Master of Marvel World Chapter 188

Chapter 187: : Announcement of Attilan

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Since entering the new century, human beings have become the most powerful creatures on earth.

Therefore, more of them, put their sight and competition between each other.

But with the arrival of aliens, the war with outer space and new species begins, everything is different.

Facing such changes, people have different senses.

Some people easily substitute themselves for the world of fantasy works, and they even feel excited about it, because the immutable real world they are tired of has finally undergone tremendous changes. They yearn for excitement, yearning for difference, and being able to do so. Witness the development of the new era in one's lifetime, and even have the opportunity to break through the limits of birth, old age, sickness and death.

Some people are caught in a huge panic. They think that human beings are not alien rivals and that their peaceful life will face a crisis.

But in any case, the old order has been broken.

This is a new era.

The Chaldeans, on the other hand, controlled the initiative of the new era.

"Fry, I need the armies of all countries to unite." After Shen He finished the live broadcast, he directly connected to the phone with Fury. "You tell the World Council that all this is just the beginning. The enemy has already focused on the earth. I will not Any force, or anyone, will be allowed to put the planet into crisis-even those who are holding back."

Shen He now has the confidence to say this.

Because the facts are already in sight.

Once the Chaldeans left their hands alone, the World Council was simply unable to deal with the army outside the wormhole.

Even if the Hydra is in power, in this situation, he can only choose to improvise for the time being.

"You should know that it's difficult." Fury's voice is low, "And what is it to be a drag?"

He did not inquire about the World Council, and there is no need to do so.

Because just after the arrival of the Chaldean headquarters, the members of the World Council have lost their voices.

Faced with great strength, the choices they can make are very limited.

After all, while those in power must be alert to cruelty, they must also be rational and calm. There is nothing that cannot be calculated by profit. Now it is the greatest interest to rely on Chaldea to solve the aliens first.

"It's hard to know if you do it." Shen He turned and looked behind him, "And I will introduce you to a new ally."

"Allies?" Fury was slightly stunned.

But Shen He had already hung up the call and walked towards several people standing on the deck of the aircraft carrier.

That is the king of alien races from Attilan.

Black Bat King.

"Dear friend." The Black Bat King gestured, "Why didn't you let us help just now?"

As early as the moment when the alien appeared, he represented the Attilan Kingdom and applied to Shen He for help, but Shen He asked him to wait first, only letting the guardian crystal help **** people.

"Blackcard, if we can't hold it, you can't play a decisive role." Shen He said with a helpless expression, "Although you have various abilities, your army is not strong, are you? His brother wants to conquer the earth is just wishful thinking, because in Attilan, the only one who is powerful is you-the Black Bat King."

Although his tone is not very polite, he can say that with the relationship between him and the other party.

This is also a fact that even the people around the Black Bat King cannot refute. Their ability to face such a war is indeed very difficult to help much.

What's more, in the first battle just now, Shen He needed to confirm Chaldean's dominance in front of the world, instead of letting strangers take away their elegance.

"Even if it's just a little help, we're happy to do it." The Black Bat King gestured.

He is not stupid, this is an opportunity for Attilan to take advantage of the opportunity to return to Earth, because humans will need their power.

In fact, if the person who asked the Black Bat King not to come was not Shen He, he would directly join the battlefield with the Inhumans. This was the opportunity they had been waiting for.

"Don't be too impatient, Blackcard."

Shen He smiled, turned and walked towards the cabin with them, and said as he walked:

"What I promised you will be done. Did you hear what I just said? I told human beings all over the world that we need to be united, so I can introduce your identity and your history to the world, And bring you into this defensive battle, and let you stand on the same front with humans, but is Attilan prepared for it inside?"

As Gu Chenhe knew, in Attilan, there were many people who were as arrogant as the brother of the Black Bat King and looked down upon the earth.

This is also one of the reasons why he didn't let Inhuman Race join the battlefield just now, it was just a forced effort.

Real peace between races cannot be achieved by the king's wishful thinking.

"Of course, we have been preparing for this day."

The Black Bat King was a little bit excited, but the gesture immediately showed a little hesitation.

"It's just... will human beings accept us?"

If they did not show their position in the war, but only appeared in this way, it would be easy to be vigilant.

Especially their history shows that they are the products left by aliens on the earth, which is even worse.

"You need to prove it by yourself." Shen He patted the Black Bat on the shoulder, "You also know that some time ago, even the Chaldeans were questioned and excluded, but now, those doubtful voices On the contrary, it deepens our relationship with the world...Black Bat King, you are the silent king, but your actions and your will should not be silent."

Even Shen He does not have full confidence in whether the alien races can integrate into the earth.

After all, a race cannot be compared with Chaldea, they will have different voices.

But in the process of questioning, these voices and these contradictions will actually have a good tipping point, and after passing it, it will be the real future.

"I understand." The Black Bat King gestured.

Thinking clearly, he was even more grateful to Shen He. He saw with his own eyes how Chaldea gained the trust and even respect of people on earth as an outsider step by step.

In addition to actions, it is more to make your own voice.


This battle was temporarily stopped. More than 100,000 troops occupied the scarred Manhattan area. They took care of the battlefield and collected the spoils. At the same time, the world gradually became active.

The survivors made their own voices on TV, fear of death, gratitude for being rescued, and pain of sacrifice for their loved ones.

Military representatives and representatives of various countries also gave speeches in the media. They wanted to build up peoples confidence in war. They told everyone in a variety of firm voices that mankind is bound to win and that no intruder can destroy human civilization. Inheritance and will.

They also unanimously revealed the possibility of a global coalition.

Tony and Steve were also interviewed by the media, telling more details about the war. Steve praised the order when people evacuated, while Tony laughed and joked, saying that he was a scarred war armor general. It will become the most precious collection, which can be retained as the family heirloom of the Stark family and passed on to his son.

Then the **** was asked about the lace news, bringing a touch of joy to the heavy-hearted people.

There are also the voices of celebrities, the voices of enterprises, the voices of all walks of life...

All of this is constantly filling people's impressions of this war, making this dream-like status quo more real, and allowing a completely different world to gradually change people's concepts.

Facts have proved that no matter how incredible the fact is, nothing is unacceptable.

Then there were even more incredible facts.

Three days after the war began, astronomers from various countries, and even some civilian astronomers, discovered an incredible dot on the front of the moon.

It seems to be a city.

But when this news is still in the future and widely spread among people, the virtual reality company's official website once again issued an announcement.

"The Kingdom of InhumansAttilan."

The announcement did not say the truth about the birth of the Inhuman race, only that it was a special race that appeared in ancient times and possessed special abilities. Because they had been feared and persecuted by the people, the whole race moved to the moon and established He started his own kingdom and concealed his existence from mankind.

The whole world was in an uproar.

Even though they had known the existence of Asgard, they never thought that there would be such an "alien kingdom" left on their moon.

You must know that the moon has always been regarded as the most likely immigration place by humans, and the existence of the moon base can be seen in various fantasy works.

Even countries in the world are competing for the exploration and development of the moon overtly and secretly.

And now, there is an early kingdom on the moon.

Even countries that have accepted alien invasion can't suddenly think of what kind of attitude they should adopt to accept such a kingdom.

More importantly, the announcement did not elaborate on the relationship between Chaldea and Attilan, or even introduce Attilan in detail.

Just at the end of the announcement, there is a link attached.

Curious people clicked in and found that it was a personal social media account.

The name of the account is:

Black Bat King.

This is a new account that was established yesterday, but it has been officially labeled as "King of Attilan". This account has only a video released ten minutes ago.

People click in.

Wearing a black dress, sitting on the throne of the hall, a handsome gentleman-like man appeared in front of people.

There is also a beautiful lady in a red dress.

The Black Bat King began to gesture, and Medusa made a sound.

"Hello everyone, I am the King of Attilan, Blackcard, and this is my queen, Medusa. For some reason, I cannot speak, but the queen will act as my voice and introduce my kingdom to everyone. "

Is this true or false?

The first reaction in most people's minds is to raise this question.

The link issued by the virtual reality company also received official remarks, which seems to be true.

Are they really on the moon? This is the king and queen?

All the questions were answered in the video. This was the suggestion that the Black Bat King proactively proposed to Shen He. He felt that he should personally introduce Attilan to the world, introduce the alien race, and introduce his kingdom.

A full half hour of video.

The Black Bat and Medusa led people from the palace to the outside. People saw an architectural style completely different from any city on earth, saw humans with various abilities, and saw various technologies that have never been seen before. , No matter where the two people in the video go, they will be respected and saluted by people.

Until people came to the edge of the city following the video, they saw a desolate wasteland outside the protective shield, and saw a huge blue planet high in the sky.

They finally believed.

This is a real kingdom built on the moon.

"We are here, and we can see the earth every day, just like you see the moon." The black bat king stood on the outer wall, raised his head and gestured, "We know that it is our hometown, and we know the people there, and Unwilling to accept us, my father, my grandfather, the kings of Attilan from generation to generation, all have the dream of being able to return to the earth."

I have to say that an old man of the age of Black Bat King is when he has the best charm.

The warm eyes, lonely movements, and Wang's identity easily captured a bunch of fans.

Add Medusa's soft voice.

People have formed in their minds the impression of Attilan and alien races, and they can even automatically compensate for their sense of helplessness when they were persecuted by the ignorant ancients and had to leave their hometown.

"Just a few months ago, there was a mutiny in Attilan." The Black Bat King retracted his gaze and looked at the camera again. "My brother, can no longer bear the loneliness on the moon. He hopes to be able to use force to bring The people of the clan returned to Earth, but I believe that this went against the will of the ancestors and the wish of the alien race. Before I had time to react, the contradiction could not be calmed down."

When saying these words, the expression of the Black Bat King was painful that could not be concealed.

The rebellion and death of the last blood relative brought him unforgettable sadness.

Medusa gently hugged the king's back, and her red hair floated up and stroked his chest.

Two people gave out a dog food in front of the whole world.

People on the earth also began to talk about it.

"Every kingdom has a brother who is a bad guy."

"It is hard to imagine that if the king's brother succeeds, we will encounter another alien invasion before Loki?"

"The mutiny was obviously prevented, but the king is so pitiful."

"Attilan should not be as powerful as Asgard."

"I am the only one who cares about how the mutiny is prevented..."

I have experienced Asgard and Rocky~www.wuxiaworld~ People's acceptance of this kind of alien king is obviously extraordinary. What they are really shocked is that Attilan is so close to the moon. , And their hometown turned out to be the matter of the earth.

After being sad for a while, the Black Bat King made another gesture.

"When the rebellion was most critical, we met the Chaldeans. They helped us, prevented the rebellion, saved Attilan, and listened to our demands." Medusa's translation also followed the black bat. The king's gesture became stronger, "The Chaldeans will always be Attilan's most honored friend. They regard us as a member of the earth, and believe that I can lead the alien race to realize the dream that our ancestors could not realize Live in peace with mankind."

"Therefore, at this moment when the earth is facing a crisis, as the king of Attilan, I declare that Attilan is willing to join the war to defend the earth."

"The earth is also our hometown, the place we love and yearn for."

"We cannot accept it and will not allow it to be destroyed."

The whole video, at the end, is the sharp and firm gaze of the black bat king, and the rendering action.

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