlier?"

This is not only Tony's question, but also the question of everyone else. Looking at the Cherita soldier in the sky like an instant defeat, people can't help but feel an unbelievable feeling.

It was as if he had the strength, but was still hit by the opponent for a few punches, and then began to explode.

"Because of the cost." Shen He's voice looked very low and depressed through the mask. "Applying for support from the headquarters requires a huge price. Even so, their stay time is still limited. Tony, I remember what I said."

"...Okay." Tony didn't ask anything more.

He also remembered that when Shen He went to other worlds to help, he seemed to have said that he could get a lot of benefits, and he could only go there for a limited time every day.

In this case, if these people come to help, naturally they will also benefit.

He is now more and more curious about the entire Chaldeans.

General Fury and General Rose looked at each other, both of them could see the prudence in each other's eyes, but now that Shen He was clearly in a bad mood, no one was willing to touch this mold.

Only these thirty or forty Chaldean members who are stranded in this world now are enough to have the power to conquer or even destroy the entire world.

For everyone who is watching this battle, every force can't help being shocked by the tip of the iceberg of Chaldean power.

Whether it is a bald mage standing on the top of a snow-capped mountain.

Still the bald commander in the Cherita mothership.

Still a bald overlord sitting high on the throne of the universe.

Maybe there are more bald heads.

At this moment, Chaldeans truly entered their sight, or fear, curiosity, or vigilance...

And the commander of Cherita, one of the lackeys under Thanos, was undoubtedly in fear.

His army is suffering a one-sided cruel slaughter, his allies have been captured, and his mission of conquering that planet and bringing back to the universe's Rubik's Cube is on the verge of failure.

He dared not go to his master, because he understood the consequences of failure.

Where is the hope of survival...

Naturally, Shen He would not guess the enemy's bad mood. In fact, he was still in a good mood just after another wave of flickering.

He is now being taken to the aircraft carrier high in the sky by a clone of Qi Mu Nanxiong.

Possessing the same abilities as the main body, although the character will have the possibility of rebellion, it is not as uncontrollable as the infinite possibility clone of Aleister.

Standing on the periphery of the aircraft carrier's deck, he looked at the battlefield in front of him, suddenly full of pride.

Even if the Marvel world is full of BUG-like existence, Qi Shen is also BUG, and there may be more BUGs that can be summoned in the future.

Maybe we should say something at this time, our journey is a more expansive sea of stars?

"Master, they have begun to retreat."

Jeanne yelled a word from Shen He's side. Her voice was a little faint in the whirring wind, but she could still hear the excitement.

No matter how many times we have experienced, victory in a war can always ease the grief of sacrifice.

"Did we win?"

"It looks like it is."

"They really evacuated and went back to outer space."

"Well, guys, does anyone want to hold a celebration party?"


Various voices came from the earphones, including the Guardians, Tony, Steve, and even Ferry and Rose, all of them were relieved.

And with the gradual passing of an hour, the clones disappeared one after another, as if they suddenly appeared, and then returned suddenly.

"Hubby, Violet, come here."

Shen He greeted the two little girls to come to him, looking at Violet's slightly tired eyes, a little distressed.

The two of them played a role second only to Qi Mu Nanxiong in the war just now, especially Hubby.


Shen He stretched out his hand to tidy up Violet's long blond hair tossed by the wind, and then looked up at the high-altitude passage.

"Everyone, I think the war is not over."

After his voice appeared, it instantly suppressed all the voices in the communication channel.

Everyone understood what Shen He meant.

It is far from the time to cheer.

"Jarvis, put my voice on the live broadcast." Shen He ordered.

Jarvis switched the screen directly, and Shen He, who had already put away the evil spirit-ridden battle armor, stood on the aircraft carrier high in the sky, surrounded by the Chaldean people, every one, even the snow-white skin of Hubie. Above, they are stained with blue blood of aliens, long lavender hair flutters freely under the strong wind, and the combination of childish and beautiful appearance with the posture of war weapons brings a very shocking beauty.

"The alien army that invaded the earth will be repelled for the time being." There was no expression on Shen He's face. "However, this channel connecting the new world cannot be closed yet. The enemy is still on the other side, staring at him at any time. May organize the next offense."

The picture cuts to the space-time gate high in the sky.

At close range.

This is a scene that has never appeared before in the human world. It appears as a whirlpool-like void in the clouds. On the other end is the vast and dark outer space. The huge ferocious mothership and the dense mechanical dragons are quietly located in the dark. , Hovering above the heads of every earthling like a big mouth in the abyss, they may swallow it in one mouthful at any time.

"This is the true form of the world. The vast outer space is full of wars, conquests, and deaths!"

Shen He's voice continued. Everyone listened quietly. The new world had already appeared in front of them, in a war gesture, and they had no other choice but to accept it.

"Compared with the vast majority of civilizations in the entire interstellar world, human civilization is undoubtedly lucky, because in the entire history of human civilization, the earth has been guarded by Asgard, and humanity has been able to develop without incident until now. Many other guardians have appeared, secretly guarding the entire world from the destruction of outsiders."

Thor, who landed next to Shen He, couldn't help casting a grateful look at him.

This war was triggered by Loki after all, and he also had to worry that humans would resent Asgard for this.


Shen He's next words filled Thor's heart with helplessness.

"Although Asgard is powerful, it is not invincible." Shen He turned his head and glanced at Thor, "It is just a rebellious prince, Loki, who destroyed Asgard's most powerful weapon, A planet protected by Asgard has fallen into war. The enemies of the earth also invaded at this time. As a guardian, Asgard has nothing to do."

After the Rainbow Bridge was destroyed, all the nine planets fell into war.

It was not until the Rainbow Bridge was repaired that Thor led the army for a year to quell the war. Asgard also suffered heavy losses, and the decline began to appear.

In addition, after the dark elves and the etheric particle incident, the queen died, and the whole Asgard was once again hit hard.

All this laid the groundwork for the last twilight of the gods, the destruction of Asgard that has been powerful for thousands of years.

"These are facts." Thor took a deep breath, "but I will try my best to stop the war."

The honest Thor doesn't know how to justify, or tell the lies of the superiors.

He is tantamount to directly acknowledging Asgard's powerlessness in this war.

In fact, his father mobilized huge dark energy to send him to the earth, and he had already paid a certain price, and the reason for doing so was because only the cosmic cube on the earth could repair the rainbow bridge and re-give the nine planets. Bring peace.

The whole world was in an uproar.

They finally know the truth of the matter and the crisis the earth is facing.

As the guardian, Asgard has admitted that he is powerless~www.wuxiaworld~ Even if their prince comes to the earth to fight, who can save the earth?

There is no doubt that there is only one answer-Chaldea.

Shen He was deliberate and deceived, and finally pushed the incident to this point.

Now everything is very comfortable.

"Before the war appears, it is already an established fact."

Shen He turned his head, looked at the camera again, raised his voice slightly, and said his ultimate goal:

"The Chaldeans are not good at dealing with wars, but we still have the confidence to protect human civilization. It's just that the whole earth must be united."

"In the past, we have wasted too much power for infighting, for doubting each other, for hurting each other."

"And now, in front of the entire new world, the entire earth is a real community of interests."

"The new era has come!"

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